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Friday 13th October

This afternoon Year 3 had a fantastic art lesson! We have spent the last week researching different tribes who live in the rainforest. We have learnt all about their culture and customs and their traditional dress. We researched all of the different reasons why some tribes paint their faces or wore mask and we used this research to design our own tribal masks. We then spent this afternoon painting the masks! We are hoping to cut them out once they have dried and attach string to them to turn them into actual masks!

Wednesday 11th October- Multiplication madness! 

This week we have been learning our multiplication facts and using arrays to help us to solve the questions. This morning we created posters to help remind us of these facts. Our posters were split into 4 parts and our challenge was to see if we could represent the given number sentence in 4 different ways.

We used;

  •  Repeated addition of our numbers
  •  We learnt about the commutative property of numbers when we multiply them
  •  We made groups of the numbers from stickers
  •  We created an array from pasta! 

Please check out our posters!

Friday 6th October 2017
This week we have been learning about shadows in Year 3! We have learnt what a shadow is, and how it is created. We investigated how the closeness of an object to a light source can change the size of the shadow, and learnt the meanings of new words such as opaque, transparent and translucent. 
We then created our own shadow puppets and performed the story of Peter Pan and how he lost his shadow!
On Friday, we wrote instructions to Peter Pan, to help him make a new shadow. Here are some pictures of us creating our puppets and performing our shadow puppet shows!
Thursday 5th October
After our assembly this morning by Mrs Taylor about the importance of Team Shirley, in year 3 we decided to think about all of the exciting things that the money Team Shirley raise can be spent on. We have been given the gift of £100 from Team Shirley to spend on our book corners this term. Today in maths we had to look through a book catalogue and create a wish list of the books we would like to buy. We had to add up the books as we added them to our lists and we had a challenge to spend the £100 exactly!
Tuesday 19th September 2017
As part of our IPC rainforest topic, yesterday we learnt all about the different layers of a rainforest. We learnt that these are:
The emergent layer
The canopy
The understory
The forest floor
The children designed their own rainforests, and then today we created our designs using shoe boxes and art materials.
Can you tell which layer of the rainforest the shoe box is supposed to be?
Thursday 14th September
Today was a very exciting day in year 3- we had our very first lesson with Mrs Barlow the music teacher! We started the lesson singing the register, then played lots of games moving in time with the music. We can't wait until next Thursday for our next lesson!
Wednesday 13th September
This week in maths we have been learning about partitioning numbers into their parts and recognising the values of each digit. We have been making the representation of the numbers in diennes. We have then been comparing the numbers which we had made. We noticed things such as; 421 has 4 hundreds, 2 tens and 1 one, this makes it bigger than 192 which although has 9 groups of tens in it- it only has 1 in the hundreds column and then 2 ones. We have also been challenging ourselves by trying to explain what we know about numbers and how they can be the same and different. 


Tuesday 12th September
In English this week we have read the story of Tarzan, which is set in a rain-forest. This has helped us to hold discussions and a debate about the impact of humans in the rain-forest and if we should enter the rain- forest. Today in English we sorted arguments both for and against humans being in the rain-forest and we will use these tomorrow when we write a letter to Tarzan to persuade him to let us back in!  
Friday 8th September
What a busy start back to year 3 we have had! We have come back to school with brilliant attitudes ready to learn and the children have all settled into KS2 so quickly! Today was exciting as we held our entry point to our new topic; Saving the world, where we focus on rain-forests. This afternoon the children helped to create animals and creatures which we may find in the rain-forest, not to mention made hundreds of leaves! Over the next few weeks we hope to use these creations to make a rain-forest in our corridor outside of the classrooms. Keep your eyes peeled for photos of this!
Friday 20th October
Today was our final English lesson on our Gruffalo unit! We have learnt the original story by text mapping it and adding on our own actions. Then we innovated the story to a Rainforest setting and the creatures into Rainforest animals. This week we have been writing the innovated stories concentrating on our handwriting! This morning we designed our own front covers for the innovated stories. We thought about the job of a blurb, who might write a review for the book as well as the title and the author! Take a look at some of our designs below;