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Anti-bullying Week 2022

This week is anti-bullying week so we have been doing lots of activities based around this year's theme of 'Reach Out'. Reaching out can be talking to other people if we feel like we are being bullied, telling someone if we witness someone being bullied, and checking in with people who look like they might not be ok. We discussed lots of ways we could reach out and then created some displays for our windows full of our ideas. This means we can see them from the playground and can use them to help us. Here are our 2 windows:

3rd November 2022


In maths recently we have been practising our addition and subtraction in columns. In year 4 we add and subtract thousands numbers. When starting our topic, we did some graffiti maths where we drew visual representations of adding and subtracting all over our tables. Here are some of our pictures.

20th September 2022


Welcome to our first blog of the new school year! Year 4 are learning all about digestion in Science at the moment. Today, we created our own digestion system out of tights and a plastic bag! We put some crackers and water in our 'stomach' and added orange juice to represent the stomach acid. We then mixed this all around. After that, our food travelled through our small intestine (a pair of tights!) and back again through the large intestine. This got rid of all the water and other nutrients that might have been in the food so that out the other end of our intestines came the waste material that was left. We found that very funny!


30th June 2022

Year 4 have been learning about food waste this Eco-Week. We started by studying the effects of food waste on the environment, food shortages in other parts of the world and ways to tackle food waste at home. On Thursday, we went into the garden to plant our vegetable seeds for harvesting in the autumn! First we had to weed the beds before we planted pumpkin, carrot and brussels sprout seeds!

10th June 2022

Jubilee Week

This week Year 4 have been celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Throughout the week we learned how much the world has changed in the 70 years the Queen has been on the throne. We enjoyed looking at how technology has evolved over time and how the company 'SONY' was formed to make the 'pocket radio.' On Friday morning, we welcomed Mrs Norman and Mr Caldwell into our classes, who taught us all about what life used to be like at the time of the Queen's coronation. A highlight of the week was learning and performing the song 'Let it be' by the Beatles, which was written in the 1970s, to our special visitors at the Whole school Jubilee Celebrations on Friday. 

27th May 2022

Diversity Week

This week Year 4 have been learning about Roma, Gypsy and Traveler culture, history and events. We began by studying the history of travelers, discovering how some people moved from Northern India to Europe in the medieval period. We then designed our caravans, known as vardos, after studying traditional caravans. We also learnt about Appleby Horse Fair and why it is such an important and special event. We designed our own posters to celebrate the fair.

17th March 2022

Finished Lighthouses

This afternoon Year 4 used their knowledge of electrical circuits to bring their lighthouses to life! They enjoyed challenging themselves and thinking of creative ways to make sure their circuits worked.

11th March 2022
Science Week

This week Year 4 have been using our knowledge of Lighthouses from Guided Reading and electricity from Science to create our own model Lighthouses for Science Week! We are looking forward to creating the electrical circuits next week and testing our designs!

23rd February 2022


Today Year 4 made their own mini Water Cycle to take home and try! We look forward to seeing the Water Cycle in action over the next few weeks! 


Pantomime Trip

On Friday 7th January Year 4 enjoyed visiting the Cambridge Arts Theatre to see their production of ‘Aladdin’. We were treated to a morning of music, fun and laughter. We even had to resist the temptation to stand up and dance along! Our favourite characters included ‘Wishy Washy’, ‘Princess Poppy’, the evil ‘Abanazer’ and of course Aladdin himself. Some pupils were even asking if they could go again! We cannot wait to see what the pantomime will be next year. 

22nd November 2021


This week we were treated to a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament! We travelled through the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We also asked lots of questions about the building. We discovered who our MP is and how laws are passed.

Anti-bullying Week: 15th – 19th November 2021

During anti-bullying week Year 4 discussed different ways in which we could spread #OneKindWord. We explored and understood that bullying can be physical, emotional, cyber or psychological and discussed the impact bullying has on those who are experiencing the actions of someone displaying bullying behaviour. Towards the end of the week we learned about how to be active bystanders on the playground and enjoyed practicing these in a series of role play activities. We finished the week by signing our Shirley Primary School Anti-Bullying Charter and by making posters showing our understanding of what bullying behaviour is and what bullying behaviour is not. Year 4 agree to show the red card to bullying.

18th October 2021


This week we have been adding and subtracting using the formal written method. We've been practising by using our graffiti maths on the tables before trying to answer questions.

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Mental Health Week 2021
As part of Mental Health Week 2021, Year 4 learnt all about having a growth mindset. We discussed the habits of Gibbo Giraffe and Fixed Fox. Afterwards, we discussed what we were good at and how we could improve on things we need to work on instead of giving up.

4th October 2021


We have been learning all about Place Value by using objects to represent numbers and thinking about how numbers can shift when we multiply and divide by 10, 100 or 1000! Of course, we remembered the golden rule - the decimal point never moves!

6th September 2021


We've enjoyed being back in school and settling in. We have been building bridges and trying the hoop challenge to help us develop our teamwork skills!