Year 5 Blog

Friday 20th April
We have been looking at so many things over the past week. Our IPC topic is now 'The Great, the Bold and the Brave' - Ancient Greece and Rome. Building our own models of ancient buildings using junk art was definitely a highlight! Myths and Legends is the new topic for English; 'Theseus and the Minotaur' and 'Pandora's Box' are the main myths we have studied. In maths, we have been learning all about transformations of shapes through translation, rotation and reflection. This has been enjoyable and very practical.
It has been a great first week back to school!
Monday 26 March 2018
We have been busy working on our space topic recently, making visual timelines of space exploration,; posters about Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space; and designing our own orreries (models) of the solar system. And last week Mike visited us with his Planetarium! 
Tuesday, 13th March 2018
Over the past few weeks, in maths, Year 5 has been learning about fractions and decimals. Today we started linking fractions and decimals to percentages, finding equivalent amounts of whole units. 

Friday 19th January

Year 5 had great fun investigating gravity on Science Day!

We tested out the effects of gravity, by dropping objects from a height and recording which ones fell the fastest. We concluded that the heavier the object, the faster it falls! We also found that some objects fall differently, for example, flat paper travels from side to side, whereas scrunched-up paper falls straight down. We learned that this was because of the effects of air resistance.

Wow - what a fantastic final day at Shirley school! Thank you to the dedicated, supportive, wonderful staff who have supported me over the years; the resilient children who have brought me so much joy and all of the supportive parents.
We have spent a fantastic last day together, reading stories, colouring and chatting about our aspirations for the future.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Check out some of our final documentaries! We have spent a long time researching our wonderful world, writing non-chronological reports and using digital literacy: recording equipment and Movie Maker to become Mini Attenbouroughs!
The original clips were taken from Youtube videos: - rainforest - ocean


We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!



LO: To investigate the net of a cube

Today in maths, we used pentominoes to investigate nets of cubes. We estimated which nets would make incomplete cubes, then used squares of card and masking tape to complete an investigation. Check out our books to see our results tables.

We have had a blast in English lessons this week! Planning our play script has been such fun - we've been acting out, story boarding and orally rehearsing what we are going to write on Monday. These steps really help us visualize and understand the text type.
Our final top copies of our persuasive letters are tea-stained and ready to add to our displays. If anyone at home is in possession of a spare, small plastic bottle, we are aiming to collect 5 to add to our corridor display.


In maths today, we worked in pairs (one confident, one not so confident) to measure angles. Once we had measured the angles, we wrote them down with our name. After 10 minutes, we swapped tables to check our peer’s measuring. We found working with a mixture of people really helped with our learning.

Christmas has arrived early in 5LF! Today we turned our Christmas lights on and opened a delightful box of treats from the Book People! Thank you Team Shirley, we can't wait to get our noses stuck into these new books!
Luke Temple returned today to sign our books! There is a real buzz of excitement around the school. He even took a whole class photo with us! We can't wait to get reading the Felix Dashwood series and sink our teeth into some reading! 5LF love to read for pleasure!
This week it is anti-bullying week across the country. We have spent time discussing the difference between what our school defines as bullying and not bullying behaviours.

At Shirley School, bullying behavior is:


  • Bullying behaviour deliberately causes hurt (either physically or
  • Bullying behaviour is repetitive (though one off incidents such as the
    posting of an image, or the sending of a text  that is then forwarded to a
    group, can quickly become repetitive and spiral into bullying behaviour)
  • Bullying behaviour involves an imbalance of power (the person on the
    receiving end feels like they can’t defend themselves)

Bullying behaviours are not:


  • Teasing between friends without intention to cause hurt
  • Falling out between friends after a quarrel or
  • Behaviour that all parties have consented to and enjoy
    (though watch this one as coercion can be very subtle).

We have spent time discussing the 4 types of bullying: verbal, physical, social and cyber. In class, we created leaflets to help advise people about the different types of bullying behaviours. We will keep these leaflets in class so that we can refer to them throughout the year.


