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Great start to this week in our C2 bubble. We have been learning about other different languages and Shurti had translated all our names in Bengali. Year 4 were also delighted to visit the school garden again to plant strawberries and some beautiful flower plants. In maths this week, they have been practising and working out number facts to multiplication. 
Tuesday 30th June 2020
Land, Sea and Sky
Check out this fantastic presentation made by Julia. Can you have a go at some of the activities she has created? It was inspired by the Oak Academy learning - why don't you have a go at one yourself?
Also, Elena created a lovely picture for Miss Beaman. I love the shading!
Monday 22nd June 2020
Hello from  Mrs Walmsley
Good morning Year 4, Mrs Walmsley here. As you may be aware, I've taken over from Miss Beaman managing the Year 4 Home Learning. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you've been up to and having a look at the work you're doing at home over the next few weeks.
Sorry, I haven't had a chance to add a video yet - I was just looking at the super videos Miss Beaman has been posting and I'm so impressed with all the work you've been doing. I've asked Miss Beaman to show me how to make such a snazzy video so watch this space!
Have a great week and do let me know if you have any comments or questions about the work you've been set. Take care!!
This week in our C2 bubble, year 4 have really enjoyed learning how to weave. They have used different colours of wool and made some amazing patterns!
Week Beginning: Monday 22nd June 2020.
Wishing you a great week of learning and fun in the sunshine!
We started the week by looking for colours in nature. Some of us tried to include similes too.
In our Year 4 bubble this week we tried our hand at bread making. Each of us kneaded our own dough and made our own mini loaves. There were some impressive designs! We also tried some STEM challenges, one of which was building a structure, using only newspaper and tape, that could hold a classroom book.  
Well done on your Home Learning Year 4!
We cannot wait to see and hear about your news and learning this week.
Best wishes,
Miss Beaman and Ms Chapman
Julia's cheeky alien stole all the cheese scones!
Prisha has used inverted commas to write eyewitness quotes for her alien drama.
Roman Numeral Reasoning!
Today, we explored the school's forest area. The children pond dipped with their nets, collected wild flowers and leaves for sketches, and climbed trees. A lot of fun was had!  
In Maths, we have been counting and converting Roman Numerals.
Alien Newspaper Reports.
We have been using the 5Ws to write an opening paragraph for a newspaper article about our aliens.
Well done Prisha! This story contains a range of creative, compound words and has been beautifully presented.
Hello Year 4,
I hope you have had a lovely week and have found ways to stay entertained, despite the rain.
This week, there are more opportunities to get active and creative with the Home Learning, so get thinking, keep smiling and remember to wear your glasses if you're supposed to!
Best wishes,
Miss Beaman 
3D shape sort
We have been using Carroll Diagrams to sort some 3d shapes.
Super Spellings!
Well done Archie and Ewan, you have worked so hard on these.
A huge congratulations to Himaksh who has won the KS2 Poetry Competition!! Have a listen to Himaksh's brilliant Summer poem below. 
In English, we have been creating compound words and using frequency adverbs, or 'generalisers' to describe our aliens.
In Maths, we have been investigating the properties of 3d shapes.
Feeling in need of a holiday? 
Check out Julia's virtual tour of Turkey!
In Maths, we have been investigating symmetry, while in English, we have created our own aliens as part of our new unit of learning.
Check out our symmetrical art work and aliens!
Fantastic Fruit!
Check out Prisha's fabulous fruit art-it almost looks too delicious to eat!
Welcome back!
We hope you had a lovely Half Term.
Whilst you may be aware of many changes that may make you feel unsettled, rest assured, some things stay the same. In particular, Miss Beaman is still wearing her glasses (for those of you who should be wearing yours!) and she still needs your enthusiasm and support to keep running! Meanwhile, Miss Ullmann is continuing to lose at Monopoly. In fact, the last game she played was over in less than 40 minutes! 
Wishing you all a positive start to the new term.
Best wishes,
The Year 4 team.
Co-ordinate conundrums! 
We have been using our reasoning and explanation skills to solve co-ordinate and translation problems.
Persuasive writing!
Are you regularly using plastic items? Do you fear you may be using plastic too much?
Check out Year 4's writing. Will they persuade you?
Himaksh has made a video where he explains the dangers of plastic pollution in our oceans, by using his drawings to show us the journey that a plastic bottle can take. 
David has been working hard to identify objects and draw images onto co-ordinate grids.
Learning this can be difficult and a little bit dull.
Try using chalk, felt tip pens or images to help remember the letter order.
Challenge 2 was.....a helicopter!
This was quite tricky, but it was great to see some of you try it more than once, to ensure you got it right.
It seems that we have quite a few Plastic Pirates in Year 4 but at least these ones recycle! :)
Crazy Coordinates!
Joana, Orrin and Shruti have been busy in school finding coordinates for different locations on a treasure map, including Skull Rock!
Junk modelling 
Jemima and Lilley have been creative at school this week and decided to create some tube buddies out of junk modelling
Julia was put in charge of cooking, over Half Term.
Her Chicken Xacuti and Hungarian biscuits look delicious!
Look at what Shruti got up to over half term
During half term, Reese wrote a beautiful poem for the  competition. Have you written yours yet? The deadline isn't until the 8th June so you've sill got time! You can find more information below.

