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Monday 6th July 2020

News About Libraries and the Summer Reading Challenge! 

Libraries are reopening today to offer a 'click and collect' service! 

If you are not already a member of the library, you can join online. Information on how to do this, along with how to access the Summer Reading Challenge and online events, is on the flier below!


Wednesday 1st July 2020
Home Learning
Happy new month!
Well done to all of you who have been continuing to keep up with the home learning! There has been lots of fantastic work sent in already this week! We have been particularly impressed by your pictures of different creatures created using money to investigate making different totals for this week's work on money in Maths!
Keep up the wonderful work!
Monday 29th June 2020
Home Learning
Hello Year 2! Please see this week's video message from Mrs. Okai below.
Friday 26th June 2020
Home Learning
Well done to all of you who have persevered with the home learning tasks during this week's heatwave! Hopefully you have had a chance to enjoy the sun too!
It's been lovely to read your free writing based on this week's image of a 'glass house' and to see lots of you keeping up with your reading and completing the reading tasks!
Watch and listen to Robbie share about a book he has been reading in the 'Just a Minute' reading task in the video below! (This optional task involved spending a minute talking about a book you have read recently)
It was also interesting to read and hear your responses to this week's 'Thinking Thursday' question: would it be good if you never ever had to read a book and all books read themselves?
Have a great weekend and keep up the great work!
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Wednesday 24th June 2020
Home Learning
It's been wonderful to see the different ways you have been presenting unit fractions and working out fractions of numbers in this week's Maths tasks so far! There has also been some great artwork using fractions of shapes!
Monday 22nd June 2020
Please see below this week's video message from Mrs. Okai!
Thursday 18th June 2020
Home Learning
It has been great to see some of you having a go at the Family Learning tasks! Check out Henry's and Calvin's tasty-looking creations!
This week you've been working hard on solving division problems and having a go at different investigations! It's been lovely reading descriptions of your favourite foods that come from different parts of plants as part of our work for English and Science and reading your creative writing for Free Writing this week!
There has also been some AMAZING artwork sent in inspired by parts of plants we eat!
Thursday 18th June 2020
More fun activities and learning happening in our C3 bubble!
Monday 15th June 2020
Hello Year 2,
I hope you are all doing well! Check out the video below to see what's coming up this week in home learning tasks!
Friday 12.06.20
Here is some of the fun learning and activities we have been doing in our Year 3/2 bubble! We have been doing lots of home learning activities as well as art and crafts. 
Thursday 11th June 2020
Home Learning 
You've been hard at work this week as investigators with the different multiplication investigations that have been included in this week's multiplication tasks for Maths! It has been wonderful to see the different ways you have tackled the challenges and presented your arrays!
It has also been great to see how many of you have been inspired by our 'Flowers and Insects' topic. This week we have been looking at what plants need to grow and there have been some great posters sent in explaining and showing what these are!
Included below is a short compilation of videos that have sent in explaining what pollination is (a task from last week), a guide to looking after plants and a 'SpringWatch-style' report about an encounter with a Barn owl!
Tuesday 9th June 2020
Today at school children went into the forest school area where they went on a bug hunt. They found lots of pretty flowers and interesting bugs!
Monday 8th June 2020
Home Learning
It's been lovely to see the wonderful flower crafts you made for last Friday's English and D&T task! Many of you also wrote very clear and detailed instructions or descriptions. Here are a selection!
We look forward to seeing what you come up with this week! 
Monday 8th June 2020
Hello 2AO and 2EB,
For those of you continuing to complete home learning tasks from home, check out the video below!
I look forward to hearing from you! :)
Mrs. Okai
For those of you returning to school this week, here is a short video from Ms. Wyatt and Mrs. Brock! 
Monday 1st June 2020
Home Learning
We hope you had a lovely half-term! Please see below videos introducing this week's home learning. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing photos and videos of your work.
Below is a reminder about the outdoor writing competition which closes on the 8th of June!
Welcome to our Year 2 blog.
Scroll down to find out in more detail the things we have been learning and see some photos past and present.
Friday 22nd May 2020
It's been wonderful to see all of your home learning this week!
Lots of you have been working so hard on reading information in pictograms and bar charts and creating your own!
We're glad to hear that you also enjoyed the activities looking at insects and we look forward to seeing your factfiles about bees after the half-term.
We hope you have a lovely week! :) 
Monday 18th May 2020
Imaginary Gardens
Hi Year 2!
Mrs Okai and Ms Burles have loved seeing all of your amazing imaginary garden creations based on last Friday's learning task and reading your descriptions of them or instructions on how to construct one! It's great to see you putting as much effort and pride into your artwork as you do with your English and Maths so a huge well done! Below are those we have received so far. 
If you haven't had a chance to make one yet you can still have a go! Perhaps the creations below can inspire you with what materials to use and how to put one together.

