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*Make sure you check the blog for updates during remote learning*

Welcome to the Reception Remote learning page. On this page you will find:


  • A weekly plan which includes daily learning tasks for English, Mathematics and phonics.
  • Extra resources to support the learning tasks.
Please send in pictures of work or any activities the children have been doing at home to:
Feedback will be provided by a member of staff once a week. We look forward to seeing the work from your child.
Weekly Plans WB: 14.06.21
English Resources
Maths Resources
Phonics Resources
Weekly Plans WB: 07.06.2021 (New)
English Resources
Maths resources: 
Phonics Resources
Useful links for remote learning: : ICT based games covering a range of subjects - 50 things to do before you're 5: Activities to enjoy from home with your children.
We're sure you know how important it is to read to your child, but we're also aware that without library access this may be trickier than usual. Remember to use your bug club log in to explore books there, too. 
Here are some links that may be useful for different ways of exploring stories at home. : Author readings of books : Create a free log in for access to ebooks.
your child finishes the daily activities these could be some good additional educational activities to complete. 
Phonics play - this website is available free of charge whist schools are closed:
Create a free account with the username: Jan21 password:home
Collins Big Cat:


Weekly Plans WB: 22.02.2021
English Resources
Phonics Resources
Below are some additional maths activities for exploring number bonds to 10:
Additional Resources
Weekly Plans WB:8.2.21
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Weekly Plans: 1.2.21
English resources: 1.2.21
Maths WB: 1.2.21
Extra resources: 1.2.21
Weekly Plans 25.1.21
Watch the video below for Tuesday's English lesson on labels.
Watch the video below for Wednesday's English lesson- Good luck with your superhero mission!
Watch the video below for Thursday's English session on Captions.
Watch this video to help you with Friday's English lesson - Superhero Fact Page! Good luck with your learning this week.
Remote Learning Plans Spring Term 2021
WB: 18.1.21
In the PDF files below, you will find some of the phonics sheets that would usually be available on our phonics table (along with paint, glitter and shaving foam to practice our letters). 
Your child may wish to trace the letters with a pencil, or perhaps they are ready to write some words. You'll find that the sheets offer varying levels of challenge.  
WB: 11.1.21
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WB: 4.1.21
Useful Links
Oak National Academy
A fantastic website we are recommending you to use if you would like some more activities for your child is the Oak National Academy, supported by the Department for Education, Oak National Academy is free to use and will be open at least until schools return. They are creating new video content each week and will be uploading 5 different topic lessons with activities.
We all know how important it is to stay active at home to keep our brains and bodies healthy. 
Mr. Fisher, our P.E lead, has made a document with some tips and activities you can enjoy at home to stay active. 
Remote Learning Plans Autumn Term 2020
Summer activity ideas
Outdoor activity ideas 
Previous Remote Learning