Friday 22nd May 2020


Competition alert!!!


Thank you for your entries into the Summertime poetry competition. Mrs Morris will be announcing the winners soon.


We now have another amazing competition for you run by Ms Burles!

The theme is outdoor writing, and you can check out the poster below for some ideas.

The deadline is the 8th June so you have some time during half term and also the week after to put your entries together.

Best of all, the winner picked for Year 3/4 will win an outdoor activity book!

You can send your finished entries to your class teacher.

18th-22nd May
Messages from Miss Beaman and Miss Ullmann.
(Miss Beaman isn't wearing her glasses this time, as they steam up when she is jogging!)
At times, life in lock down, can cause us to feel some negative emotions such as anxiety, boredom, loneliness and sadness.
What can make you feel more positive again?
Health Week is not just about eating healthily; keeping our mind healthy and happy is important too.
If you do anything this week that makes your mind happy, let your teacher know and we can feature it here.
You could try:
-going outside for a walk or bike ride
-taking videos/photos of nature (e/g: plants, animals, sounds)
-creating some art work
-finding a quiet spot to read
-playing a game with your family
-creating, dancing, singing or listening to some music
Traditional Tales- What would you wish for?
Prisha created a delicious, healthy meal.
Mrs Chapman has also been cooking some tasty, healthy meals with the help of Nigella :)
Reese has been keeping super active in his swimming pool!
Sometimes, using different colours can help us to remember the letter order in longer words.
Year 4 Maths - Money, Money, Money!
Year 4 Extra activities 
We have been designing our main character for our traditional story. We hope you enjoy our designs so far...
In Maths, we have been telling the time and solving time problems.
Meanwhile, in English, we have been using Fronted Adverbials, to practise writing ideas for our traditional stories. Adverbials give more detail to our sentences.
Nature Watch
This Spring, Saskia has been keeping a close eye on a pair of collared doves, who have been living in her garden. Read her story below.
What wildlife have you spotted? Try taking a photo, making a sketch or writing about your discovery.
Tuesday 12th May 2020
This week in Maths, we are telling the time, whilst in English, we are looking at traditional tales, in particular, the 'Tale of the fishes.'
The photos show examples of our learning.
A message from Miss Beaman and Miss Ullmann.
Thursday, 7th May 2020
This week in Maths, we are working through multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 and we have also been converting different units of measure. In English, we have written our own Ambitions poems. We have received some beautiful poetry and it's clear that we have some real poets in Y4! We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have. Also, have a listen to these videos, where are Year 4s have recreated readings of some well known poems. Michael Rosen would be proud of these and not to mention our very own Gangster Granny!
Year 4 English home learning 
Year 4 Maths home learning this week 
Year 4 Family Menu Learning and extra activities this week 
Greetings from Miss Beaman and Miss Ullmann!
Tuesday 28th April 2020
This week, we have started to compile our research in English, into an information text about Ancient Egypt.
In Maths, we are identifying equivalent fractions and converting fractions to decimals.
Some of us have tried some Ancient Egyptian cooking and crafts-check out our photos below.
Year 4 Maths Home Learning 
Year 4 English Home Learning 
Looking for a new hobby? 
Himaksh has been busy learning origami using the TeachVil Origami app on Google Play. Have a look at his fantastic creations below. As well as apps on your phone, why not look at these origami websites for kids. 
Friday 24th April 2020
Well done Year 4 for getting back into the Home Learning routine.
This week, we have been interpreting bar and line graphs in Maths and researching the Ancient Egyptians in English.
Tuesday 21st April 2020 
Welcome back Year 4! We hope you had a lovely Easter break. We have missed you all but it has been so lovely hearing from you over the last 2 days. We couldn't wait until Friday to post some photos of your amazing home learning, especially your Family Menu activities. Keep the photos coming in :)
Year 4 Family Menu
Have a look at all the extra activities our Year 4s have been doing this week. 
Year 4 Maths Home Learning 
Year 4 English Home Learning 
Wednesday 1st April 2020 
Another great week of home learning Year 4! In Maths, we have been looking at our written methods for subtraction and multiplication. In English, you have been planning your own adventure stories and we will be adding some of your pieces of writing onto the blog as soon as they come in. In Topic, we have been finishing our Electricity topic and we are about to start researching our brand new topic of Temples, Tombs and Treasures. 
Have a look at some of the fantastic home learning that has been coming in this week including a fantastic Electricity and Ancient Egypt PowerPoint presentation!
Year 4s Hero and Villain Adventure Stories!
Year 4s Home Learning week beginning Monday 30th March 2020 
Monday 22nd June 2020
Land, Sea and Sky
Check out this great presentation from Julia. She's had a look at the Oak Learning and used it to create an interactive PowerPoint. Can you have a go at some of the activities she has set?
