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Friday 19th January 2018

Science Day

Today Shirley School celebrated all things Science. Across the school, questions were asked, investigations were conducted and we found out lots of new things about the world around us!

Year 6 was no exception. As we are training to be Forensic Scientists (there’s still a murder to solve!) the day was especially important as we learned more about how to conduct a fair test and how to draw conclusions from our evidence.

This week we have learned about pH and tested the pH of different household substances; investigated the absorbency of different papers; and learned which materials are the best insulators. The skills we have learned will help us when we come to investigate the murder next week.

At the end of the day, we found out we had qualified as Forensic Scientists! We were so pleased to receive our certificates. See our photos below.

Thursday 18th January 2018
What an afternoon we've had today! 6SJ was transformed into our painting and building workshop! The children were divided into small groups and had the exciting task of painting the canvases for our production. The children used their sketches from last week to help with their colour choices.
Throughout the afternoon, the children also visited the 'building' station and started to create some of the 3D props for the production. Take a look at the pictures to see how the children got on!
Tuesday 9th January 2018
What another great afternoon! It could only mean one thing...THE PUPPET PROJECT! This half term is all about the set design and creating the back drops for our production. First of all, Caitlin divided the class into groups and gave each group a setting to focus on. Each group had to think carefully about what would appear in this setting. It was great to see the fantastic teamwork and resilience demonstrated throughout this task. The overall designs created will form the basis of our back drops for the real production!
Next session came the exciting bit...the delivery of the canvases! You wouldn't believe the size of them! Check back next week to see how we get on with the painting of them!

Thursday 4th January 2018

Welcome back! The children have had an action-packed start to the spring term and we are so pleased with their enthusiastic attitude towards their learning.

The children arrived back to school today to find that there had been a murder over the Christmas holidays! Nick Beckett, Shirley school’s financial advisor (aged 32), was found dead at the scene at around 4pm on the 27th December 2017. Mr West had been alerted to something suspicious when the alarms were triggered. Only 6 teachers had been in the building that day.

The police have asked us to become forensic scientists so that we can help them in their investigations. Will we find the culprit and solve the murder? Keep your eyes peeled on our blog to find out more!

Thursday 14th December 2017
What an amazing last session we had today! Check out how we got on by reading some of the accounts written by the wonderful children in 6SJ!
Wednesday 13th December 2017
Well it's been a busy couple of weeks since you last heard from 6LW. We've been super busy and wanted to update everyone on what we've been doing.
Christmas arrived in the classroom and we had fun making some super Christmas cards. We used powder paint to create textured backgrounds and used collage and glitter glue to made baubles for the front. I think you'll agree - they look very special. We've also been excited to receive a very special gift - the books we chose for the book corner have arrived! A whopping 50 books including Dr Suess, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Luke Temple and the Guiness Book of Records 2018.
We have also made super progress in our Puppet Project sessions. We've attached our heads to the bodies and started to string them. A couple of us have even become experts on how to string the puppets so we can help the other children. 6LW are looking forward to presenting "My sister's feet" in the summer.
In maths, we have been learning about area and perimeter. Braving the cold, we went out to measure parts of the playground and discussed how to work out perimeter and area of tricky shapes.
6LW have done lots of circle time this term and we are getting to know each other really well. We are looking forward to our Christmas break as we have all worked so hard, but will return again in the spring fully charged and ready to go.

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Today, Year 6 had the honour of visiting the NCA, who had put on a Sports Festival for us. We went to play in a dodge-ball tournament! As the rain poured outside, we ran inside to meet our Sports leaders, who taught us the tactics of the game. The rules were quite tricky but we soon got the hang of it! We even got to meet new children from another school - Orchard Park - who were really kind and we enjoyed playing with them in our teams. Some of the skills we learnt were: catching, communication, co-operation, team work and, most importantly, dodging! Even though we had to walk back in the pouring rain, we arrived back in high spirits. Miss Walmsley was really impressed to hear how well the day went and how much the children had enjoyed their morning.

At the end of the day, I really enjoyed it, despite the rain! – Nicole.