It's Virtual Health Week!

Normally during the Summer term we have a ‘Health Week’ at Shirley School where we learn about how to keep our minds and bodies healthy. We don’t want you miss out on this important learning so we have decided to do a virtual health week instead! All of your Family Learning Menu activities this week are based on healthy lifestyles. You’ll be learning about mindfulness and well-being; the importance of physical exercise; how to eat well and why this is important as well as other important things. We can’t wait to see the work and ideas you send in for health week!

Here's a link to the PSHE section of the website that you might find helpful:


Friday 15th May 2020
It has been wonderful to see your home learning this week! We finished off our unit on position and direction in Maths and we have enjoyed seeing all of the creative ways you demonstrated what you had learnt by giving directions to get through mazes, follow maps and using directions to create animations! (Check out the videos and photos below)
We were also very impressed by the persuasive posters you created for English inspired by our recent Science unit looking at different habitats!
Well done to all of you who completed the tasks on tally charts and pictograms for our new unit on data handling. 
We have loved reading your imaginative short stories based on an image of insects on a flower and finding what you know about our new topic 'Flowers and Insects'. We look forward to seeing photos of your 'imaginary gardens' too!
Friday 7th May
Hello families! 
We hope you have had a brilliant week. Thank you so much to all those parents who have sent in work so far, it's so nice to see it and be able to share with the rest of the class. Do keep them coming. 
This week we have been very busy with position and direction, learning about different rotations and directions before exploring these new found skills by using coding programs, building obstacle courses at home and by creating our own grid maps to navigate. In English we have been working hard with our spelling and reading; and practising using persuasive language by creating our own persuasive posters. More examples of these will no doubt follow in the next few days. 
It's nice to see so many of you enjoying collecting the merits as well!
We hope you enjoy this bank holiday weekend and we will 'see' you on Monday with another video from your class teachers! Take care :)
Friday 1st May 2020
It has been great to see all of your great work on food chains this week and completed tasks looking at mass and weight!
Friday 23rd April
We have loved seeing your work this week and receiving your messages! Below are some pictures of the amazing tasks you have completed and sent in to us.
We have also added some images of extra tasks some of you have completed and fun things you have been up to! Thank you so much to all our families for the effort you are putting into learning! Keep up the great work :)
                                                                                     Wednesday 1st April 2020
We have enjoyed receiving photos of all the learning you have completed this week, as well as extra tasks you have had a go at!
Thank you also for all of the lovely poems about spring! We are compiling the poems we have received to create an online poetry book that will be posted on our blog!
It has been great to see your work on measuring, symmetry and shape in Maths, as well as the creative ways of practising mental maths skills.
We have enjoyed reading your accounts of the Easter story and seeing the fun ways you have been practising spellings!
We miss you all and hope you have a lovely Easter break!
Friday 27th March 2020 
Home Learning
It has been wonderful to see your home learning this week! Thank you to all parents who have given feedback for learning tasks and emailed children's work and photos. It has been lovely to see the children having a go at the learning tasks and enjoying the activities!
This week, the English tasks looked at poetry based on weather and the season and revising spellings of contractions.
In Maths, we have been looking at temperature and reading scales on thermometers.
In Science, we have begun a new unit looking at Living Things and have looked at life cycles.
In RE, we have started learning about how Easter is celebrated. This will be explored further in next week's learning tasks.
For PE, Mr. Fisher recommended some great games to play at home to keep fit and active!
If you haven't had a go at the learning tasks yet, please do check out our Home Learning page!
Friday 6th September 2019
The children have had a great time settling into their new classes and learning all about their new routines; and the rules and expectations for behaviour and learning at Shirley School.
Summer Holidays Recount
