Year 6 Blog

Welcome to our Year 6 Blog. Watch this space for information on our topics and photos of our work and learning!
Monday 13th January 2020
This afternoon, Year 6 started their brand new topic - AD900. To kick-start off our learning, the children were introduced to the fabulous sport, Pok-ta-Pok, a game played the Ancient Maya. It is the oldest known team sport with a ball and was invented over 3,500 years ago.
The object of the game was to score points by bouncing the ball into the opponent’s end zone or when the opposing team fails to return the ball after the second bounce. If the stone rings are being used, players can hit the ball through one of the two stone rings to instantly win the game. Unfortunately, we couldn't manage to get our hands on any stone rings so PE hoops had to do!
Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? However, there were some rules which we had to follow in order to play the game as the Mayans would have. The ball is hit into the field of play and players can pass the ball to each other using only their elbows, knees and hips. Hands, heads and feet are not allowed.
How do you think we got on? Take a look for yourself! 
Thursday 9th January 2020
This week, Year 6 have been exploring the importance of challenge to help stimulate the brain and oracy to help develop our speaking and listening skills. We have also started meditation in class and have enjoyed discussing the benefits of this for our well-being. 
In our afternoon lessons, we have been enjoying some fun, hands on activities. It is in these 'play-based' activities which we learn to work with other people, enjoy other children's company and develop our speaking and listening skills. It has also helped us give our brain a break from some of the more challenging learning which has taken place.
One of our favourite activities was constructing a mini miniature model out of pasta! Can you guess what wonderful miniatures we have created?
Wednesday 8th January 2020
What a fantastic start to the new year we've had in Year 6!
After three weeks of hard work, determination and resilience, Year 6 finished their written reviews of Cinderella!
After tweeting the stars of this wonderful panto, Miss Munnelly was able to capture this amazing moment...when Ivanka and Buttons came face to face with our creative writing and hilarious drawings!
The stars of the show were blown away by the children's work and said it was one of the best gifts they've ever received.
We'd like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Kidney and Miss Fonseka for organising such a wonderful trip and to the cast, crew and staff at The Cambridge Arts Theatre. We will never forget our visit!
Friday 20th December 2019
Year 6 finished off their excellent half-term by providing readings at the school Carol Concert. Rain may have meant we stayed in school, but Year 6 didn't let the weather dampen their spirits as they shared their readings with the rest of the school.
Mr Wayland was very impressed with their clear reading and confidence!

Thursday 5th December 2019

What an experience we had today! The children and staff of Shirley Primary School (Key Stage 2 only!) attended the one and only Cinderella production at the Cambridge Arts Theatre. From start to finish, the children and staff were in stitches as we watched this spectacular show. Filling us with festive cheer, the cast dazzled with their dance routines, perfect vocals and memorable acting.

Year 6 were so impressed with the production that we are currently writing our very own reviews to encourage others to go and see this hilarious pantomime! Keep an eye out for our fantastic writing which will be appearing very soon! Watch this space!

Monday 25th November 2019
This week in our IPC lessons, as part of our topic on evolution, we have been discussing how humans change over time. The children discussed in small groups the different ways in which they have changed since infancy and how they predict they will change as they grow older. Their definition of 'old' was truly eye-opening!
After this, we moved on to discuss the qualities, characteristics and other features that could be inherited from members of our family. We then put our thinking brains to the test by discussing what might happen when our parent's genes are different and they compete. 
What do you think happens?
Check out our learning below to see how we got on!
Tuesday 19th November 2019
Today was the day when 6SJ finally published their very first class book of writing! Ms. Thomas kindly created two wonderful books of our class letters and we cannot wait to send them. The lucky recipients of our books are the fantastic staff at Grafham Water Residential Centre and The Young'Uns.
We really hope they enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them!

Monday 18th November 2019

During our maths lesson last week, we had a visit from a child in 4EB with a very puzzling question! 4EB needed our help to explain what the answer would be for 9 ÷ 0 = ? The children in 6SJ were instantly excited to help share their knowledge with the younger children, but we realised that we needed to focus on our reasoning skills in order to help the younger children fully understand what was happening in the question. Using a variety of mathematical equipment, the children explored different ways in which they could demonstrate and explain their thinking. Check out the pictures below of our visit to 4EB!

Because of this task, 4EB have ignited our excitement for proving our thinking in maths. We then applied this enthusiasm to the following question: which fraction is bigger, ¼ or ½? Check out how we got on below!


