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Welcome to the Shirley Community Primary School Online Art Gallery!
Here we will be sharing work from our Shirley Community taking place both at home and in school. We hope that you enjoy seeing what we've been up to!
To get things started, we would like to share the amazing work submitted for our lockdown art competition 'The way I see it' and, going forward, we will have more to come as we start to get creative in school once more.
If you would like to share something in our art gallery then please do get in touch. 
Miss Walmsley
Art and Design subject leader
"The Way I See It"
A remote art competition for everyone in the Shirley community based on our experiences of lockdown.
Back at the end of January, we launched an art competition and invited everyone in our school community to take part - children, adults and staff were all included in our invitation. We asked you to try and capture your experience of lockdown in a creative way.
We were overwhelmed by the response and so impressed with the creativity across all year groups. We are pleased to announce our winners from each of the phases as well as special mentions for the creative adults both in and out of school.
See if you've been featured in our gallery below. Then, check out our winners!
Years 1 - 2
3rd place - Elias (Year 2)
Elias created some beautiful 3D swans, inspired by his daily walk down to the river.
2nd place - Freya (Year 2)
Freya's 3D piece shows the world in a cage. We really liked this work as it shows how some of us might feel during this unusual time.
1st place - Naomi (Year 2)
Naomi had this to say about her work:
'In lockdown we discovered we could walk around the Science Park and we went there a lot for exercise and to see lots of interesting things, like ducks, geese, rabbits, fish and a heron! One day we collected some natural things from our walk to the Science Park and put them in trays of water to make some ice hangings.'
Well done Naomi, we think these ice hangings are very cool!
Years 3 - 4
3rd place - Bridget (Year 3)
Bridget has this to say about her work:
"My picture is of me walking from the beach through the forest. It makes me feel happy because it feels where I'm meant to be"
We love the detail in this and how Bridget has imagined a happy place for herself.
2nd place - Orla (Year 4)
Orla had this to say about her work:
"To enter the competition, I decided to use pop-up art. I chose 5 things which remind me of lockdown: baking, homeschool, bike rides, rainbow pictures in windows and Zoom calls then I used cardboard strips to make them pop up"
This was a very interesting and colourful way to recreate your experiences in lockdown, Orla!
1st place - Rosa (Year 4)
Rosa's poem "Lockdown"
"You've been sitting on a chair all day
There's nothing to do unless you play
The trees are swaying in the breeze
The wind is blowing up my sleeves
I can hear all the children's chants
I can see them watering the plants
I'm listening to a boring Zoom call
I'd rather be sitting in a dusty, old hall
I'm learning about Egypt
I'm reading an ancient script
You've got started now we need a rest
Playing with Lego is the best
I look outside it's nearly Spring
The birds are perched on our swing
Outside the sunset is growing
I fancy doing a bit of sewing
The silhouettes of trees are swaying around
I can't hear a sound"
Well done Rosa! We loved reading your poem.
Years 5 - 6
3rd place - Sammy (Year 6)
Sammy's work shows his interpretation of lockdown using chains and a padlock. We liked the detail used in this pencil and ink drawing.
2nd place - Shruti and Natalia (Year 5)
We couldn't decide between these two pieces and, as Shruti and Natalia had both decided to enter these beautiful imaginary moonlit scenes, we thought they both deserved to have their work featured. We really liked the detail in these paintings and how the moonlit effect was created using white on the dark background.
1st place - Kristen (Year 6)
This magical piece looks very intriguing and Kristen looks to have created a snowy scene from that cold wintery weather we had in the last month, captured from her window.
Well done Kristen!
Adult entries
Thank you to the parents and staff who entered our competition. Here are our special mentions!
Elsie's dad (Year 2)
Elsie's dad sent us this map of the cycling he has been doing during lockdown. It definitely has an artistic quality to it! Thanks for sending it in!
Abigail's mum (Year 2)
A familiar scene for many, Abigail's mum captured the view from her window. We love the detail in this drawing.
Miss Kozicz
Miss Kozicz has been getting "Back to Nature" with her assemblage art. Using found objects from her walks, she has arranged them into beautiful 3D pieces.
Mrs West
Mrs West took a photo each day of an activity she was doing. She put some of her favourites together for us.
Miss Walmsley
Miss Walmsley spent the whole of February making a collage each day. The collage was based on a one word prompt she got from an Instagram challenge.
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Year 2 Great Fire of London Art Exhibition
As well as having the most competition entries, Year 2 have been hard at work creating fantastic art linked to their topic, The Great Fire of London.
we are sure you'll enjoy looking through their work. Well done, you creative bunch!
We will shortly be launching an art competition in school!
Watch this space..