Jargon Buster

We know that some educational terminology and accronyms can become a bit baffling so here's a quick jargon buster to explain some terms you might find on this website or hear from staff at school.
IPC - the International Primary Curriculum. This is the curriculum we use to teach our foundation subjects.
  • Entry point - the launch day of any new IPC topic
  • Knowledge harvest - after the entry point, a session designed to find out how much children know about a topic and what questions they have
  • Exit point - the final day of any IPC topic, used to celebrate the learning which has taken place
  • Learning goals - the objectives set within the IPC for each subject
  • Personal goals - the qualities we celebrate in school (enquiry, resilience, morality, communication, thoughtfulness, cooperation, respect and adaptability)
Common Accronyms
  • EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage - the curriculum for children from 0 - 5 years (until the end of Reception)
  • BRP - better reading partnership, a reading intervention
  • EAL - English as an additional language
  • FFT - Fisher Family Trust, a reading intervention
  • FSM - free school meals
  • G & T - gifted and talented
  • HLTA - higher-level teaching assistant
  • PLP - Pupil Learning Plan. This is a document, updated termly, which contains specific learning targets for children with SEN. The targets are agreed between the child and teacher and shown to the parents during parent consultations.
  • SEND - special educational needs and disabilities
  • SRE - sex and relationships education
  • TA - teaching assistant