Thank you to all children and parents for the amazing effort with spotty costumes today; the children look fabulous! The money raised for Children in Need will be calculated and we will let you know our total in the near future.
Wow - what a fun filled morning we have had today! In order to get ready to write our persuasive letters, we got into the mind of Cliff, our main character. We thought about his emotions by generating emotive adjectives; discussed what he could have said; and talked about what he could have been thinking.
In maths, we generated fraction walls. This activity helped us to solidify our knowledge that fractions represent part of a whole. We will be using these resources in our learning this week when we investigate equivalent fractions.
This afternoon, we will continue to work on our anti-bullying posters - these will be uploaded to the blog by the end of the week!
5LF have now had the top attendance cup for 3 weeks in a row! This is positively impacting on our learning - keep it up!
What a fantastic end to our first term in year 5! Thank you to the 26 family members who attended our English parent workshop this morning - we hope you found it useful. If you were unable to attend, the resources are saved on our curriculum page.
5LF have completed our non-chronological reports about our Seawigs - a copy will be sent home today - we hope you are as impressed as we are!
Have a safe and fun half term break - we look forward to seeing you again at 8:55 on Monday 30th October!
This afternoon we painted our seeds, ready for our plant display!
It's only Monday but we've already done so much learning! In maths, we learned how to round and generated our own SC with actions; in English we wrote our treasures paragraph; and in topic, we generated seeds for our display. Check out the photos below:
Yesterday afternoon, we ventured into the school's nature area to collect seeds. When we had found a seed each, we hid them in the woods like squirrels do. Back in the classroom, we designed a seed and explained how it could be dispersed (wind, fire, water, animal etc.) At the end of the lesson, we went back into the nature area to see if we could find our hidden seeds. Like squirrels, only half of us recovered our original seeds!
In science this afternoon, we learnt about the different ways seeds are scattered (dispersed). Seeds are dispersed in a variety of ways - via wind, animal, water, self-dispersal (explosion) and even by fire!
We learned about the different features seeds have and used this new knowledge to decide how to sort seeds.

Today we put the knowledge we gained in yesterday’s science lesson into action. By carefully peeling off each petal, we revealed the anther and filaments of the plant (the stamen – male reproductive parts of a plant). Using scissors, we cut open the ovary to reveal the ovum (the carpel – female reproductive parts of a plant). We then labelled each part.

This afternoon, in French, we created our family trees with all of the new French vocabulary we have been learning. Check them out in our pictures below.
Despite the fact that it is only Tuesday, we have had a jam-packed few days of learning! On Monday, we designed our own Seawig. To help us do this, we rowed in Mrs Hazle's inflatable dinghy in front of a moving ocean backdrop. This afternoon, we were given the opportunity to craft our Seawig out of clay. These models will help us get ready for tomorrow's English lesson in which we will begin to plan non-chronological reports.
In maths, we have been investigating composite and prime numbers as well as sorting multiples into Venn diagrams. On top of all of this great learning, we have edited work in pairs and even squeezed in a swimming lesson.

On Friday afternoon, we did an experiment to see which biscuit was the most resilient. We did this to see if we were more inspired by the resilience of a Rich Tea biscuit or a Hobnob biscuit. In general, we predicted that the Hobnob biscuit would be the most resilient because it was thicker, contained more iron and was more sturdy.


We conducted our experiment by counting the number of times we could dunk each biscuit before some of it plopped off into the boiling water.

Our results were varied, so we calculated the mean number of dunks for each biscuit.

Surprisingly, the Rich Tea biscuit was the most resilient. We aim to be like the Rich Tea biscuit, resilient in our learning and never giving up!


This week we have continued to build our relationships through daily PSHE lessons. In English, we have been getting to know Oliver, a character from Oliver and the Seawigs, through hot seating. By getting to know Oliver we were able to write our first draft of a diary entry from his perspective. We were resilient and wrote for a whole 40 minutes!


In French we learned how to say 'ca va' and answer in partners. We learned about homophones, and homonyms in spelling and in maths we recapped how to use the < > and = symbols to order numbers. On Friday morning we had a carousel of arithmetic activities to help us learn our times tables.


We have had our IPC entry point and knowledge harvest this week which have focused on our planet. In guided reading we have started to read our new texts and are looking forward to reading at home and at school. It has been such a great week of learning! 

This week we have been focusing on getting to know each other and building relationships as a class. We have created front covers for our new PSHE books and have written poems inspired by Roger McGough's The Writer of this poem.