My favourite part of the day was learning how to play a brand new sport – Rihannah

The part of the day I enjoyed the most was when I caught the ball and got someone out straight after – Olaf

My favourite part of the day was playing dodge-ball and having lots of fun – Katie

The best part of the day was to see everyone having fun and laughing – Leo.

Monday 11th December 2017
It's beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas in 6SJ! We are so proud of our Christmas card designs this year. The criteria was that each card needed to use powder paint. We thought the most effective way of doing this was creating a wash using a variety of blue powder paints. We then created a snowman out of coloured card. We think the overall finish is fantastic!
Check out our pictures to see the creation station in 6SJ!
Thursday 7th December 2017
Today was when the magic happened in 6SJ! We finally got to string our puppets together and WOW! We can't believe how amazing they look and it means we are one step closer to our performance of The Mechanical Gardener!
Well done to all the children in 6SJ for their excellent teamwork today. We had children working collaboratively on building the rails to hang the puppets, designing costumes and even creating hairstyles.
Personal shout outs must go to Julius for his determination when sewing buttons on his costume, David for helping build the rails to hang the finished puppets and Millie for her excellent focus when attaching the strings to the puppets.
We are already counting down till next Thursday!
Wednesday 6th December 2017
Year 6 visited Anglia Ruskin University today and what a great time we had! We arrived at the university bright and early to be greeted by Scott and the student ambassadors.
Our first activity was called, 'What do you study?' and the children had to interview the student ambassadors to uncover what subjects they studied. Miss Joomun had to join the panel and asked the children to guess what her academic qualification was from her time in a university in Dublin. Some children even managed to get it right!
Next, the children had to focus on their futures and what they might look like. They had to think of the different skills that they might need in order to achieve their dreams. There were some aspiring vets, zoologists, footballers and engineers to name a few!
After that, the children took on the Campus Challenge! The children had to explore the campus to answer a selection of different quiz questions. Did you know the largest lecture theatre at Anglia Ruskin holds up to 400 people? Did you know that the theatre is called The Mumford Theatre?
Then it was lunchtime and the children devoured some fantastically delicious lunches! Following this, it was time to get designing! The children were presented with the task of creating their own university. We were blown away by the children's cooperation and teamwork on this task.
Year 6 would like to thank the adults at Anglia Ruskin University for an excellent day! We loved finding out about university life and you've really inspired us to think about our futures!
Friday 1st December 2017
Christmas has arrived in 6SJ! Unfortunately, the lights didn't work! This didn't dampen our Christmas spirit and we thoroughly enjoyed decorating the tree!
Check in on Monday to see more pictures...with lights! 
Thursday 30th November 2017
What an amazing day we had today! We finished our sewing, put on our feet and hands and then our costumes. Also, another person from the project came to visit us. He name was Jeremy and he helped us with our puppets. Check out some of our fantastic pictures!
Arif, 6SJ
Today was a great day! We did the puppet project and continued sewing our outfits. We assembled the clothes and some people added some more special touches. This was the best puppet project week ever and we would like to thank Jeremy (new puppet worker) for coming and helping and of course CAITLIN!
Maddison, 6SJ
Our parents had the opportunity to come into class and see our puppets. They got to see our clothes, the body and the head. Earlier on in Year 6, we were completing our puppet clothes. We put the thread through the needle and started to sew. As soon as we finished with our clothing, we started to put clothes on the puppet body. Then we connected our feet and arms to the body!
