Shirley Community Primary & Preschool

Learning for life

Nuffield Road, Chesterton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 1TF

01223 712252





Mr Cattermole


Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Manager/SENCo

Mrs Wernham



Mrs Wicks


Pastoral & Welfare Officer

Ms Thomas


Senior Inclusion Officer 

Ms Pickering 


Caterpillars Class

Mrs Pickering (Pre-School Manager)

Ms Branigan (Deputy Preschool Manager)


Reception/Ladybirds Class 

Miss Chowdhury

Ms Chambers


Reception/Dragonflies Class

Miss Burles (Acting Assistant Headteacher Pre-School Year R & Y1) 

Ms Stevens


Year 1/Swifts Class 

Miss Eaton


Year 1/Robins Class

Miss Frost


Year 2/Kingfishers Class

Ms Begum (Assistant Headteacher Y2&3) & Mrs Kelly


Year 2/Nightingales Class

Miss Saunders & Mrs Taylor


Year 3/Badgers Class

Mr Finch


Year 3/Foxes Class 

Mr Waterman


Year 4/Squirrels Class

Miss Bridges


Year 4/Otters Class

Mr Jeakins


Year 5/Blue Whales Class

Miss Walmsley & Mrs West


Y5/Tree Kangaroos Class

Miss Twist


Year 6/Sea Turtles Class

Mr Dennis (Assistant Headteacher Y4,5 & 6) & Miss Swann


Year 6/Rhinos Class

Mr Hill 



Support Staff

Teaching Assistants & Learning Support/ MIDDAYS


Miss Anglestien

Ms Begum l

Miss Besneir

Ms Bougatef

Ms Brock

Ms Brunning

Mrs Chambers

Mrs Chapman

Ms Cornell

Mrs Djermane

Ms Dennis

Mrs Farrer

Mrs Flatt

Ms Froment

Mr Goodliffe

Ms Grewal

Ms Hancock

Mrs Hales

Miss Hancock

Mrs Howe

Mrs Logan

Mrs Marsh

Miss Mills

Ms Morel

Ms Meynell

Ms Muffato

Ms Nunn

Ms Pickering 

Mrs Pringle

Mrs Regan

Mrs Saha

Ms Scharanck- Gonzales

Ms Smith 

Mrs Webb

Ms Webb


Office and Administrative Support 


Mrs Beavis

Ms Hayes (Finance Officer)

Mrs Llewellyn

Mrs Theaker (School Business Manager)

Mrs Whitten (Finance Assistant) 


Site Staff 


Mr Debenham

Mrs Macdonald

Mr L Dennis (Caretaker)

Mrs Rogers