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Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning Page

Welcome to the Year 6 Home learning page. On this page you will find:

o Daily maths and English activities
o Family learning menu containing cross curricular games and activities that you might want to do as a family. This is updated weekly
o Link to the Oak National Academy. A government funded website providing topic lessons and activities
o Extra resources
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Family Learning Menu
Oak National Academy

As this is the last full week of the school year, and the children have been working so hard, I'd like to direct you to the art lessons on the Oak National Academy website. These should be fun and interesting but relaxing at the same time! The lessons are all about using texture in art and optical illusions:


Daily Home Learning
Monday 13th July 2020
Transition to Secondary School - Monday

LO: To identify strategies that can help you to be organised when starting secondary school

This week instead of English, we will be providing activities to help you with your upcoming transition to secondary school. Starting secondary school will be full of challenges, but with the right attitude, strategies and preparation, this transition can be made much smoother. Our focus will be on lots of speaking and listening activities, rather than formal writing and recording. Parents and carers - it will really help your children if you can be involved in the activities as much as possible and have lots of supportive conversations together. Everyday there will be a PowerPoint which includes some talking activities and links to video clips. This will also be available as a PDF if that is easier to access.

Maths - Monday

LO: To use column addition to solve problems

It is nearly the end of the academic year, but before you switch off from maths for a well-earned summer break, we would like to recap the formal written methods you have learnt for each of the 4 operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Today, it is the turn of addition. The PowerPoint will recap how to use a formal column method if you need some revision. Then you can choose either the mild or medium level questions as usual. There is an extra spicy challenge in the medium level today for anyone who is feeling brave!

Grammar - WB 13th July
Can you manage a final bit of spelling, grammar and punctuation practice before the end of the school year? Then get stuck in to these 10 questions.
Arithmetic - WB 13th July
There's time to get in one last bit of arithmetic practise before the summer holidays. Just 10 questions to have a go at - you can do it!
Friday 17th July 2020
Thursday 16th July 2020
Wednesday 15th July 2020
Tuesday 14th July 2020
Extra Resources
In this section, we will be adding lots of other resources which you can dip in and out of as necessary. We will be updating website links and other resources as they become available. If your child finishes the daily activities, please encourage them to further their learning by completing some of the below activities at home. 
Upper Key Stage 2 English Challenges:
In the mood for an extra challenge? Feeling like you want to put your English skills to the test? Why not try out one of these! 

Don't forget to login into for extra Grammar tasks each week. 
Upper Key Stage 2 Maths Challenges:
In the mood for an extra challenge? Feeling like you want to put your maths skills to the test? Why not try out one of these! 
PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education):
Check out the Nuffield Health Wellbeing website which includes lots of exercise ideas about how to keep a healthy body and mind. 
Language links:
Check out the language links below to help your French and Spanish skills!
Stem activities:
Check out the attached activities for some activities geared towards helping you develop your science, technology, engineering and maths skills.
Music and singing resources:
Missing your weekly singing assemblies or choir rehearsals? Then head over to the choir page on the Shirley website to find videos of our last singing assembly and choir rehearsal to sing along to. Also, you will find links to all of the 02 songs we have been learning. Happy singing!
Computing @ Home
Check out the Computing @ Home resource - updated weekly.
Check out some of ways you can stay fit and healthy at home!
Harry Potter Fanatics!
Welcome to the Harry Potter at home hub where you'll find all the latest magical treats to keep you occupied!
Previous Home Learning
English - Monday 6th July

LO: To use story mapping to retell an adventure story

Imagine stumbling across hidden treasure the next time you are out on the beach or in the woods with your friends. What would you do? Open the treasure chest? Keep it all to yourself? Hand it in to the police? Show it to your family? Treasure or precious objects are often used in myth, legend, cartoons, books and films. This week, we will use treasure and interesting objects as the stimulus to write a fantastic adventure story. Our story will be a FINDING TALE and our main focus is going to be suspense writing.

Today you will read an example story called Adventure at Sandy Cove and create a story map.

Maths - Monday 6th July

LO: To find and simplify ratios

It’s been a while since we did any work on ratio so in case you have forgotten, watch the PowerPoint to be reminded of what ratios are and how we can find them. This presentation will also show you how to simplify ratios. Then choose the Mild or Medium (Spicy) level questions to put into practise what you have learned.

Grammar - WB 6th July
Don't let those grammar, punctuation and spelling skills slide even though you're learning at home. Have a go at this week's quiz to keep up your knowledge of this important area of your English learning. 
Arithmetic - WB 6th July
Keep those mathematical skills up across all areas of the maths curriculum by having a go at this week's arithmetic questions.
English - Tuesday 7th July

LO: To identify features of suspense in a story

Before we start thinking about our own ideas for our story, we need to look closely at the text and see what writing tools/tips/tricks the author has used to create suspense or a threatening mood. In the activities today, you will learn some of these techniques and spot where the author has used them in Adventure at Sandy Cove. First, look at how the model text has been boxed up to show its structure. Then have a go at the tasks.

Maths - Tuesday 7th July

LO: To understand the differences between ratios and fractions

Sometimes it’s easy to get these two things confused so today we will look at the differences. Read the information at the top of your worksheet carefully before you start solving the problems.

English - Wednesday 8th July

LO: To create suspense

Today we will look even more in depth at how to create suspense and start to practise some of the techniques you learned about yesterday.

Maths - Wednesday 8th July

LO: To use the bar model to solve ratio problems

A really useful strategy for solving ratio problems is the bar model. Watch the PowerPoint presentation first to see it in action and then have a go at using it to solve the questions on either worksheet.

English - Thursday 9th July

LO: To plan an adventure story

Now comes the fun part! You might already have the beginnings of an idea for your story from what you have read so far. If not, don’t worry as we are going to generate our ideas one step at a time. First, you will jot down your rough ideas and then put them into a more organised plan. If you would like, you could also draw your setting.

Maths - Thursday 9th July

LO: To use multiplication and division to solve ratio problems

These two operations are very important in so many different areas of maths and ratio is no exception. We will use the theme of recipes to show you how you might need to use ratio in real life and how you will need your mathematical skills to get the quantities right.

English - Friday 10th July

LO: To write an adventure story with suspense

It’s time to write your story!

To help you with your writing, you have lots of different things:
✓ The model text – Adventure at Sandy Cove
✓ The toolkit for suspense
✓ The suspense techniques you have practised
✓ Your ideas page
✓ The drawing you did of your setting (if you did this)
✓ And, most importantly, your plan!

I can’t wait to read it!

Maths - Friday 10th July

LO: To use and identify scale factors

Today, we will remind ourselves what enlargement means and how scale factors are used to do this. Watch the PowerPoint presentation first to really get the hang of it and then challenge yourselves with the questions.