Friday 27th March 2020
Year 4 have made a really impressive start to learning from home. It is great to see so many different approaches to the learning- using ICT equipment, printing out the sheets or writing our ideas down on paper.
This week, we have been investigating the properties of 2d shapes in Maths, whilst describing heroes and villains in English and exploring electrical safety in the home as part of our Science topic.
Wednesday 18th March 2020
Year 4 have overcome the disappointment of our production being postponed and today have begun to practice our times tables on Times Table Rockstars. We are looking forward to challenging each other over the next few weeks!
We also created some lightning watercolour artwork, as part of our topic, Electricity.
Singing our production songs at the end of the day, it's safe to say our disappointment didn't last long! :)
Wednesday 11th March 2020
We've finally cracked it! Today we have been adding and subtracting fractions and moving on to more challenging fraction problems.
In English, we have begun to research facts for our non-fiction information booklet about staying safe in an Earthquake.
Finally, we are preparing for our Year 3 and 4 production, look out for more information soon...
Thursday 5th of March 2020
Today is World Book day and we've been writing a story called Rumpelstiltskin. We also shared some stories to the whole entire school about Rumpelstiltskin. We also watched a film version of Rumpelstiltskin and we re-ordered the story.
Thursday 27th February 2020
Year 4 have returned to a new topic; Electricity!
Today, we have been investigating how to create a simple electric circuit.
In English, we have been reading and exploring suspense stories, whilst, in Maths, we have been improving our time reading skills.
Thursday 13th February 2020
During 'Safety Week', we have considered ways to stay safe when online and have discussed the reasons behind the age restrictions of many social media sites.
We have also looked at how to remain safe with our friends.
Today, we acted out a range of scripts and discussed how to safely resolve friendship problems, including bullying, following instructions and thinking about dangers outside of school.
Monday 3rd February 2020
We have started our week with a Science investigation.
Focusing on two key questions, we have begun to investigate what affects the rate of a solid becoming a liquid and made predictions about how different liquids will freeze.
From this investigation, we are now learning these key words:
solid, liquid, gas, solidify, condensation, observation.
Friday 31st January 2020
Write Haiku poems
counting all the syllables
about volcanoes.
Swimming is so fun
Many levels to achieve
Learning the 'star' float.
Thursday 23rd January 2020
This week we Year 4 have been enjoying getting active with our learning.
In English, we sorted out the features we would need to include in our recount writing, before taking it in turns to sit in the 'Hot Seat', answering questions about surviving a bushfire.
Meanwhile, in Maths, we used metre wheels to measure the perimeter of the playground.
Finally, we put our Growth Mindset skills to work in PSHE. We tested our resilience levels through repeatedly adapting a drawing. We noticed that through supporting each other, we can be more resilient. We decided that, 'we do things great when we collaborate.'
Tuesday 14th January 2020
After a busy morning swimming at Parkside Pool, this afternoon, we began to investigate the impact of volcano TAAL's eruption in the Philippines; in English, we identified the language features of a recount which detailed a person's escape from an erupting volcano.
Meanwhile, in Maths, we explored new and fun ways to practice our times tables. Check out our Maths display!
Thursday 9th January 2019
Year 4 have been enjoying participating in interactive Maths lessons around 'Measure'.
We have investigated links between the circumference of our head and the lengths of our arms, legs and feet. We will be continuing to explore measure in Maths through weight and capacity.
In English, we have been honing our formal language techniques through hosting debates with our peers.
We have also begun our new topic; Active Planet. So far we have redesigned our school building to become an emergency shelter during an earthquake!
Wednesday 11th December 2019
Today, Year 4 enjoyed taking part in Religious Education, outside the classroom, by visiting St. Geroge's Church to follow 'The Christmas Trail'.
First, we enjoyed listening to the Christmas story and sharing our favourite moments.
Then, we participated in a range of activities such as creating Christmas characters from modelling clay and decorating images from the Christmas story.
This week, we have been writing our own Christmas/ Winter themed narratives in English and plotting co-ordinates in Maths.
Finally, as part of our IPC topic, Chocolate, we have been investigating the impact of sugar on our teeth. 
Thursday 5th December 2019
We have just returned from a fabulous morning at the Pantomime! We thoroughly enjoyed watching and participating in Cinderella at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.
Over the last few days, we have been researching the origins and features of pantomimes in preparation for our trip.
After the performance, we took part in a class discussion about our favourite characters, scenes and jokes.