Charlie, 6SJ
Wednesday 29th November 2017
What an exciting day we had in 6SJ today! We were sent a very special delivery from Team Shirley and we couldn't contain our excitement! It was a fantastic new collection of books for our reading corner.
J.K Rowling, Anthony Horowitz and David Almond were just some of the wonderful authors in the special delivery. We can't wait to get stuck into reading these amazing titles.
Thank you Team Shirley for all the amazing work that you do!
Tuesday 28th November 2017
It was Round 2 today with Luke Temple!
We had a fantastic visit from Luke last Friday and we were blown away by his enthusiasm and zest for life! Our homework this week has focused on his engaging visit and we can't wait to share some of this work with you on Friday!
The Shirley School library was full of excitement today as Luke met lots of children from Years 1-6. Ghost Post, Doorway to Danger and The Ghost Lord Returns were the exciting new book titles on offer and the children at Shirley couldn't wait to get their hands on them! 
Which book did you go for?
Which story was your favourite?
We can't wait to find out! 
Thursday 23rd November 2017
What an excellent day of sewing we had today in 6SJ!
The aim? To construct the jackets and trousers for our puppets! Miss Joomun, Mrs Hayhoe and Caitlin were so impressed with how well the children did! Let's just say we know who to call when we need a button sewn on!
A special mention must go to Natty for his excellent hard work to catch up with the rest of the class. It's like you've always been a part of 6SJ!
Check out some of the pictures below! 
Friday 17th November 2017
6LW have been very busy this week. Not only has it been Anti-Bullying week, it is also Children In Need Day today. 6LW made posters, discussed bullying behaviour and had some super team-building sessions. Today we donned our spots, and brought a £1 in for a spotacular non-uniform day.
As a special treat this week, we were junk modelling. As part of our Lone Robot narrative, we made robot friends for our main character. I am sure you will be impressed by our efforts!
Friday 17th November 2017
Today is Children in Need Day!
Shirley children went SPOTACULAR to celebrate and raise money for this terrific cause. Children from across the school paid £1 to wear spots and 50p to watch a spotty themed movie at lunchtime.
We are proud to announce that Shirley school raised a fantastic £500! Thank you to all the parents, carers, staff and children for all your support.
Watch this space for pictures of our amazing costumes!
Wednesday 15th November 2017
This week is Anti-bullying Week and 6SJ have been discussing what we think bullying behaviour looks like. Bullying behaviour is when unkind words or actions have been spoken repetitively. These unkind words or actions are deliberate and often show an imbalance of power.
We also discussed what bullying behaviour is not. Mrs Kidney helped us understand this message in assembly by explaining the difference between a conflict/disagreement and bullying behaviour. Having a laugh with friends can sometimes lead to a disagreement where friends may fall out. This is a one off and can be resolved through calm communication.
6SJ have designed some fantastic posters to raise awareness of this week. Check them out below! We can't wait to continue our learning throughout the week. 
Thursday 9th November 2017
It was round 9 today and what a session! It was SEWING WEEK!
We first started with the shirt. We were provided with a fantastic selection of fabric and we had to carefully cut it out. We were lucky that Caitlin brought us some fabric scissors because we found this a little tricky! Then it was time to put our sewing skills to the test!
Check out how we got on!
Wednesday 7th November 2017
It's hump day and what an amazing treat we had! Lots of children have already brought in their homework and they've designed some fantastic friends for the lone robot. Check out their designs and descriptions below.
Don't forget all homework is due each Friday. We can't wait to see some more amazing learning!

