Year 3 Blogs

Hello year 3. Here is a short message from Miss Wyatt and Goldie! Please check the blog for pictures of your fantastic work!

Friday 22nd May 2020


Competition alert!!!


Thank you for your entries into the Summertime poetry competition. Mrs Morris will be announcing the winners soon.


We now have another amazing competition for you run by Ms Burles!

The theme is outdoor writing, and you can check out the poster below for some ideas.

The deadline is the 8th June so you have some time during half term and also the week after to put your entries together.

Best of all, the winner picked for Year 3/4 will win an outdoor activity book!

You can send your finished entries to your class teacher.

The Start of our Year 3 Adventure!
Year 3 have had a fantastic first week back at school. We have been doing lots of fun, exciting activities. We have played lots of circle games and got to know the new people in our classes.
This week we sketched the sunflowers in the playground to show how much they have grown over the summer. They are now bigger than the children at Shirley School! When we had finished we had lots of beautiful sketches of our colourful, tall sunflowers for our new display.
As well as the sunflowers, we also got creative designing our own bookmarks for our new reading books. We each have our own bookmark with our very own name on it! It was really fun and now we can keep track of where we are in our amazing reading books. 
In Year 3 we have been practicing our handwriting so that we can make our pebble pet diary entries really neat! Our pebble diaries are about the adventures we went on with our pebble pets over the summer holidays. We are really excited about improving our joined up handwriting in Year 3.
Class Book Update: Our class book this term is the BFG. So far, the BFG has snatched Sophie away from her bed and taken her to Giant Country. Giant Country is a place where all of the giants live - and except for the BFG, they all eat humans!
11th September 2019
The Great Debate!
Today in Year 3 we were debating whether or not humans should be allowed in the rainforest. 
We worked in small groups to come up with reasons to support our views and then went outside to debate as a class.
Some of us believe that humans should not be allowed in the rainforest because:
  • They might shoot or capture the animals that live in the big, green rainforest.
  • Humans cut down trees for build hotels which means animals lose their habitats.
  • Humans disturb the plants by digging for gold.
Some of us believe that humans should be allowed in the rainforest because:
  • Humans study the wildlife so that we know how to care for the animals.
  • They can use the plants to make medicines to cure illnesses.
  • Some humans visit the rainforest to help the local people.
What do you think? Should humans be allowed in the rainforest?
13th September 2019
Our Rainforest!
In Year 3 we have been building our very own rainforest in the corridor! We have made sloths, butterflies, monkeys, jaguars, pythons and tree frogs to go on the walls and we also have lovely green vines hanging from the ceiling! The corridor is filled with different kinds of leaves that we painted and decorated with tissue paper.  We love our rainforest topic so far!
Next week we will be making the layers of the rainforest out of shoeboxes - check here for photos!
Class Book Update: The BFG has introduce Sophie to the amazing Dream Countries where he hunts for his dreams! Unfortunately the have caught a nightmare...
18th September 2019
Maths Wizards!
This week in maths we have been working on our reasoning skills. We have been using phrases like "I know this because..." to help us explain our thinking and problem solving. One lesson we worked in teams and had a competition to see who could solve a reasoning problem most effectively (spoiler: we all solved it!). 
You might think this sounds easy but it's more challenging than you think! For example, if I ask you "2+2=?" you would probably answer "4", but if I ask you to explain how you got to that answer, what would YOU say? "I know 2+2 is 4 because..."
20th September 2019
Getting Crafty!
This week in Year 3 we have been painting our shoe boxes ready to build the layers of the rainforest! So far we have painted the shoe boxes green to create the four different layers of the rainforest: the emergent layer, the canopy layer, the  understory and the forest floor. Next week we will be adding the plants and animals!
Check the blog again next week to discover which plants and animals live in each layer!
27th September 2019
Our Favourite Books!
We have been doing a lot of reading so far in Year 3 and we are loving our new reading journals. We've decided that we would really like to share some of our favourite books for you!
The BFG: "My favourite book is called the BFG. It is about a little girl called Sophie who goes on an exciting adventure with a Big Friendly Giant!"
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: "My favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My favourite book from the series is the one about the things that give you a cabin fever."
