Year 3 Blogs

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The Start of our Year 3 Adventure!
Year 3 have had a fantastic first week back at school. We have been doing lots of fun, exciting activities. We have played lots of circle games and got to know the new people in our classes.
This week we sketched the sunflowers in the playground to show how much they have grown over the summer. They are now bigger than the children at Shirley School! When we had finished we had lots of beautiful sketches of our colourful, tall sunflowers for our new display.
As well as the sunflowers, we also got creative designing our own bookmarks for our new reading books. We each have our own bookmark with our very own name on it! It was really fun and now we can keep track of where we are in our amazing reading books. 
In Year 3 we have been practicing our handwriting so that we can make our pebble pet diary entries really neat! Our pebble diaries are about the adventures we went on with our pebble pets over the summer holidays. We are really excited about improving our joined up handwriting in Year 3.
Class Book Update: Our class book this term is the BFG. So far, the BFG has snatched Sophie away from her bed and taken her to Giant Country. Giant Country is a place where all of the giants live - and except for the BFG, they all eat humans!
11th September 2019
The Great Debate!
Today in Year 3 we were debating whether or not humans should be allowed in the rainforest. 
We worked in small groups to come up with reasons to support our views and then went outside to debate as a class.
Some of us believe that humans should not be allowed in the rainforest because:
  • They might shoot or capture the animals that live in the big, green rainforest.
  • Humans cut down trees for build hotels which means animals lose their habitats.
  • Humans disturb the plants by digging for gold.
Some of us believe that humans should be allowed in the rainforest because:
  • Humans study the wildlife so that we know how to care for the animals.
  • They can use the plants to make medicines to cure illnesses.
  • Some humans visit the rainforest to help the local people.
What do you think? Should humans be allowed in the rainforest?
13th September 2019
Our Rainforest!
In Year 3 we have been building our very own rainforest in the corridor! We have made sloths, butterflies, monkeys, jaguars, pythons and tree frogs to go on the walls and we also have lovely green vines hanging from the ceiling! The corridor is filled with different kinds of leaves that we painted and decorated with tissue paper.  We love our rainforest topic so far!
Next week we will be making the layers of the rainforest out of shoeboxes - check here for photos!
Class Book Update: The BFG has introduce Sophie to the amazing Dream Countries where he hunts for his dreams! Unfortunately the have caught a nightmare...
18th September 2019
Maths Wizards!
This week in maths we have been working on our reasoning skills. We have been using phrases like "I know this because..." to help us explain our thinking and problem solving. One lesson we worked in teams and had a competition to see who could solve a reasoning problem most effectively (spoiler: we all solved it!). 
You might think this sounds easy but it's more challenging than you think! For example, if I ask you "2+2=?" you would probably answer "4", but if I ask you to explain how you got to that answer, what would YOU say? "I know 2+2 is 4 because..."