Friday 3rd November 2017

We hope you had a lovely half term!

6LW’s week was filled to the brim with enjoyable activities. We spent some of the week top copying our non-chronological reports and we were really proud at how neat our handwriting is now we are in Year 6.

We have also spent a lot of time working on fractions in maths. Using the bar model, we visualised how to work out word problems involving fractions and different measures. We even had a visit from Mrs. Leach and Mrs. Wernham. They were so impressed with our brilliant learning behaviour, our knowledge and our resilience!

On Tuesday, we had a special treat. Instead of swimming we went to the NCA to an event called Inspire the Future. We met different people from different professions and got to ask them questions about what they did. There were people there who worked on the London Underground, a nurse, a mechanic who fixes planes, a quantity surveyor and even a book author!

Our thoughts about the day:

The day was great and I learned about lots of different jobs. My favourite part was when I dressed up in the engineer’s clothes! – Nicole

I thought this day was really useful because it inspired children to think about their future life – Leo

It helped us to aspire and learn about a certain job – Rivka

I feel more focused now and I am more aware of jobs I didn’t even know existed – Heidi


Thursday 3rd November 2017
We can't believe it's our eighth session already! It was the day Christmas came early to 6SJ!
Caitlin presented us each with a giant box which contained the wooden body parts for our puppet. It was our job to assemble the parts together using a variety of different screws and even an electrical drill! We are so excited to see that our puppet's body is starting to take shape. Check out the pictures below so you can grab an insight in our lesson!
Watch this space for more information and don't forget to check out and for more information about The Young People's Puppet Theatre.
Tuesday 31st October 2017
What an inspiring day we had today in Year 6! We were lucky enough to the visit the NCA for the 'Inspire the Future' event. We knew this trip would provide us with the chance to think about our futures and what they might look like.
Before our trip, we played 'guess the profession' in class. This gave us the chance to focus on our skills of enquiry. We were then able to apply this skill when we were faced with real life professionals at the NCA. The teachers and TAs were SO IMPRESSED with the high level of questioning demonstrated by the children in Year 6. Check out two of our favourites!
Do you work indoors or outdoors?
What attire do you wear for your job?
We then entered the NCA canteen where all the professionals were set up and ready. We were so excited to move around and visit the different guests. We were even more excited when we got the chance to talk to a real life author! Some of our highlights were speaking to the following: a Construction supervisor, an Environmental planner and a Senior Structural Engineer.
We had a great morning and would like to say a special thank you to the North Cambridge Academy and Form the Future for the fantastic morning.
When we got back to school, we started to think about our own futures and what they might look like. We discussed our hopes and dreams for the future and ways to achieve our goals. Check out some of our future aspirations. If we work hard, they may become a reality!
Thursday 19th October 2017
Our last session before half term was great! It was time to paint our puppets' hands and feet and then to design some headgear. We were blown away by some of the fantastic creations that were constructed! What talented children there are in 6SJ!
Roll on after half term when the children will be testing their sewing skills! 
Watch this space for more information and don't forget to check out and for more information about The Young People's Puppet Theatre.
Tuesday 17th October 2017
Today, Miss Joomun had the pleasure of taking 6SJ swimming for the first time and she was amazed at what she saw! The children were all swimming so confidently in the big pool. What a difference from last year! Well done to Ismayil, who got a merit, for his excellent determination and resilience in the pool!
We can't wait to continue this learning after half term!
Thursday 12th October 2017

What a hair-raising day we had today in 6SJ!

The children had two jobs today: to create hair and feet for their puppet. A sea of coloured wool and strong, PVA glue was scattered around the chaotic classroom. Caitlin, our puppet expert, showed us a film on how to construct the puppet’s feet.

First, we warmed the clay with our hands to make it nice and smooth. Then, we shaped the clay into two balls and then into two sausages. It was important to make sure the sausage shapes were the same length – no one wants wonky, odd feet! After that, we got our sculpting tools and carved the edge of the feet (the sausage shapes) to resemble toes. Soon after, we inserted the triangular hook so the puppet strings could connect the puppet to the feet. When we finished, we rolled another small ball of clay and added it to the base of the feet to create two shoes. This supports the puppet when it walks. Finally, we used our sculpting tools to add detail to our shoes.

The next job was to create hair. Wool, sheep cotton and pan cleaners were on offer to use. We started off by wrapping the wool around our four fingers until we got the right amount. We then cut this from the spool. When we got back to our table, we applied a layer of glue to the back of the head. We started layering wool at the bottom of the ears and made our way towards the forehead. Some people, who were making robots, used pan cleaners to give it a robotic look.

Next week, we will be painting the puppet’s hands and feet, finishing the puppet’s hair and creating accessories for the puppet’s head. We can’t wait!

Watch this space for more information and don't forget to check out and for more information about The Young People's Puppet Theatre.

Written by the wonderful 6SJ!

