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Tuesday 5th June 2018




Our topic this half term is The Material World. For our entry point we thought about all the different materials we knew already, and which were used on our school playground. Then we made a sculpture of our school playground using junk modelling materials. Here are some of the designs we made:




New Topic Alert!
After half-term, our new topic in Year 3 will be The Material World
As part of this topic, we will be learning how to carry out simple investigations, use simple scientific equipment, test ideas using evidence from observation and measurement, and record findings in a variety of way.
We will be learning about the properties of different materials such as glass, plastic and metal. The children will investigate which materials are magnetic, and how an electric current travels around a circuit. They will also be finding out about the three states of matter; solid, liquids and gases, and how a material changes between these states. 
Over the half-term, why not look into some of these things with your child at home. You could spend some time with them on the BBC Bitesize website or do some research of your own. 
Alternatively, have a go at one of these simple science investigations at home, to get your child excited about carrying out science experiments. Take some photos to bring into school after the break.
We hope you have a lovely holiday!
Thursday 17th May
We loved going outside to read in the sunshine today! We lay on the field and read our books in the sun. I wonder where we will be reading tomorrow...
Wednesday 16th May
This afternoon as part of our PSHE lesson, we learnt all about the upcoming royal wedding and thought that a great way to celebrate would be to make wedding cards which we can send to the palace!!
Tuesday 15th May 2018
Today Year 3 went to the school library to find out a bit more about our tadpole visitors. We searched for information books about the life cycle of a frog, and then we were allowed to spend some time reading any book of our choice! We loved the opportunity to do some quiet class reading!

Monday 14th May

Year 3 had some very exciting visitors to the classroom today. We have our own tadpoles! Miss Munnelly’s mum kindly donated the tadpoles to us, so we could observe the changes as they grow. This has inspired us to write  a fact file about the life cycle of a frog. We will continue to observe the tadpoles and when they become froglets we are going to release them into our school pond! They may have only been with us one day, but already we are in love with our new pets!


Friday 4th May 2018
Another fun maths lesson today!

To round off our learning about shape this week, we went on a shape hunt around the play ground and field. We wanted to see which shapes were hiding around our school. Also, the sun was shining and we wanted to enjoy it!
Can you spot any shapes in these pictures?
Thursday 3rd May
Today in maths we have been investigating 3D shapes using polydrons!
First, we investigated how many nets of a cube we could find. We did this by building a cube using the polydrons, and then drawing around the net onto flipchart paper. We discovered that a cube has 11 different nets!
Then, we used the polydrons to build different 3D shapes and discussed the properties of these shapes. We used our maths vocabulary to describe the shapes to our partners. 
Look at some of the shapes that we made!
Thursday 26th April
Today was a great day in year 3- we have finished our globes! We have created these in different stages. Today was stage 3. We had already created the paper mache bases and then covered these in white paper and glue. These were then painted blue. Today we cut out outlines of the continents, and draw these onto our bases using real globes to help us with the country locations. Then we used tissue paper to fill them in! Take a look at them below! We are very proud of this work! 
Tuesday 17th April
Welcome back to a new term! To kick start our new topic; Different people, Similar lives today we learnt all about different countries of the world! We shared what we already knew about some different countries some of us are even lucky enough to have lived in different countries. We then started to make our own globes to help us this term. We used a new paper mache recipe made with flour and water and got very messy! Fingers crossed they dry out over night and we can start to add more layers later in the week!
Tuesday 27th March 2018
Easter maths! Today we learnt about lines of symmetry and designed and coloured our own Easter eggs. The only rule was that they had to have a symmetrical pattern. Here are a few of our designs.
Monday 12th March 2018 - Diversity Week!
This week is Diversity Week in school.
To kick it off, Year 3 were visited by a Police Officer, who talked to them about what it was like to be in the Police Force and how she had overcome gender stereotyping in her job.
We discussed how it is okay to pursue your dreams, that that we shouldn't let people tell us what we can and can't do based on whether we are a boy or a girl!
We were even allowed to try on some of her police hats, and had a look in the police car.
Thursday 1st February
Stone Age houses
This week in our topic lessons we have been learning all about the houses which Stone Age people used to live in and how they built them. We started by labeling an image of a round house, and learning about the different features which they would have included in their houses, such as a fire in the middle, beds made from hay and feathers and a loom to weave the wool. We then learnt about hill forts, and why Stone Age people thought carefully about where they positioned their houses. To end the week we have made our own round houses! We used brown paint and hay to recreate the effects of Wattle and Daub on our own houses. We also learnt about thatching roofs. Did you know that some buildings still use Stone Age thatching techniques today? Take a look at our hill forts!
Friday 26th January 2018
Nonsense poems!
This week in English we have been learning about nonsense poems.

