Year 4 Blogs

Friday 20th October 2017 
This week, Year 4 have completed their newspaper reports! In Maths, we have been subtracting on a number line and some of us are moving on to column subtraction. In IPC, we completed a story board to show the process of chocolate production. 
Happy half term everyone! See you all on Monday 30th October. 
Friday 13th October 2017 
This week in English, Year 4 have been planning their newspaper reports all about Charlie finding the golden ticket! In Maths, we have been finding the inverse and we started to add numbers on a number line. In IPC, we have been ordering the different stages of chocolate production. 
We are looking forward to the house matches next week!!
Friday 6th October 2017 
This week,Year 4 have conducted a science experiment to see whether the type of chocolate affects the speed in which it melts. We found that the white chocolate was the quickest to melt but the caramel, fruit and nut and dark chocolate took much longer. Check out our photos below!
In Maths, we have been learning mental strategies to solve simple addition and subtraction calculations. 
So many children in Year 4 received Token Economy jobs this week to receive extra tokens. Let's hope we get just as many next week so don't forget to apply! :)
Friday 29th September 2017 
This week, Year 4 have been rounding numbers in Maths to the nearest 10 and 100. 
In English, we have been writing our own narrative openings describing a character entering a factory. In IPC, we have been studying the stages of chocolate production; harvesting, exporting and manufacturing. In PE we are learning to performing different jumps in gymnastics and we are practicing our chest and bounce passes in Netball. 
Friday 22nd September 2017 
This week in Year 4, we started off the week taking part in a Roald Dahl drama workshop all about Fantastic Mr Fox! We got to act out scenes from the book and we also recited some poetry. 
In Maths, we have been ordering and estimating the positioning of numbers on a number line and in English we have been story mapping a piece of text all about Charlie Bucket entering the chocolate factory. Today we started orally rehearsing the story, ready to edit next week to create our very own factory descriptions.
In IPC, we have been testing our atlas skills by locating the various producers and manufacturers of chocolate on a world map. 
Photos will be up shortly...
Friday 15th September 2017 
This week, Year 4 took part in their Chocolate entry point, where we had to create our own chocolate investigations based around our 5 senses. We have also been busy in Maths comparing and ordering numbers and in English we have been revising our nouns, verbs and adjectives and we have written setting descriptions with this knowledge. Here are a couple of photos from our chocolate entry point, more to follow...
Friday 8th September 2017
Welcome to year 4! We have had a great start to our year this week. We have been creating our own class charters, we have also written a recount about our summer holidays, solved maths problems and some of us have presented our holiday homework with the class, which is all about out new topic...CHOCOLATE! We're looking forward to our chocolate entry point next week!