Personal Goals

Personal Goals

We have 5 personal goals and these apply to adults and pupils in the school. We promote personal goals in our school through assemblies, our curriculum, certificates and discussions with pupils.
The 5 personal goals are:
  • Resilience:
    • Be able to stick at a task until it is completed

    • Be able to cope with disappointment they face when they are not successful in their activities

    • Be able to try again when they are not successful


  • Enquiry
    • Be able to ask and consider searching questions related to learning and social situations

    • Be able to plan and carry out investigations

    • Be able to use evidence/examples to draw conclusions

    • Be able to use a range of thinking skills in solving problems

  • Respect
    • Know about, and show respect to, the varying needs of other people, living things and the environment

    • Be able to listen to, consider and respect alternative points of view

  • Morality
    • Be able to explain reasons for their actions

    • Be able to develop their own moral standpoints

    • Be able to act upon their own moral standpoints

    • Know about and respect alternative moral standpoints


  • Cooperation
    • Be able to reflect on what they have learned and its implications to their own lives and the lives of other people

    • Be able to make their meaning plain using verbal and non-verbal forms

    • Be able to communicate in more than one spoken language

    • Know about a range of views, cultures and traditions

    • Be able to cope with unfamiliar situations

    • Be able to approach tasks with confidence

    • Be able to suggest and explore new roles, ideas and strategies