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17th November 2034

This week, Year 6 embarked on an insightful journey, delving into the complexities of bullying as part of Anti-Bullying Week. Our focus was to foster an environment of empathy, understanding, and kindness.

We kicked off the week by defining bullying and its various forms. Our discussions helped students understand the underlying reasons behind bullying behaviours, and the impact on both the bullied and the bully.

A significant part of our learning centred on prejudice and peer pressure. Through engaging scenarios, students explored how prejudices could lead to bullying and the influence peers have on each other’s actions. These discussions were eye-opening and sparked thoughtful conversations among our students.

To encapsulate their learning, students created impactful posters. These creative works are now displayed outside our classroom, serving as reminders of the week's lessons. We also held a school-wide assembly where our students confidently shared their insights and posters with younger pupils, fostering a community-wide dialogue on bullying.

Here is J and M's hard work


8th November 2023


Last week in science, we learned all about the circulatory system. The children learned that this very important system in our bodies is made up of the heart, blood and blood vessels and worked as groups to create diagrams that demonstrated how the blood circulated round the body. Take a look at some of the diagrams and watch the video of the children explaining how it all works. 

16th October 2023

As we approach the end of our first half term in Year 6, we wanted to take the opportunity to update you all on what has been happening in class so far.  Those of you who attended the Sea Turtles class assembly last week will know that in Science we have been learning about Evolution but there has been plenty more besides including, of course, our residential trip to Grafham Water (photos above!).  


This was an absolutely brilliant opportunity for our pupils to learn some vital skills outside of the classroom and we are sure that they will all have developed skills in teamwork, leadership and courage to name but three.  Highlights of the trip included sailing, cycling, climbing on the high ropes and learning bush craft skills, while breakfast, lunch and dinner were also very much enjoyed!


For so many of our children, this was the first time they had slept away from their families and they all coped with this change remarkably well.  We all had an amazing time and we have no doubt that it will provide us all with memories that will last a lifetime.


Meanwhile back in the classroom, we have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo and creating a diary entry based on that.  In Maths, we have improved our knowledge and understanding of place value and developed our ability to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems - long division is an extremely challenging skill to master!  Today, we visited the River Cam to draw some sketches and we will use these to create some landscape artwork at the end of the week.


We are really pleased with how well the children have settled into their new classes in Year 6 and hope that they have enjoyed their first half term with us.  One down, another five to go...