We started the week by learning a poem off by heart and performing this in small groups with actions. We have been inspired by the books we received from the Premier League Primary Stars competion which we entered.
We then learnt the Nonsense poem, the Ning, Nang, Nong, which was written by Spike Milligan. When we performed this poem we had to include actions, think about our expression and the volume that we used. 

Finally we have innovated the Ning, Nang Nong and have written our own nonsense poems. Take a look at our poems below and why don't you try acting them out at home?!
Friday 19th January

Today was Science Day!

In Year 3 we spent most of the day investigating the force of friction.

In the first session we learnt that friction is a force that acts to stop the movement of two touching things. We planned an investigation to find out which surface has the most friction when we drop a car down a ramp. We predicted that smooth surfaces like the table top will have the least friction, and so the car will travel further.

In the second session we carried out our investigation using ramps, cars and different surfaces such as the carpet, whiteboards, table top, cardboard and the playground. Which one do you think had the least friction?

Finally, in the afternoon we wrote up the method of our investigation, and then as a treat at the end of the day we went outside to see what happened when you added mentos to coke! Take a look at the pictures below to see!

Friday 5th January 

This term we will have 2 brand new topics to learn about. The first is called ‘Scavengers and Settlers’ and will focus on history from early man to the Iron Age. Children will be learning about;

-          How things are similar and different in the stone age to now

-          Researching and writing fact files about stone age villages

-          About Iron Age hill forts and how people defended their homes

-          Important historical monuments such as Stonehenge

-          How prehistoric people communicated through cave drawings

-          The food which people used to eat and how this has changed over time

To start our topic off with a bang- we took the children out to the nature area to build dens and huts for themselves and animals using only natural objects they could find. This helped us to think about how people in the Stone Age could build shelters to protect them. We also shared our holiday homework as a class. The children had researched their own ancestry over the holidays and had created family trees. It was lovely to see how much effort some children had put into their creations, and these are on display in our classrooms!   

Thursday 4th January
What a great day back Year 3 have had! Today we thought about starting the new year and having a fresh start. We learnt about why people make New years resolutions and then made our own. In order to help us to achieve our goals for this year we have made them into a display in the corridor. We have put them onto hot air balloons as we are aiming high for this year!  
Monday 18th December
Over the last couple of weeks we have had Kevin and Katie (the carrots from the Aldi Christmas advert) visiting the Year 3 classes. Today the children were given the task of producing the Aldi Christmas advert for next year!
First, they planned an adventure for Kevin and Katie to go on. They used a story mountain to think about what was going to happen to the carrots, and how the adventure would end. 
Next they designed their own carrots, created costumes for them, made any props they needed and designed a backdrop for their filming.
Finally, this afternoon we used iMovie on the iPads to film their Christmas adverts. There were some great films and the children really enjoyed getting creative with the iPads. 
Tuesday 5th December
Today has been such an exciting day... we have had to blog 3 times!!
This afternoon 3EM received their book order! Every class was given £100 from team Shirley to spend on new books for their book corners. We used a maths lesson to plan our wish lists, using a catalog to choose our new books, but making sure we didn't go over our budget. We then had to use our cooperation and  team work skills to make one class list of books, then we placed the order. TODAY THEY ARRIVED! We spent some time this afternoon enjoying the new books and thinking about how we can look after them! 
Tuesday 5th December
Today Year 3 were lucky enough to have their trip to visit the world famous Kings College Chapel and sing alongside the choristers. Year 3 have been practicing for this trip for the last few weeks and it was such a memorable occasion.
We arrived by coach, and walked down the cobbled lanes which surround the University buildings. When we entered Kings College we were overwhelmed by the size of the building- we took our seats (in the front) and got ready to sing. 
We loved both hearing and joining in with the singing and we all enjoyed being able to be part of something so festive and unique to Cambridge.
We were so proud of all of the children who joined in with the singing so beautifully and sensibly and it was a great moment when Deimante got to deliver her bible reading in the front of the chapel with the choir standing behind her! All the children behaved impeccably for the whole trip and it was a delightful morning.
We even got to walk through a film set on the way back to the coach, as they were filming outside of the College! WHAT A MORNING!
Tuesday 5th December
Today we walked into the classroom to find Elfie in our book corner.. he had thrown all of the books over the cushions and left a massive mess. We do think that Elfie was homesick though as he had pulled out the Alfie book to read, to remind him of his cousin. He also had the atlas out, so maybe he was trying to find his way back home!
Monday 4th December
As you can see from the picture below, over the weekend Elfie has been trying out his colouring skills and has used our felt tip pens to scribble all over some colouring sheets he has found! Luckily for us at least he put the lids on the pens- maybe he is starting to learn from us!

