Year 2 Blog 2020-2021

Great Fire of London Creativity
A huge well done to everyone who has been enthusiastically joining in with this topic so far and getting very creative with the activities they do. Below are some images of the incredible art work, experiences and costumes you have sent us. (Any pictures that have children's faces in have been posted with parental permission).
Hello Year 2, Welcome to Remote Learning and Information about our Dress Up Day
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Remote Learning Spring Term 2021
A huge hello and Happy New Year to all of our wonderful children, parents and carers. The Year 2 team would just like to say we miss our classes lots and can't wait until we can be back together again learning at school. For now all learning will be remote and your teachers and teaching assistants will be working busily behind the scenes to provide you with tasks and to provide feedback and support however we can.
We would like to use this blog space (versus the remote learning page where we set tasks) to celebrate each other's learning.
To kickstart this, we have some work that was sent in last term for the optional homework project, as part of our UK Geography topic. Later this week we will post some examples of learning children have been completing at home this week.
Happy first week of remote learning!
The Year 2 team
Nightingales and Kingfishers have had a great week with lots of key learning before the Christmas break. 
English - This week in English we have been looking at instructional texts, we created instructions for how to make Christmas decorations and then swapped with each other to see whether we could follow the instructions in order to make them ourselves. 
Maths - We have been recapping key multiplication learning this week, looking at arrays, equal groups and multiplication facts. 
R.E. - This week we have been learning about key religious celebrations and traditional features of special events. 
We have also had lots of fun this week as a celebration for all the hard work by having a Christmas activity afternoon and watching an interactive Pantomime. 
Miss Saunders and Miss Burles have been so impressed by the resilience, hard work and behavior of all the children this year and we are really looking forward to seeing you all in the new year! 
This week in Year 2 we have been learning about:
London Landmarks: In reading this week we started our new text 'Katie in London' which follows the story of Katie and her brother and a Lion who takes them on a London adventure to see the sights. 
Kingfishers and Nightingales had a whirlwind London adventure of their own this week and 'went' to London on the train. They gave their money at the door, experienced what it is like to go on a train ride and created paintings inspired by the ones at the National Gallery. 
Money: In Maths we have been looking at different combinations of coins. The children have learnt how to identify coins and understand which coins add together to make certain amounts. We also practiced this when they bought their tickets for London. 
English: Following on from their amazing travel guides, this week we have started looking at persuasive posters. The children have begun to identify commands within poster examples and creating our own. 
This week has been Anti-Bullying week, and the focus of this year was 'United Against Bullying'. In Year 2 we have been doing lots of learning about positive choices we all can make to be united against bullying including learning about how to spot bullying behaviors, what we can do to help and signing an school anti-bullying charter. 
We have been looking at many different resources this week about what bullying is. Both Nightingales and Kingfishers had great discussions about what we can do if we do see these such as talking to an adult, offering help to anyone who is being bullied and making sure we all choose good choices when playing with others. 
We also made our own jigsaw puzzle pieces which you will be able to see in our window display next week. Children drew one thing they are going to do to be united against bullying. They had some great ideas and we hope you will enjoy seeing these next week! 
Miss Saunders and Miss Burles look forward to seeing you all :) 
This week in Year 2 we have been continuing with our learning opportunities from the last week weeks along with learning about armistice day and children in need. This has enabled us to use our creativity to produce some brilliant art in both Nightingales and Kingfishers. 
In Maths we have been continuing our shapes topic, looking at lines of symmetry and 3D shape features. 
In English we have began to look at creating our own travel guides and looking at areas in the United Kingdom. We will write our own next week with information about weather, food and the geographical location. 
In guided reading we are continuing to read Meerkat Mail, we are following Sunny's journey visiting all his Mongoose relatives! 
In Geography, we are learning more about the United Kingdom and specifically the seasons in a year. We will be comparing this to the seasons of the year in Australia and making key observations. 
Thank you for your donations for Children in Need this year! It was great to see everyone in their non-uniform and spots!! 
Also a gentle reminder to bring in wellies and warm clothes for the Forest Area and P.E. :) 
Year 2 have had a great start back to school after the half term with lots of exciting new learning topics and fun. 
In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. The class went on a 2D shape scavenger hunt in the nature area, we have made our own shapes using GEO boards and have begun to identify 3D shapes in our environment. 
In English we have been learning about travel guides, looking at their features and exploring lots of different examples such as travel guides about Austria, Australia and other fantastic places. 
In guided reading we have started our new book, Meerkat Mail which is all about a Meerkat who decides he needs a holiday! 
In Geography we are following our Australia topic with learning about somewhere a little more close to home, the United Kingdom. 
Miss Saunders and Miss Burles have really enjoyed being back and are looking forward to lots more exciting things to come this term! 
Our first half-term in Year 2 has been fantastic! Some of the highlights have included having lots of outdoor learning time (thank you, parents for ensuring the children have waterproof coats and boots so that this can happen!), creating nature poems, animal fact-files, Aboriginal-inspired Dreamtime stories, dot paintings, exploring different feelings by creating a class book and 'feelings' jars and learning all about Australia.
The children have worked so hard catching up on any learning they might have missed from Year 1 during the school closures whilst working on Year 2 objectives as well.
We have had lots of fun so far and are looking forward to what the next half-term at school holds!