Thursday 5th October 2017
We can't believe it's week 5 already and we were ready to tackle...acrylic paint! Yes, the kind of paint that doesn't wash out! This didn't worry us at all because we were armed with old t-shirts (thanks parents and carers!) and a big smile on our faces.
The children worked incredibly hard at mixing different colour skin tones for their puppet head. However, before the painting began, great thought had to be put into what each character would look like. Take a look at the pictures below to see can you guess which character is which.
The children were also faced with another task - to make the puppet hands! They used molds to help create the shape and tomorrow, they will even bake them in the oven for 15 minutes at 100 degrees!
How could this project possibly get any better? Well, because next week is HAIR week! Don't forget to keep an eye out at home for anything you could use!
Watch this space for more information and don't forget to check out and for more information about The Young People's Puppet Theatre.
Tuesday 3rd October 2017
What an exciting day we had in Year 6 today!
We were so lucky to have a special visit from The Raptor Foundation. Check out some of the children's accounts of the day!
Today, Year 6 were privileged to have The Raptor Foundation visit Shirley School. We learnt about hawks and owls. Hawks and owls are carnivores. Did you know that an owl can turn its head 270 degrees because their eyes are fixed to look directly to the front? Hawks however, can only turn their head 180 degrees. The best part of the day was when we got to hold an owl. Check out some of the pictures!
Arif, 6SJ
This afternoon we had The Raptor Foundation visit us in the new hall. We got to hold a White Faced Owl. Did you know that the White Faced Owl only weighed six ounces? Later on, we dissected owl pellets and I found a whole head of a mouse!
Aaron, 6SJ
Our class was lucky because The Raptor Foundation came into visit and we learnt lots of things about different types of owls. We even got to look in the bird's pellets to see if there were any bones.
Tilly, 6SJ
The Raptor Foundation came in and brought their animals. We found out some interesting facts such as: owls eat mice and insects. Did you know that The Raptor Foundation has two hundred birds of prey and only two meerkats?
Theresa, 6SJ
Year 6 had the privilege of having The Raptor Foundation in today. We looked at five different animals and we had the opportunity to hold one of the five owls. The owl has fourteen bones in its neck and it can move it head 270 degrees! 
Lyubov, 6SJ 
Friday 29th September 2017
Today we exceeded our class attendance target! We achieved 98.5%! This means our target for next week is 96%. We are nine steps away from our £20 reward. We thought about how we could spend the money. A class pet, a pjs and dvd afternoon, a class party, new books for the reading corner or donating the money to charity (Cancer Research and The Alzheimers Society).
How do you think we should spend the money? 
Thursday 28th September 2017
Today was the day we got to play with clay:)
What a fantastic session we had today with Caitlin. We followed our handwritten instructions carefully and were able to produce some true masterpieces! A special mention must go to Arif and Jonathan for their excellent cooperation skills demonstrated throughout the afternoon.
Check out the pictures of our afternoon of fun!
Watch this space for more information and don't forget to check out and for more information about The Young People's Puppet Theatre.
Tuesday 27th September 2017
It's that time of year again - The Year 6 English Parent Workshop! We would love to see you there so you can learn about ways to support your child during their last year of primary education.
*If you would like to book a place in our crèche, please return your signed slip as soon as possible!
Friday 22nd September 2017
It's been a jam packed week in Year 6. Not only have we been nominating our Year 6 House Captains (very exciting) we have been doing a whole lot of learning!
On Monday, we had our 2nd Puppet Project visit. During this session, we started to look at the settings our story would take place in. In 6LW we are telling the story of "My Sister's Feet" which is a traditional Chinese folk story and it takes place in a palace, a garden, the mountains and the Stone Forest (which is actually a real place!).
On Tuesday, we went swimming. Some of us went right into the deep end!
On Wednesday, 6LW looked at the poem "The Jabberwocky". This poem is unusual because it is full of nonsense words. We acted out the poem in pairs and shared with the rest of the class. Following on from this, we started to design our own nonsense creatures. We used drawing, pencils crayons and collage to create them in our English books.
Thursday was the day we were all waiting for! We heard the nominees manifestos for House Captain and voted for who we would like to represent our teams. 
Finally, today we have had our first look at an arithmetic SATS paper! We felt nervous, a bit excited and we enjoyed the challenge. There's still a long time to go but we need to be prepared!
It's been a busy week and we are all ready for a rest, but we have enjoyed ourselves. See you next week!
Thursday 21st September 2017
Today was round 3 of our puppet making workshop in Year 6! During this session, we had to think about different feeling words and how they might look on our faces. How do you think someone surprised would look? How do you think someone angry would look? Did you know that our eyebrows and our mouths are key to conveying these emotions?
Later on in the session, we focused in on the character which we would be designing. We had to imagine how they would look and what they might wear. Check out some of our sketches to see some of our excellent interpretations of the different characters in The Mechanical Gardener. We ended our lesson by looking at a video of how to create the head of a marionette puppet. This is actually going to happen next week in class! We can't wait!
Watch this space for more information and don't forget to check out and for more information about The Young People's Puppet Theatre.
Tuesday 19th September 2017

