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Anti-Bullying Week - Day 5
Today was our last day of learning about Anti-bullying and today we looked at the Anti-Bullying Alliance's theme of 'One Kind Word' to create our class window display. 
We worked as a team to create different examples of acts of kindness and words of kindness. 
Using these examples of acts and words, we created a class kindness tree. The hands represent the acts of kindness that we all agreed we would try and the hearts represent words of kindness that we could use to help someone. 
We have really enjoyed learning all about Anti-bullying this week and it has been fantastic to hear such wonderful suggestions from the children.
Miss Saunders and Mrs Kelly :)
Anti-Bullying Week - Day 4
Today we have been identifying the High 5 steps to deal with bullying:
We designed our own Anti-Bullying Superhero who and they had special powers to help the children to deal with bullying! 
Miss Saunders and Mrs Kelly :) 
Anti-Bullying Week - Day 3
Today our Anti-Bullying week lesson focused on how it feels to be bullied. As a class, we read the book 'Willy the Wimp' by Anthony Brown and discussed how Willie feels when the Gorilla Gang are calling him a wimp and the emotions that we may feel when being bullied.
The children then drew their own pictures of Willie and thought about the different emotions that he would be feeling. 
Miss Saunders and Mrs Kelly :) 
Anti-Bullying Week - Day 2
Today Year 2 have been looking at why people bully and discussed how similarities and differences are a good thing. We worked with new talk partners today to establish differences and similarities in the class and how these all made a positive contribution to our school.
The children completed work with their partner to celebrate one difference and one similarity to show that WE ARE ALL UNIQUE!
Miss Saunders and Mrs Kelly :) 
Anti-Bullying Week - Day 1
This week is Anti-Bullying Week and in Year 2 we will be learning about the effects that bullying can have and how we can all use 'One Kind Word' to help someone who may be being bullied. 
Today in Year 2, we have been identifying what is and what is not bullying behaviour. 
Shirley School define bullying behaviour as: 
Emotionally or physically harmful behaviour which is:
Repetitive, willful or persistent
Intentionally harmful, carried out by an individual or a group
Based on an imbalance of power leaving the person who is bullied feeling defenseless.
We also looked at the definitions from the Anti-Bullying Alliance and created a class poster which is displayed in the hallway to help others identify bullying in the playground and in around school.
Miss Saunders and Mrs Kelly :)