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Welcome to the Year 6 Home learning page. On this page you will find:

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o Link to the Oak National Academy. A government funded website providing topic lessons and activities
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Daily Home Learning
Tuesday 21st July 2020

Well Year 6, this is it. The last day of primary school. We’re so sorry that it’s not quite the ending to the school year that we thought it would be. But it’s now time to look forward to the summer holidays and to starting secondary school in September.

Today, we thought you might like to write about what you are looking forward to most about starting secondary school and perhaps draw a picture to go with your writing.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Year 6 blog where you will see videos from all of us in Year 6 giving you goodbye and good luck messages.

Monday 20th July 2020

Your time at Shirley Primary School is almost at an end. So as we’re so close to the summer holidays we thought that today you might like to spend a bit of time reflecting on your primary school experience. What have you enjoyed? What have you learnt about yourself? How have you changed throughout primary school?

For your activity today, we thought it might be nice for you to think of your favourite memory of being at Shirley Primary, then write a short paragraph about this and draw a picture to go alongside it.

Online Library and Summer Reading Challenge
Here are some details about how you can join the library online and complete the Summer Reading Challenge. This is a great activity to do over summer - it will keep up your reading skills in preparation for starting secondary school in September - and it will also be a lot of fun!
Extra Resources
In this section, we will be adding lots of other resources which you can dip in and out of as necessary. We will be updating website links and other resources as they become available. If your child finishes the daily activities, please encourage them to further their learning by completing some of the below activities at home. 
Upper Key Stage 2 English Challenges:
In the mood for an extra challenge? Feeling like you want to put your English skills to the test? Why not try out one of these! 

Don't forget to login into for extra Grammar tasks each week. 
Upper Key Stage 2 Maths Challenges:
In the mood for an extra challenge? Feeling like you want to put your maths skills to the test? Why not try out one of these! 
PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education):
Check out the Nuffield Health Wellbeing website which includes lots of exercise ideas about how to keep a healthy body and mind. 
Language links:
Check out the language links below to help your French and Spanish skills!
Stem activities:
Check out the attached activities for some activities geared towards helping you develop your science, technology, engineering and maths skills.
Music and singing resources:
Missing your weekly singing assemblies or choir rehearsals? Then head over to the choir page on the Shirley website to find videos of our last singing assembly and choir rehearsal to sing along to. Also, you will find links to all of the 02 songs we have been learning. Happy singing!
Computing @ Home
Check out the Computing @ Home resource - updated weekly.
Check out some of ways you can stay fit and healthy at home!
Harry Potter Fanatics!
Welcome to the Harry Potter at home hub where you'll find all the latest magical treats to keep you occupied!
Previous Home Learning
Transition to Secondary School - Monday 13th July

LO: To identify strategies that can help you to be organised when starting secondary school

This week instead of English, we will be providing activities to help you with your upcoming transition to secondary school. Starting secondary school will be full of challenges, but with the right attitude, strategies and preparation, this transition can be made much smoother. Our focus will be on lots of speaking and listening activities, rather than formal writing and recording. Parents and carers - it will really help your children if you can be involved in the activities as much as possible and have lots of supportive conversations together. Everyday there will be a PowerPoint which includes some talking activities and links to video clips. This will also be available as a PDF if that is easier to access.

Maths - Monday 13th July

LO: To use column addition to solve problems

It is nearly the end of the academic year, but before you switch off from maths for a well-earned summer break, we would like to recap the formal written methods you have learnt for each of the 4 operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Today, it is the turn of addition. The PowerPoint will recap how to use a formal column method if you need some revision. Then you can choose either the mild or medium level questions as usual. There is an extra spicy challenge in the medium level today for anyone who is feeling brave!

Grammar - WB 13th July
Can you manage a final bit of spelling, grammar and punctuation practice before the end of the school year? Then get stuck in to these 10 questions.
Arithmetic - WB 13th July
There's time to get in one last bit of arithmetic practise before the summer holidays. Just 10 questions to have a go at - you can do it!
Transition to Secondary School - Tuesday 14th July

LO: To identify ways that your timetable can support you in your first few weeks at secondary school

One of the biggest changes you will experience moving from primary to secondary school is having to move around the building throughout the day to attend lessons in different classrooms. Your timetable is key to making sure you get to the right place at the right time. Today we will focus on timetables – how they work and how you can use yours to help you be as organised as possible. Parents and carers please read the PowerPoint or the PDF with your children if you can and continue those supportive discussions.

Maths - Tuesday 14th July

LO: To use column subtraction to solve problems

Today we will be recapping how to use the column method for subtraction. There are some really important rules you need to remember when using this method so do watch the PowerPoint first to be reminded of them. If you choose the medium level, there is another spicy puzzle for you to try at the end.

Transition to Secondary School - Wednesday 15th July

LO: To identify ways your planner can help you to manage the resources that you will need to be responsible for at secondary school

Another big change from primary school to secondary school is the number of resources that you will need to take with you – everything from text books to pencil cases to PE kits. Today we will look at how your secondary school planner will work and how it can help you to organise your resources and remember what you need to take in each day. Keep chatting to your parents and carers as you go through the PowerPoint or the PDF together.

Maths - Wednesday 15th July
LO: To use column multiplication to solve problems

There are a few different ways to do formal multiplication and everyone has their preferred strategy. To recap on one way of doing this, watch the PowerPoint presentation. Then choose the medium or mild questions. If you are more confident with a different type of method to the one in the presentation, go ahead and use that.

Transition to Secondary School - Thursday 16th July

LO: To identify strategies for ensuring homework is completed and handed in on time

Homework! It’s a fact of life! And it will increase once you go to secondary school. Perhaps you have struggled to get your homework done on time during primary school, or perhaps you are concerned about the heavier workload of secondary school. Don’t worry – today we will look at ways you can manage your homework and ensure it is a positive thing you have to do rather than a negative thing. Parents and carers please read the PowerPoint or the PDF with your children if you can and support them with the speaking activities.

Maths - Thursday 16th July

LO: To use column division to solve problems

Onto our final operation today – division. The PowerPoint presentation will guide you through using a formal division method (you may have heard this called the bus stop method in the past). Have a go at using this method to answer the questions. As before, use a different method if you are more comfortable with solving the problems a different way.

Transition to Secondary School - Friday 17th July

LO: To identify strategies for making friends at secondary school

Secondary school is a great opportunity to make new friends but it can seem quite daunting, especially if many of your current friends are going to a different secondary school. Today we will look at some practical things you can do to help develop new friendships. Please continue your chats with your parents or carers as I’m sure they will have advice for you as well.

Maths - Friday 17th July

LO: To use all four operations to solve problems

Now that you have recapped and practised your formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, you can use these skills when playing a maths game. Follow the link to play Countdown. Don’t worry if you can’t get to the exact target number. Just get as close as you can!

Family Learning Menu
Oak National Academy

As this is the last full week of the school year, and the children have been working so hard, I'd like to direct you to the art lessons on the Oak National Academy website. These should be fun and interesting but relaxing at the same time! The lessons are all about using texture in art and optical illusions: