Shirley Community Primary School and Shirley Pre-School is passionate about and highly committed to the safeguarding and wellbeing of all of its pupils. We expect all staff and visitors to share this commitment.

We are fully committed to ensuring that consistent and effective safeguarding procedures are in place to support families, children and staff at school.

All concerns are listened to and passed onto trained Designated Safeguarding Personnel in compliance with the sharing of information guidance.

Our Designated Lead for Safeguarding is: John Cattermole, Headteacher

Designated Persons for Safeguarding are: Natasha Reay, Family Inclusion Officer; Fiona Willis, Senior Inclusion Officer; Suzanne Wernham, Deputy Head and Diane Mitchell, Deputy Head. Our Designated Safeguarding Lead for Early Years is Liz Pickering, Pre-School Leader.

Governors with responsibility for Safeguarding are: Mrs Rhiannon Evans-Ali and Mrs Marie-Anne Crawley.

Designated Lead for Domestic Abuse - Natasha Reay.

The Safeguarding Team meets on a regular basis to discuss ongoing concerns and ensure appropriate actions are carried out and followed up. We also work very closely with a number of social workers and other key safeguarding employees to ensure the correct help and support is directed to children and families – everyone shares a responsibility for keeping children safe.

The law requires that all school staff pass on any concerns around a child’s welfare, including risk from neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. School staff will seek to discuss any concerns raised with parents or carers, including referrals to other agencies. However in situations where the child is suspected to be at risk of harm, the law states that schools can refer to other agencies without informing parents or carers. The Data Protection Act 2018 also contains ‘safeguarding of children and individuals at risk’, as a processing condition that allows professionals to share information. In all cases, the safety of the child will be of paramount concern.

If you have a concern about a child please contact the school on our main number: 01223-712252 or email:

You can also seek advice at any time from the NSPCC helpline: 0808 800 5000 or email:

All visitors receive this safeguarding booklet when arriving at our school.


HM Government has published guidance for Local Authorities, including schools, about their responsibilities under the ‘Counter-Terrorism and Security Act’, July 2015. Under the Act, schools and other authorities have a duty to ‘have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism’.

Our school’s Prevent Leads are John Cattermole and Suzanne Wernham.


Keeping children safe online is also a key priority at our school. Children learn about many aspects of e-safety through the IT Curriculum and we also ensure they access age-appropriate materials and learn about safe online content, which are set out in our e-safety policy. Below are further links to useful information for parents regarding keeping safe online:

UK Safer Internet Centre:

National Online Safety Guides for Parents:

NSPCC Keeping Children Safe Online:

ThinkUKnow for parents:

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP)