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Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning Page
Welcome to the Year 6 home learning page.  On this page you will find the work which we would like you to complete while the school is closed on Tuesday 3rd October.  
For Maths, please click on the following link to access a lesson via the Oak National Academy website.  The lesson focuses on multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000:
There is also a worksheet for you to complete below.
For Reading, there is a comprehension activity about Rivers.  You can decide whether you would like to attempt the Mild, Spicy or Hot version.
For English, please see the pdf below. Read the presentation, then rewrite the sentences. Finally, find all of the possessive apostrophes in the story at the bottom of the document. Download the English Task here.
For Geography, please see the pdf below. Either create a fact file or a comparison of two rivers. Information about rivers has been provided for you. Download the Geography Task here.
 Rivers Comprehension - Hot.docxDownload
 Rivers Comprehension - Mild.docxDownload
 Rivers Comprehension - Spicy.docxDownload
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