Friday 1st December 

Look who is back!

This cold and frosty morning Year 3 walked into the classroom to find...


Thursday 30th November
Today we uplevelled the fossil instructions which we wrote yesterday and wrote them out in neat. We have photographed them- so check them out if you would like to make your own! 
Tuesday 28th November 2017
As part of our topic Footprints from the Past, we have been learning about the discovery of dinosaur fossils and how they can help us infer what dinosaurs would have looked like many millions of years ago. Today the children made their own dinosaur fossils using Plaster of Paris and clay. Later this week they will be writing instructions to explain what they did. 
The fossils turned out really well! Can you tell which dinosaur the fossil is showing?
Friday 17th November 
Today was Children in Need day!
In order to raise money for this fantastic cause, we dressed up in spots and bought in £1. Some children also paid 50p to watch 101 Dalmatians in their lunch break. We were very impressed with the effort that some of the children went to with their outfits, but more importantly thank you to everyone who donated money to Children in Need!
Friday 17th November 
This week we have been writing up our dinosaur news paper reports. We have been thinking about how to keep our reader interested in our writing and how to include quotes from the relevant people.  We have spent our English lesson this morning writing our newspaper up in neat- we have been working on our stamina for writing, as some of us wrote for nearly an hour. 
Thursday 16th November 
This week we have been celebrating anti- bullying week in Year 3 by thinking about how we are the same and how we are all different from each other. We each made a puzzle piece and decorated it with things which we enjoy and colours which we like. When thought about how in school and in our classes we are ourselves and we are just one piece of something. However  when we all come together we are all part of something bigger and we all have a place in our class where only we fit. This is a picture of our Year 3 Jigsaws:



Friday 10th November; Our week in year 3 (written by 3EM)

This week we have really enjoyed receiving the letter from the Natural History Museum about the dinosaur which was on the loose. We have spent some time thinking about if this was real or not and we have decided– given all of the evidence that we DID have a dinosaur in the classroom. We will be writing all about our findings next week in our newspaper reports. We have enjoyed creating timelines and word banks this week ready to help us with our writing.

In maths we have learnt about different 2D and 3D shapes. We explored what the word symmetry means and identified lines of symmetry in both regular and irregular shapes. We even learnt a new shape which was a nonagon– this is a 9 sided shape! Today some of us drew our 3D shapes onto isometric paper which helped us to create accurate drawings. We had to work cooperatively as this was quite a challenge! 

We have also had our second PE lesson with Mrs Carter this week. We decided on a theme for our dance– blue planet. We  had to create a sequence of movements pretending to be different sea animals, we then had to link these movements together into a short dance which some of us performed to the rest of the class.


Tuesday 11th November


Mrs Kidney, the head-teacher, received a letter from the Natural History Museum in London telling her about some mysterious footage which had been captured on the school CCTV system. It showed footage of a T– Rex roaming around the school building, hunting for materials to build it’s nest.  It was then spotted the following evening, in 3EM again hunting for materials and possibly food.

During today Year 3 were told by Mr West that there was something on the school field which needed to be investigated. When all of Year 3 went out onto the field, we found a gigantic dinosaur nest. Can you believe it ? Inside the nest, which was made with shredded paper and sticks, we found a dinosaur egg. Inside the egg we could see a tiny baby dinosaur. We believe that the dinosaur had shredded some paper from the classroom to make the nest, he would have done this with his sharp claws and teeth.

Please don’t worry that there is a dinosaur on the loose because the Natural History Museum is sending out a team of experts to come and solve the problem and take the egg to the museum.

If you would like more information about the dinosaur discovery please check back later in the week to read our newspaper reports.


