Year 5 Remote Learning

Welcome to the Year 5 Remote Learning Page

Welcome to the Year 5 Remote learning page. On this page you will find:

o A weekly plan which includes daily learning tasks for English, Mathematics and other subject areas.
o Extra resources to support the learning tasks.
Please send in pictures of work or any activities the children have been doing at home to:
Blue Whales: 
Tree Kangaroos:
Feedback will be provided by a member of staff once a week. We look forward to seeing the work from your child.
 Weekly Remote Learning 
Please look through your remote learning timetable below. For any links that do not work when you click on them, please copy and paste the link into your search bar at the top of your internet window. 
Additional documents have been provided below to support you with some activities. 
For English today, please choose one of the planning styles below to help you map out the story you will write tomorrow. 
Science - Space
This half term we are learning all about SPACE! Each week we will work through the Oak Academy Science videos of the term and watch one of the videos below each week. You will then be tasked with working through the worksheet on the screen. Remember to send all of your work to your teacher so she can share this with the rest of your class in the live sessions. 
Lesson 1- Week Beginning 11/01/21
What are the solar and lunar eclipses?
Lesson 2 - Week Beginning 18/01/21
What is the solar system?
Lesson 3 - Week Beginning 25/01/21
How do planets in the solar system differ? 
Lesson 4 - Week Beginning 01/02/21
What are stars and star constellations?
Lesson 5 - Week Beginning 08/02/21
What is the Universe and what is it made from?
Lesson 6 - Week beginning 15/02/21
What do astronomers do?
*** Miss Beaman's Sciene Challenge! ***
Can you remember all of the planets in the solar system in order? Why not listen to the rap song below and see if you can rehearse all of the words and facts!
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You should have received an email with your login for Purple Mash - the new software we have been using to teach computing this year.  Click on the picture below to take you to the purple mash website. 
Maths Challenges
This half term we are learning about formal written methods for multiplication and fractions. You may find that you want to challenge yourself, so why not have a go at these additional tasks?
Remember to send all of your work to your teacher so that they can share your wonderful hard work with the rest of the class!
English Challenges
*** Mrs Choi's Writing Challenge***
Whilst in lockdown, I wonder if you can earn yourself a Blue Blue Peter Badge! The Blue Peter Badges have been awarded to children since 1963 and to win one of them you need to send a creative contribution to the Blue Peter show. This could be a letter, a song, a story, a diary entry or even some artwork!
Remember before you try this you need to ask your parent's permission! 
If you sound interested and want to find out more then follow the link and read the information below.
Other Challenges:
If you find that you have completed your writing and want to continue impressing your teacher, why not try some of the activities below. Remember to send them in to your class email!
- Listen to the story 'Beezer' and write a book review about it. Make sure you include information about the following: the characters, genre, plot, setting description and your opinion of the text. Try and use evidence to justify your thoughts. 
- Watch the video below 'Write a Murder Mystery with Robin Stevens' and create your own murder mystery. Think about what literary devices you might want to use to impact the reader and build character. 
- Watch the short video clip below ''Newspaper report about missing professor'. Use this to inspire you to write a newspaper article about the disappearance of the missing professor. 
Oak National Academy
If you would like some more activities for your child, we recommend the fantastic website 'Oak National Academy'. This website is supported by the Department for Education and is free to access right up until schools return.
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