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SHIRLEY School Council


Our elected School Council for 2022-23 is:

Amit Apelbaum, Layton Gaskin, Teo Pascar, Marcus Kruman, Bethia Cashman, Ella Wagner, Arthur Gonzalez, Rex Bonetti-Phillips, Ellie Creaser and Iver Babich

So far this year they have agreed the wording for our Anti-Bullying Charter and have met with representatives from Lunchtime Company to feed back what their classmates think about our new school lunches. They are really good listeners and always take ideas from classmates to meetings. They have been chosen by children in their class to represent them in our School Council - it is a very important responsibility!

Here they are at their first meeting.


On 29th November, Maria Roca and Sue West from came to visit us and meet our School Council. They listened to feedback from their classmates about our new school meals. Much of it was very positive, especially: how much more choice there is, the tastier food, the improved salad bar and a better range of desserts. Maria and Sue also listened to ideas to improve the menu and they  took some of those suggestions and changed some choices of food at Shirley!

A new ‘Taco Tuesday’ as a main and vegetarian option on Tuesday Week 1.

Chicken Nuggets as an alternative to Fish & Fingers every Friday

New toppings for jacket potatoes: tuna mayo and chili con carne

‘Shirley’s Brunch’ as a main and vegetarian option on Thursday Week 3

We are really enjoying working with the Lunchtime Company  and are delighted that they are taking children’s ideas on board when designing our menu. H

You can find out more here on our new menu: 

Thank you to Maria and Sue for valuing our children's opinions so much - this is greatly appreciated.