Mr Gum and the power crystals: "My favourite book is called Mr Gum and the power crystals. It's about a girl who has a good side and a bad side and she's trying to keep the power crystals away from Mr Gum. Mr Gum is trying to fulfill Nicole's dream of destroying the valley with the windmill."
The Dark Dark Night: "My favourite book is the Dark Dark Night because it is a bit funny. It's all about a rat that looks for dark dark fog."
Town Dog: "My favourite book is Town Dog and it's about a little old lady that had a dog called Lo-Lo. One day the old lady had to go to hospital and the dog had to go and stay with another family."
Tom Gates: "My favourite books are the Tom Gates books. It is about his fictional life. Someone called Marcus is on the opposite side of him. It's not easy to get around with her next to him."
The Owl who was afraid of the Dark: "My favourite book is The Owl who was afraid of the Dark. It is about an owl that tumbles out of it's tree to talk to other people about the dark."
Rashford: "I like this book because it tells you all about Rashford's life and his goals."
Good night stories for rebel girls: "This book is good because it tells you lots of facts about the women who changed the world."
Funny Stories for 7-year-olds: "This is my favourite book. It is a book full of funny stories about funny things."
The Secret Rescue: "This is my favourite book because it was about some baby unicorns that were captured. Three girls went to go and save them but there was a dragon there!"
The Secret of the Three Mermaids: "This book is about 3 mermaids that were keeping a secret that they were mermaids."
Jack and the Beanstalk: "This is my favourite book because it is about Jack climbing up a beanstalk and then he hides from a giant and steals stuff."
Fitz and Will: "This book is about two cats that live in Cambridge and really want presents so they go on a Christmas advenure."
Ronaldo: "This is my favourite book because it tells you all about Ronaldo's life."
30th September 2019
Our rainforest!
We have finished the layers of the rainforest! Look at the photo below and try to match each shoe box to the correct layer of the rainforest!
Emergent layer: This is the highest layer of the rainforest. Trees in this layer can grow up to 60m tall! This layer is exposed to a lot of sunlight and is home to birds, monkeys, bats and butterflies.
Canopy layer: This is the second highest layer of the rainforest. This layer gets plenty of sunlight but also plenty of rain. Snakes, toucans and tree frogs live in this layer.
Understory: This layer doesn't get much sunlight and the tree rarely grow more than 4m tall. Many insects live in this layer of the rainforest.
Forest floor: Almost no sunlight reaches this layer and therefore, not many plants grow.  Animals such as gorillas, anteaters, leopards and tigers live here. 
2nd October 2019
Outdoor Maths!
Today we went outside to refresh our knowledge of multiplication and division. We were looking at  the different ways we can express these operations.
For example;
Multiplication: '3 times 3', '3 multiplied by 3', '3 groups of 3', '3 lots of 3'
Division: '9 divided by 3', '9 shared into 3', '9 split into 3', '9 shared by 3'
We worked as a class to sort our classmates into different groups based on the operation/instruction we were given.
3rd October 2019
Making Music
We are extremely lucky in Year 3 this term to have Mrs Barlow come in to school for our music lessons. They are always so much fun and really engaging so we decided to tell you a bit about them.
So far in our music lessons we have been looking at the difference between the beat/pulse and rhythm. We have even been using nursery rhymes to help us! We have also been looking at music notation and have learnt to read some musical symbols to allow us to clap a beat. 
3AS' Feedback: 
"I like going to music lessons because we get to sing and learn different songs even if we haven't heard them before."
"It's so much fun!"
"I like music because we get to play instruments."
"I like our music lessons because they help us when we are unsure when we are singing."
3AS would also really like to thank Mrs Barlow and Miss Ullmann for all of their work in choir - 12 students (almost a third of our class) are attending choir this year! What an achievement!
3rd October 2019
Space Race!
In our class we have an amazing space display! The display has different planets on it and we each have our very own alien. Each time we read at home we need to record it in our reading record in order to see if our alien can move to the next planet. The first planet we are aiming to reach is Mercury. To get our aliens to Mercury we need to have read 20 times at home! So far, nobody has made the journey, we wonder who will be first... (Some of us are very close!)
9th October 2019
We're flying through space!
In 3AS three aliens are moving through space. They have read 20 times at home and have zoomed to the first planet - Mercury! Remember to keep reading at home and recording it in your reading records so that we can get more aliens in our space race to the sun!
Book Update: The BFG has explained to Sophie that the giants in Giant's Country are eating little children! Sophie is very upset and has decided that they need to do something about it. The BFG and Sophie have worked together to create a dream for the Queen of England to let her know what is happening in the hopes she can put a stop to it once and for all!
