Modern Foreign Languages

Every child in Key Stage 2 has the opportunity to learn a modern foreign language. Currently, French is taught to children in Years 3 and 4, whilst Spanish is taught to children in Years 5 and 6. We are also in the process of introducing French to children in Key Stage 1.

The teaching of vocabulary is based on the 4 R's - recognition, repetition, recall and real use. Children are gradually introduced to new language and as they feel more confident they start to use it in real life contexts. Songs and games are also a key feature of language teaching.

The aim is to make sure that by the time the children go to secondary school, they have built a good vocabulary, are able to conduct simple conversations, and can recognise and understand features of the language that might differ to English.

To complement this formal language learning, we have a Whole School Language which changes every half term. All children from Reception through to Year 6 are encouraged to use this language to answer the register and greet people in assembly, as well as learn some basic key vocabulary and interesting facts about it. We have covered languages from all over the world from Portuguese to Russian to Hindi!