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Bonjour et bienvenue! Hola y bienvenidos! Hello and welcome!

What does the teaching of Foreign Languages look like at Shirley Community Primary School?

Our focus is on enabling children to understand and respond to others in another language through speech and writing. We teach two main languages: French in Years 1 to 4, and Spanish in Years 5 and 6. Children in Key Stage Two are taught weekly with the support of an interactive programme that focuses on practical communication, allowing them to listen, repeat and practise pronunciation. They develop grammar knowledge and vocabulary through studying a wide range of topics, such as Greetings and Food, and this is reinforced through practical activities, games, songs and written activities. In Key Stage One, children have regular opportunities to learn French through songs and rhymes, focusing on topics such as Toys and Animals.

As well as this, every day in every classroom you will be able to hear a foreign language being spoken as the children answer the register in our Language of the Term. So many different languages are introduced and celebrated in this way, from Hungarian to Arabic to Portuguese and many more!

Through theme days or weeks, such as International Week, children also have extended opportunities that help develop intercultural understanding.

What do the children say about language learning?

“I love playing games like Simon Says in Spanish. Languages are one of the most fun subjects.” – Y5 pupil

“I feel like I live in France when we are having conversations in French. It’s great learning new vocabulary and playing games.” – Y4 pupil

“I feel proud of myself when I can say new words in French.” – Y1 pupil