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Home Learning

Tuesday 2nd October 2023 - School Closure


Here are some learning tasks for our Year 3 children. When completed, please either bring a copy of your child's learning to school on Wednesday, or send learning to your child's class email. These are:


Writing - Now that we have finished reading The Pied Piper of Hamelin, can you write a short book review?

In your review, you should include:

- Your favourite part!
- Your least favourite part!
- Something you are curious about!
- Are there any other stories that this reminds you of? Why does it remind you of them?

Afterwards, try this challenge! Can you write a short character description of the Pied Piper and his interesting outfit? Try to use expanded noun phrases in your writing.

Eg. The dazzling, extravagant man was called the Pied Piper.


Reading - Read through the attached poem with an adult, then answer the following questions about it.


1) What is the poem about?
2) Can you find all of the rhyming pairs in the poem?
3) Do you think the child really saw a monster? Why/why not?
4) What colour was the monster's face?
5) Why doesn't the child want you to tell their mother?
6) Can you draw a picture of the monster the child is describing? Make sure to match up the body parts with the correct colour!

Challenge - Can you write your own version of this poem? Try to invent your own rhymes!


Maths - Remind yourself of our learning on finding more and less than. Try drawing these numbers using the base 10 method (drawing diennes) and then answer the questions.

What is...

1 more than 350?
1 less than 350?
10 more than 435?
10 less than 435?
100 more than 536?
100 less than 536?

Now that you're warmed up, have a go at the worksheet attached to this page!


Foundation - Art

In Art, we have been sketching the works of Leonardo DaVinci, as well as using our sketching skills to draw portraits.

Choose one, or both, of the following activities.

A) Use our proportional sketching method to draw a portrait of a friend or family member.

Use this video to remind you of the method!

B) Research some of Leonardo DaVinci's paintings. Choose one to sketch on a piece of paper!

Remember what we have learned about changing how hard you push to create lighter and darker lines!


Welcome to the Year 3 Home Learning Page

Welcome to the Year 3 home learning page.  On this page you will find the weekly home learning tasks which include:

  • Spellings
  • Reading
  • Number facts 
  • An optional half termly project
Please send pictures of the half termly project to your child's class email.
If you have any questions regarding the home learning tasks please speak to your child's class teacher or email using the class email.