11th October 2019
Year 3 PE
In Year 3 in our outdoor PE lessons we have been learning how to play netball. In netball we aren't allowed to move with the ball so you have to use different kinds of passes to get the ball from one end of the court to another. The passes we have been looking at are chest passes, shoulder passes and bounce passes. We have learned that when you do a chest pass in netball you have to make a 'W' shape with your hands. During PE we have also learned how to do a shoulder pass. A shoulder pass only works if the person catching the ball is very far away. A shoulder pass is different to a chest pass because you don't hold the ball to your chest. We have also been practicing our bounce passes. 
In Year 3 in our indoor PE lessons we have learning a tribal dance. We are looking at tribal dancing because it links in to our current topic 'Saving the World' where we have been looking at rainforests and rainforest tribes. During our PE lessons we were split into small groups and each week a few students were nominated to become 'teachers' and teach the tribal dance to their groups. We have been practicing really hard and are hoping to perform it 3AS' class assembly.
18th October 2019
Our Displays!
In Year 3 we are really enjoying the new interactive maths display. We love the interactive challenges and the competition!
Our rainforest shoeboxes are now on display in the Year 3 corridor and new hall. They look wonderful - so many colours and materials! We are really proud of how our work turned out and really pleased to have it on display.
We are also really enjoying our reading space race display! Lots of us are racing through space now - some of us have even made it to Venus!
30th October 2019
Paleontologist Day
Today we became paleontologists for the day. We went out into the playground and were each given a mysterious box and told that there was something exciting hidden inside! We had to use tools to uncover the hidden objects which turned out to be dinosaur fossils! Once we had managed to unearth the fossils we went back inside to study the fossils to try and determine which dinosaurs they could be! 
31st October 2019
Diwali is the five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus across the world. Diwali is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. This year the festival started on the 27th October. In Year 3 this week we have been learning about the festival of Diwali and making our own lanterns in celebration. 
31st October 2019
Today in Year 3 we got into the Halloween spirit by writing Halloween inspired acrostic poems. We have been looking at acrostic poems in English and decided to use our new skills to write our very own Halloween poems.
Halloween is fun
Always eat candy
Lovely Halloween
Lots of lovely sweets
Only scary people get treats
We can eat chocolate
Everybody has fun
Even adults join in
Nobody is left without candy
Happy Halloween!
5th November 2019
Our Dinosaur Discovery!
This morning, after practicing our maths targets, we received a letter from the Natural History Museum telling us that they had discovered that a dinosaur has infiltrated our school. They sent across some footage as evidence that a dinosaur had been roaming our corridors.
The terrifying footage started from Sunday evening. On Sunday evening at 8pm a dinosaur was recorded stomping through the Year 2 corridors. The dinosaur was also seen on Monday evening at 7pm, roaring wildly in 3LW's classroom. 
But that's not all! The Year 3 children discovered three cold, transparent dinosaur eggs each with a baby dinosaur inside. The dinosaur eggs were found in a warm, cosy nest on the KS2 field. 
Now our task is to write a newspaper report telling people what we have found!
8th November 2019
Technology in Year 3
In Year 3 we use technology in lots of ways.
We use the for phonics games.
We use the computers for research for our English topic.
We use Beetbots for our programming unit in computing.
We used Interlander to look at kindness and cyberbullying.
We use the Interactive Whiteboard to play maths games as a whole class.
We use iPads to take pictures for our topic work. 
And of course, we use the blog, to tell you about all of these exciting things that we have been doing!
15th November 2019
Anti-Bullying Week
This week is Anti-Bullying Week. The theme is 'Change Starts with Us'. In our lessons this week we have been looking at the things we can do in school to help other people. This could be as simple as asking someone "how are you?". 
We have been creating posters to put on display around the school to help people understand what bullying is, the effects it can have and what they can do to help. We have also been using our knowledge of acrostic poems to write our very own Anti-Bullying poems!
Anti-bullying is wonderful
Never go into people's own space
Trust anyone who is kind
It is good to help people
Bullying is a horrid thing to do
Unkind people that hurt you are everyday are bullies
Live happily with everyone
Laughter feels great
You don't need to cry
It is okay to feel sad
Nice things are the best
Give me a chance to help
15th November 2019
Children in Need