Thursday 14th November 2019
For Anti-Bullying Week Year 6 decided to focus some of their time to cyber bullying. After sharing what we enjoyed about the Internet, we discussed things we were concerned about.
We identified what cyber bullying is and created some tips to tackle it. We also created some affirmations regarding how we would tackle cyber bullying in the future.
Thursday 7th November 2019
This week Year 6 enjoyed using Kahoot! on the iPads. Each group answered multiple choice questions using iPads. Teams only had 60 seconds to answer questions that flashed up on the classroom Interactive Whiteboard. After each round, teams could check out the leader board to see how they were getting on.
Wednesday 6th November 2019
Possibly the most memorable of activities for the children and staff at Shirley. It can only mean one thing...The Grafham Challenge!
Thursday 31st October 2019
What could we have possibly got up to next? A spot of archery, rock climbing and fun boat sailing!
Tuesday 29th October 2019
Check out some of the fantastic shots of the children raft building. It was by far one of our favourite activities!
Monday 29th October 2019
The first batch of pictures have gone live on the Shirley website! More pictures will be added daily so please keep your eyes peeled for photos of your child!
As you can imagine, it takes time for the pictures to upload so we hope to have the full collection of images up by early next week.
Kind regards,
The Year 6 Team 
Monday 14th October 2019
Last week, the staff at Shirley welcomed parents and carers to our first consultation evenings of the academic year.
We were delighted with the turnout and thoroughly enjoyed sharing the progress and achievements of the children so far this year.
We were blown away by the wonderful comments made about our beautiful Monet display. 
A huge THANK YOU must go to the wonderful Mrs. Chambers for her continued support, guidance and enthusiasm for everything creative at Shirley.
The Year 6 children and staff couldn't be prouder of how our work has been displayed.
Friday 11th October 2019
Hearts were racing in Year 6 this afternoon as the classes their PE lessons measuring their heart rates and testing out different exercises.
After discovering they had a pulse, the Years 6s decided to see if they could increase their heart rate.
We discovered that skipping is best when raising the beats per minute, followed closely by the hula hoop!

Wednesday 2nd October – Friday 4th October 2019

What a fantastic Year 6 trip we had to Grafham this week! The children were treated to an array of thrilling activities such as: raft building, archery and sailing to name a few! We cannot wait for you to hear about the children’s adventures this week! Keep checking in with the Year 6 blog for more information on our adventurous trip.

Monday 23rd September 2019

Year 6 have kicked off their Monday learning about… well… Monday! After reading the amazing text ‘Monday meets Friday’ on Friday, Year 6 spent their Monday studying the character of Monday. They scoured the text for clues regarding the characteristics of Monday before backing up their claims with evidence from the text. Hitherto, Monday had been a mystery to Year 6 – that was until they developed their skimming and scanning skills!

Wednesday 18th September 2019

As part of our new IPC topic, Out of Africa, Year 6 have been learning about Charles Darwin and his contribution to the science of evolution. The year 6 staff were incredibly impressed with the children’s independent research which they completed as part of their homework this week. Take a look at some of the fascinating information which has been collected by our wonderful cohort!

Monday 16th September 2019

This week in Year 6, the children have been getting to grips with some tricky concepts in their arithmetic sessions. They’ve been recapping their learning on how to add and subtract fractions with the same and different denominators.

Did you know that using the bar model can help you visualise fractions and solve more complex questions with ease? Year 6 did! Check out some of the children’s mathematical jottings which they did when solving some of our questions this week.

Monday 9th September 2019

Panto season came early for Year 6 this week thanks to an amazing performance of Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ by a travelling theatre company. Thrills, spills, calls of “He’s behind you!” and overenthusiastic heckling ensured everyone young (and old) had a thoroughly good time.

Afterwards, Year 6 were lucky enough to meet the actors and enjoy a Q&A session. Both classes discovered the hard work and dedication that goes into making a performance exciting. They also had the opportunity to discover how stage technology, music, props, lighting and sets all come together to provide the right kind of atmosphere on stage.

Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all, they had the chance to try out their acting and stage management skills! Who knows - perhaps there’s a budding actor in Year 6?

Both 6SJ and 6JW would like to thank the actors of the travelling company for giving their time so generously. They’d also like to thank Mr Cattermole especially for arranging such an amazing treat.

Friday 6th September 2019
Welcome back to Year 6 and what a start we've had! It's been terrific to see the children arriving to school on time, dressing smartly in their school uniform and working hard to broaden their knowledge.
In class this week, the children kick-started off their PSHCE lessons by discussing what they felt were important ingredients of a class. These ideas then fed into our very own class charters. The adults were really impressed by the children's teamwork, communication and cooperation skills.
In our afternoon lessons, the children demonstrated their artistic skills by creating their very own interpretation of Claude Monet's famous painting, 'The Water Lily Pond'. The children selected their own medium to work with and the adults were blown away by the children's creativity. Check out some of the children in action!
We are looking forward to revisiting this learning next week when we are going to be exploring the Shirley sunflowers on our school site and creating our very own interpretations of them.