Yesterday in 6SJ, we learnt about our new IPC topic ‘Out of Africa.’ We explored the meaning of different words which would appear in our topic. For example, we learnt that fish are cold blooded. They also have gills, fins and they live in water. Another definition we learnt about was for an insect. Did you know an insect is a creature with six legs, no backbone and a segmented body? Another one of the definitions we learnt about was an invertebrate and this is a creature that has no backbone or spine. These include: insects, some organisms and squid. When we finished our research, we had to vote for two people from each group to present their work. Check out our dictionary display in 6SJ to learn more!

Friday 15th September 2017
6SJ got creative today and were challenged to draw a picture of Miss Joomun for the Shirley School website. We were blown away by the talent! Check out some of the pictures below and keep checking the school website to see which image was chosen by our panel of judges.
Thursday 14th September 2017
This afternoon was our second session of the puppet project! This session was all about looking at the different sets. What would each set look like? What items would you find there? Well that was our task! We focused on the six different sets in the script: Zoe's bedroom, Appleby Road, the garden, the hallway, the room in the old house and the workshop. Some of our sketches were so realistic. Check them out for yourselves! We can't wait to paint these backdrops for our class performance later this year.
Don't forget to visit and for more information about The Young People's Puppet Theatre.
Written by 6SJ
Tuesday 12th September 2017
What a jam-packed week we've had already!
We kick-started off our maths lessons this week by working with our talking partners on number and place value. We challenged our partners to create 6 digit numbers in our very first lesson! We then made sure we knew the value of each digit in our numbers by checking them in our place value grids. We ended our lesson by playing a game of place value dominoes!
We really enjoyed working with the children in our new maths class. Together, we will aim high and dream big!
Friday 8th September 2017
Welcome back!
This week has been our first week as Year 6s. We were all really eager to start our learning! We have all settled into our new class extremely well and we've had a very positive start to the year.
In maths, we were getting to know each other better as some of us haven't worked together in the subject before. We all have different skills to contribute and this year we are going to make sure that we support each other and are ready for the SATs next summer. 
In our English lessons we have been planning and writing a recount and we have done a lot of work on editing. Editing our work is important because we need to make sure it makes sense and we give ourselves the opportunity to check for mistakes. We have been reminding ourselves what synonyms are and how to use them appropriately. We worked really hard in our writing this week and Miss Walmsley was really impressed with the writing, even after a 6 week break!
Finally, we came up with 6 rules for our Class Charter. These are things that we feel, in 6LW, are important for everyone to be able to learn happily and safely. We have also been getting to know each other by playing games such as Hedgehogs and talking about how we feel safe in school.
6LW are feeling really positive about the year ahead.
Written by 6LW

Thursday 7th September 2017

Today was the very first day of the Year 6 Puppet Project! The Young People’s Puppet Theatre (YPPT) will be working with us this year. Over the course of the project, we will design and make our own complex marionette puppet, work with our classmates on set design and finally, take an individual role in rehearsals and the performance of the class story.

This afternoon, we had our first visit from Caitlin – the co-ordinator of the project. We were presented with the script for our puppet performance which is called, ‘The Mechanical Gardener’. This script was especially made for us and the writer of the story (Chris Mason) might even come to see our final performance!

There were many sets, scenes and characters within the story. In groups, we read through the script. Ismayil read the role of Tyler, Julius read the role of Omar and Ilianna read the key role of Zoe Hart. There were many different characters which would need to be created and we managed to choose them together. Many sacrifices were made to ensure every child had a different character to make.

We look forward to our next couple of sessions with Caitlin!

Written by 6SJ