Today we are raising money for Children in Need! We all came in dressed in yellow and brought in £1 coins to fill our class Pudsey. We have also been buying colouring sheets for 20p to help raise money and will be watching a film at lunch time for 50p! We're having great fun and it's all for a great cause!
18th November 2019
Our task!
This week we have been given the task of writing a non-chronological report for the Natural History Museum. A non-chronological report is an information text that is not written in chronological (time) order. The non-chronological report is going to be about dinosaurs. In particular we will be looking at: t-rex, stegosaurus, velociraptor, triceratops and pterodactyl. We will be including information about their life-span, their diet, their habitat and their appearance.
Watch this space for our non-chronological reports!
21st November 2019
Fractions Frenzy!
For the past two weeks we have been looking at fractions in our maths lessons. We have learned what a fraction is, how to shade the fraction of a shape, how to find fractions of amounts and even how to add and subtract fractions!
The important thing to remember is that fractions are EQUAL PARTS of a WHOLE.
Now you can't trick us with a smaller fraction of the cake!
25th November 2019
Over the next two weeks in maths we are going to be exploring shapes. Today we started our new unit by trying lots of different activities.
Elastic Explorers: One of the activities involved using elastic bands to create different shapes on a square grid, Miss Simpson came around and asked us questions about the shapes we had created.
Grouping: Another activity involved splitting the shapes into different groups for example, 2D vs 3D or based on the number of edges a shape had.
Matching: One of the activities involved matching 3D shapes and 2D shapes with their name. One of the activities involved matching 3D shapes to their properties (i.e. faces, edges and vertices).
25th November 2019
Amazing Artists
In our science topic lessons last week we were looking at different types of rock: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.
  • Sedimentary rock comes from sediments found at the bottom of liquids.
  • Igneous rock comes from cooled down magma after a volcanic eruption.
  • Metamorphic rock is igneous rock or sedimentary rock that has been transformed due to heat or pressure.
After we had learned about the rocks we had a go at sketching. Each table had a different rock and we used our new sketching techniques to try and capture the rock on paper. We used shading to create some great effects!
26th November 2019
More shapes!
Today we carried on our shapes investigation! We were looking at spherical shapes (spheres, cones and cylinders). We even had a go at making our own 3D shapes using nets. It was really tricky because we had to make sure we cut out the net really carefully so that the tabs were in tact. We then had to be really delicate when we were sticking down the tabs to make the shape so that they didn't break.
(Some of us turned our cones in to hats!)
3rd December 2019
Today we have been sorting triangles into categories. We have been looking at scalene triangles, isosceles triangles, equilateral triangles and right-angle triangle.
This is how to identify them:
Scalene triangles have 3 unequal sides
Isosceles triangles have 2 equal sides
Equilateral triangles have 3 equal sides and 3 equal angles
Right-angle triangles have a right angle
3rd December
Cinderella's Banana Bread
This week we have been learning the story of Cinderella ready for our pantomime trip on Thursday! In Year 3 we decided to make delicious banana bread for the royal ball. Tomorrow we will be writing a set of instructions to help other people make banana bread!
6th December 
Pantomime Time!
Yesterday Key Stage 2 went to the Pantomime - that's almost 250 children! We took up half of the theatre! Some of us had never been to a pantomime before and it was an amazing experience- we all had a great time!
The pantomime was really funny and the costumes were wonderful - especially Cinderella's beautiful ball gown. We really liked the character Buttons who would make us dance every time he came on stage. The ugly stepsister were good too - they were very ugly and very funny! One of them even made a joke out of Miss Wyatt's name and called her Miss Wild!
Some of the children even got to go on stage and sing a song at the end! 
Today we have been sharing all of the things we enjoyed about the pantomime and writing acrostic poems about the story/our experience.
"I enjoyed the songs in the pantomime because they were funny." - Jazlyn
"I liked it when the confetti popped out at the end!" - Nikola
"I enjoyed that the audience could also sometimes join in." - Malin
"I liked the bit where the skeleton ran away from Cinderella's dad." - Caelan
"I liked Buttons." - Kayden
"I liked it when the skeleton took away the step-sisters." - Callum
See below for some of our acrostic poems!
Welcome Back!
During the first week back after the Christmas Holiday we have been learning through play. We have been doing lots of activities involving role-play, art and games to inspire us in our learning. We have also started our new topic (Scavengers and Settlers) and are looking forward to finding out more about the Stone Age.
Spring term so far...
