Diversity Week


Diversity Week


Diversity is celebrated in everything we do throughout the curriculum. It includes a Diversity Week which is an annual event at Shirley Primary School.  We use this special week to broaden the children’s understanding of diversity and equality. We challenge stereotypes and promote good role models using examples of  famous people and inviting members of our local community to visit.


We aim for the children to understand our society today and to see the challenges people face through inequality. Our children are encouraged to empathise with and learn about disability (physical or learning), the importance of equality and British Values.


They are given opportunities to debate and discuss the issues with each other, their teachers and visitors.  Important issues like bullying, prejudice, racism, discrimination, and homophobia are explored.


All our year groups take part in the Diversity Week programme of learning activities. Young children may be looking at challenging gender stereo types and talking about toys. Which toys are for boys or girls? Or can we all play with the toys? KS2 children may be looking at positive role models for people with physical or mental disabilities.  What challenges do they face on a daily basis? How have they faced and overcome discrimination?


It is important that our children can recognise and challenge inequality and prejudice. We want all our children to be active members of society and to feel prepared for the future.


Diversity Week 2016