Questions from Parents / Carers
Please email any questions to 2020Admissions@shirley.cambs.sch.uk
Q: When will I find out my child's class?
10.6.20 (LJ) A: We are working on class splits at the moment and should be able to share which child your class is in by July. When splitting children into the two classes, we take into account all the information that we have, including that passed on by the pre-school settings and views expressed by you as parents / carers. 
Q: I want to order PE Kit but don't know which house my child is in?
10.06.20 (LJ) A: If your child has an older sibling at the school, then they will be placed in the same house as their sibling. If they do not have an older sibling, then please just fill in the Uniform Order with the t-shirt size you would like (in the blank box underneath the 'shorts' row). When your child has been allocated a house, we will ensure that they receive the correct colour PE kit.
Q: In the transition period, what will my child's hours be and when will they attend full-time?
17.6.20 (LJ) A: We are unable to give a concrete answer at this time, as it is dependent on government advice around Covid-19 and guidance for schools. In previous years, new reception children have had 3-5 days of part time attendance before attending for the full school day. We will let you know when we have made plans for the transition and will always work with you to ensure the best possible start for your child.