English: We have been looking at a book called ' Stone Age Boy' which is about a boy that travels back in time and ends up in the Stone Age. As a class, we have taken it in turns to pretend to be Stone Age Boy and answer questions. We also worked in groups to act out a section of the book. Today we discussed different activities that people did in the Stone Age and decided whether or not these would be fun. 
Maths: In maths we have been using the column method to solve addition and subtraction problems. Sometimes it can be quite tricky because we have to exchange tens but we are getting the hang of it! Today we were looking at using this method to help us solve word problems.
History: Our new topic is called Scavengers and Settlers. We have been learning about the Stone Age. In the Stone Age they didn't have the same equipment that we have now. For example, to make fire they had to use rocks called flint stones. During the Stone Age there were 3 periods: The Old Stone Age, The Middle Stone Age and The New Stone Age.
Art: As part of our Stone Age topic we have been looking at cave paintings. During the Stone Age they didn't have paper to draw on so they painted on the cave walls using natural materials. Their paintings sometimes told a story and included things such as animals, hunters, trees, the sun and weapons. We designed our own pieces of cave art which we then painted onto card.
Computing: In computing this week we were looking at a branching story based on Cinderella. A branching story is a story where you have to make choices and the different options lead to different outcomes within the story. Over the next few weeks, we will be working on creating our own branching stories using the computers.
PE: In indoor PE we have been doing gymnastics. We have been learning balances and travelling. In outdoor PE we have been learning how to play hockey. In hockey you have to use the flat side of your hockey stick to hit the ball. If you want to stop the ball, you have to place your hockey stick in front of it. You need to hold the hockey stick with two hands - you put your writing hand lower to help control the stick.
Music: In music we have been learning the lyrics to the Young Voices songs to help the choir learn their songs before they perform in the O2 Arena.  We have also been putting actions/dances to the song to make them more memorable and more enjoyable to watch.
 Role Play
This week in Year 3 we have been learning through role play. In English we have been looking at a book called 'Stone Age Boy' and have been working in groups to act out various scenes from the book. This has helped us to understand the characters better and allowed us to discuss character's thoughts and feelings through freeze frames. We also used our role plays to adapt the original story and will be using our ideas to write our own, innovated versions of 'Stone Age Boy' later this week.
31st January 2020
Today we looked at a new technique used in painting called pointillism. We then had a go at making our own pieces of artwork using this technique.
We also met the artists we will be working with in the Year 3 art project over the next few months - we are very excited!
Safety Week
This week was Safety Week at Shirley Primary School and we were learning all about keeping safe online and outside of school. We wrote acrostic poems about safety to share with our peers. There's an example below:
Stay safe online
Always check before crossing the road
Friends should help you be safe
E-safety is important
Tell an adult if you feel unsafe
Your safety matters
Milk Bottle Mammoths
This week as our topic exit point we made mammoths out of milk bottles! See below for photos...
World Book Day
Today we came into school dressed as our favourite book characters for World Book Day! (See the photos below!)
As part of World Book Day, we have been learning the story of The Elves and The Shoemaker and re-wrote part of the story to replace the elves with our own mythical creatures!
Thursday 19th March 2020
Today year 3 enjoyed a music lesson with Mrs Barlow (see pictures below).
We worked in groups to create a big music piece! First we had to practice and work together as a group, we then performed as a whole class and created pirate music. Our instruments were, drums and different types of xylophones we used these for the pirates, the sun and the sea.  Which instrument do you think was used for each part?
Well done to Year 3 on their home learning! See some great examples from 3AS below :) 
See below for some more great example of home learning from Year 3 :)
In case some of you are struggling with printing and/or copying out resources on to paper, I thought I would share another parents' way around this! They have been using white board pen to write on their ipad/tablet/laptop (see photos below). Feel free to do this if you have the equipment - just make sure to use a pen that will come off!!! :) 
Year 3 have been making healthy snacks this week! See below for some examples, there's even a recipe!
Below are some photos of things children have been doing at home aside from their home learning! There's a bug house, growing plants, salt crystals, pirate treasure maps and even home made gars! Year 3 have been busy :) 
More home learning...
... and even more baking!

