Year 3 Blog 2020-2021

Home learning 20.01.21
Another fantastic week with our home learning and zoom lessons really taking off. This week we have been reading more of our English book, The Cloud Tea Monkeys. We have learnt about different characters and have been retrieving different information from the text to help us understand it better. In Maths we have been putting our addition knowledge to the test by answering worded problems. See below some work from this week :) 
Home learning tasks. 13.01.12
You have all worked so hard the past week and a half with the home learning. Myself and Miss Simpsons thought we need to share some of the fantastic work we have been getting. We have loved hearing about your days and seeing some of you in our live lessons. See some pictures below of some of your home learning :) 
French in Year 3
In our weekly French lessons we have been learning all about numbers. We have learnt how to say the numbers 0-10 in French. We made some posters to help us remember how to say and write these numbers correctly. 
Science afternoon
On Monday afternoon in groups we carried out a science experiment where we added different ingredients to make crystals. First we added a solution to our cup, next we added some warm water so the solution could dissolve. Whilst we were mixing the ingredients we decided to add different food colouring so the crystals will become different colours. 
Later on we went into the hall and observed and studied different types of rocks. We found, agminate, a shark tooth, rose quartz, snow flake obsidian and some tigers eye stones. 
Anti-bullying week.
Everyday this week we will be learning about anti-bullying week. Yesterday we talked about what is a bully and what we can do if someone is being bullied. We then thought of different things we would do to help stop bullying and created a collage containing all our different ideas. See below pictures of some of our ideas on how Year 3 will put a stop to bullying.
This week in Year 3, we have been looking at how to stay safe online. We talked about the importance of setting a secure password. We created examples of good and safe passwords to have. We then talked about other rules we should follow if we want to stay safe online. We created posters to display in the school which tell other children about staying safe online. 
In Year 3 we use lots of methods to help us relax our minds, we often meditate after lessons. Recently we have started doing yoga during our P.E lessons, we like learning the different moves and have got more flexible after doing it a few times. See below some pictures of us doing yoga. 
Year 3 Poetry Week. 
To celebrate poetry week in year 3 we decided to look at Kenning Poems. We decided to write our own Kenning poems based on the mythical creature of the house we belong to. Can you guess what house we belong to after reading our poems below? 
In history we have learning about the Romans. We have learnt that for their shields they use wood and for their spears they use iron and stone. We designed and painted romans shields using a range of colours which represent different reasons. For example red is used for danger or power and yellow (gold) is for rich. We then used our shields to perform Roman battle formations. See below some picture of our shields.