Tuesday 31st October 2017
This afternoon we dressed up as paleontologists and studied dinosaur fossils. We went out to the school playground where we used tools to find fossils in rocks. We even discovered some dinosaurs which had been frozen into the ice, and we had to work as a team to release them from the ice. We are looking forward to finding out more about dinosaurs in our topic this term, 'Footprints from the Past'. 
We also enjoyed sharing our holiday homework which was a research project all about the dinosaurs. Some of us researched using the internet, some of us used books, someone even went to the library to do their research. 

Here are some pictures showing what we did:

Friday 20th October
Today was our final English lesson on our Gruffalo unit! We have learnt the original story by text mapping it and adding on our own actions. Then we innovated the story to a Rainforest setting and the creatures into Rainforest animals. This week we have been writing the innovated stories concentrating on our handwriting! This morning we designed our own front covers for the innovated stories. We thought about the job of a blurb, who might write a review for the book as well as the title and the author! Take a look at some of our designs below;  
Friday 13th October

This afternoon Year 3 had a fantastic art lesson! We have spent the last week researching different tribes who live in the rainforest. We have learnt all about their culture and customs and their traditional dress. We researched all of the different reasons why some tribes paint their faces or wore mask and we used this research to design our own tribal masks. We then spent this afternoon painting the masks! We are hoping to cut them out once they have dried and attach string to them to turn them into actual masks!

Wednesday 11th October- Multiplication madness! 

This week we have been learning our multiplication facts and using arrays to help us to solve the questions. This morning we created posters to help remind us of these facts. Our posters were split into 4 parts and our challenge was to see if we could represent the given number sentence in 4 different ways.

We used;

  •  Repeated addition of our numbers
  •  We learnt about the commutative property of numbers when we multiply them
  •  We made groups of the numbers from stickers
  •  We created an array from pasta! 

Please check out our posters!

Friday 6th October 2017
This week we have been learning about shadows in Year 3! We have learnt what a shadow is, and how it is created. We investigated how the closeness of an object to a light source can change the size of the shadow, and learnt the meanings of new words such as opaque, transparent and translucent. 
We then created our own shadow puppets and performed the story of Peter Pan and how he lost his shadow!
On Friday, we wrote instructions to Peter Pan, to help him make a new shadow. Here are some pictures of us creating our puppets and performing our shadow puppet shows!
Thursday 5th October
After our assembly this morning by Mrs Taylor about the importance of Team Shirley, in year 3 we decided to think about all of the exciting things that the money Team Shirley raise can be spent on. We have been given the gift of £100 from Team Shirley to spend on our book corners this term. Today in maths we had to look through a book catalogue and create a wish list of the books we would like to buy. We had to add up the books as we added them to our lists and we had a challenge to spend the £100 exactly!
Tuesday 19th September 2017
As part of our IPC rainforest topic, yesterday we learnt all about the different layers of a rainforest. We learnt that these are:
The emergent layer
The canopy
The understory
The forest floor
The children designed their own rainforests, and then today we created our designs using shoe boxes and art materials.
Can you tell which layer of the rainforest the shoe box is supposed to be?
Thursday 14th September
Today was a very exciting day in year 3- we had our very first lesson with Mrs Barlow the music teacher! We started the lesson singing the register, then played lots of games moving in time with the music. We can't wait until next Thursday for our next lesson!
Wednesday 13th September
This week in maths we have been learning about partitioning numbers into their parts and recognising the values of each digit. We have been making the representation of the numbers in diennes. We have then been comparing the numbers which we had made. We noticed things such as; 421 has 4 hundreds, 2 tens and 1 one, this makes it bigger than 192 which although has 9 groups of tens in it- it only has 1 in the hundreds column and then 2 ones. We have also been challenging ourselves by trying to explain what we know about numbers and how they can be the same and different. 


Tuesday 12th September
In English this week we have read the story of Tarzan, which is set in a rain-forest. This has helped us to hold discussions and a debate about the impact of humans in the rain-forest and if we should enter the rain- forest. Today in English we sorted arguments both for and against humans being in the rain-forest and we will use these tomorrow when we write a letter to Tarzan to persuade him to let us back in!  
Friday 8th September
What a busy start back to year 3 we have had! We have come back to school with brilliant attitudes ready to learn and the children have all settled into KS2 so quickly! Today was exciting as we held our entry point to our new topic; Saving the world, where we focus on rain-forests. This afternoon the children helped to create animals and creatures which we may find in the rain-forest, not to mention made hundreds of leaves! Over the next few weeks we hope to use these creations to make a rain-forest in our corridor outside of the classrooms. Keep your eyes peeled for photos of this!