It's Virtual Health Week!

Normally during the Summer term we have a ‘Health Week’ at Shirley School where we learn about how to keep our minds and bodies healthy. We don’t want you miss out on this important learning so we have decided to do a virtual health week instead! All of your Family Learning Menu activities this week are based on healthy lifestyles. You’ll be learning about mindfulness and well-being; the importance of physical exercise; how to eat well and why this is important as well as other important things. We can’t wait to see the work and ideas you send in for health week!


Here's a link to the PSHE section of the website that you might find helpful:


Here is some of our home learning this week. We have been learning about multiplication and division in Maths and in English we are learning about different Greek Myths. 
Here is some information for the children who are returning back to school next week. 
Here is some of the home learning work so far this week! Children have made a start on planning their Greek Myth in English and have been dividing on a number line in Maths. 
Tuesday 11.06.20
At school the children went into the forest school area. Where they went on a bug hunt! They found lots of lovely flowers and different insects. 
Thursday 11.06.20
This week for home learning children have been investigating different fractions. In English children wrote their own Greek Myth based around the Greek Myth about Apollo and The Chimera. Have a look at some of our stories and pictures of our Maths below!
Friday 12.06.20
For the past few days in school we have been creating fractions outside using chalk, writing our own stories and doing lots of arts and craft activities. 
A short message about your home leanring!
Tuesday 16th June
More home learning from the start of the week...
Tuesday 16th June
In school this week we are learning about space! We created our own space ships using marshmallows and pasta!
Thursday 18th June
More home learning of Maths (money) and English (non-chronological report)
Thursday 18th June
Lots more fun activities and learning happening in our C3 bubble!
Tuesday 23rd June
See below pictures of C3's creative activities so far. We have been creating bird feeders, making cookies and we made some topical animals.
Wednesday 24th June
Some brilliant home learning has been happening this week at home! Keep sending in your pictures :) 
Wednesday 24th June 2020
We have had a lovely week so far in our new C4 bubble. Today, we went to the field and played rounders and tennis. We also went on a flower hunt and just enjoyed some time sat in the shade outside too!
Thursday 25th June
Some tricky maths has been set this week! Well done if you have tackled some challenging time problems!
Friday 26th June 2020
Today in our C4 bubble we made puff pastry pizzas. We used cheese, tomato and onion from the school garden. The children really enjoyed them!
Tuesday 30th June
So far this week we have been estimating how long it would take us to complete different tasks. We found some of our estimations were a bit unrealistic so we talked about the importance of them being realistic. Also this week at home we are looking at mythical beasts, specifically unicorns. We have created our own mythical beasts from different animals. See pictures below of work completed so far.