First we had to warm up our hands and fingers after the long summer break with some exercises! We then discussed with each other a highlight from our Summer holidays before planning what we wanted to write about. After writing our recounts we edited part of our work, thinking about how we could improve our handwriting, punctuation and use of vocabulary.
Class Charter
We learnt that it is important to create a set of rules that we were all happy with and agree to follow them in order to make our class a safe, happy place to be where we can do our best learning.
Rewards and Consequences
As part of our behaviour policy at Shirley school we have lots of rewards and consequences that the children will receive depending on whether they make positive or negative behaviour choices. We spent lots of time thinking about what we could do to earn things like merits, table points and class points. We also made sure we were very clear about when we would receive warnings, 5 minutes and quiet rooms.
Sunflower display
Over the Summer, the sunflowers planted at the end of last year have become huge! We spent some time exploring the sunflowers, counting the seeds and feeling the texture on the leaves, before creating our own artwork using collage or paint. 
In Year 2 indoor P.E. takes place on Mondays, whilst outdoor P.E. takes place on Thursdays. The first homework will go out next Friday so please ensure your child brings in their book bag next week. Replacement book bags can be ordered from the office. 
We hope your child has enjoyed their first few days in their new class and we can't wait to see you all again on Monday!
Year 2 team
Friday 13th September 2019
On Monday afternoon Shirley school was lucky enough to host a travelling theatre company's production of Treasure Island! The children had a great time and we are so grateful to M&M Productions for putting on such an amazing show for our pupils!
We have been refreshing our Year 1 knowledge and looking at place value this week.
We have begun to explore our first English text, ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’, which will inspire our narrative unit this half term. 
This week we had the entry point for our new topic, We Are What We Eat. We made portraits of faces full of fruits and vegetables by using collage. Our work was inspired by Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We also designed plates filled with our favourite foods.
We have started to look at Jesus as part of our topic on Christianity.
Friday 20th September 2019
In Maths today we used all of our knowledge of partitioning numbers to generate two and three digit numbers. We used practical resources such as Dienes equipment, number beads, hundred squares, number lines, place value grids and digit cards to help us!
Friday 27th September 2019
We are currently working on writing some stories based on the text 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' by Judi Barratt. This week the children have had a great time selecting their own favourite foods to rain down on a village. We then labelled these pictures with nouns, adjectives and verbs which will support our writing next week.
Monday 30th September
Year 2 went on our farm trip today as part of our 'We Are What We Eat' topic. We got to visit an apple orchard, picked some apples and made some yummy fresh apple juice. We also saw tractors, toured the grounds and met some lovely animals. 
As well as allowing us to see some healthy food being freshly made and learning about where food comes from, this trip also inspired some of our English work, helping us to write recounts and thank-you letters.
Monday 14th October 2019
You may have heard about The Daily Mile before. It's an initiative rolled out across schools to try and get children to be more active and healthy in their daily lives. At Shirley we began this last year and have had some extremely enthusiastic results from children so far. It's a great way to get some extra circulation pumping around our bodies, which helps with our learning as well.
In Year 2 we do the Daily Mile (weather permitting!) every day that we don't have a P.E. lesson.
Each time we run, the class teachers keep a tally and we add the distances of all the pupils in our class together to see how far we can run. Each class has a target destination that we are aiming to try and reach cumulatively! 2AO's target destination is Tokyo, Japan; whilst 2EB's is Washington D.C., USA!
We will update you on our progress later on in the term!
Monday 28th October
This week, we launched our new topic 'People of the Past'. We dressed up as famous historical figures and shared facts we had learned about them. We enjoyed an exciting day which included designing and making our own time machines and taking part in a fashion show to show off our costumes!
We have enjoyed looking at artefacts from the Polar Museum and have begun to learn about the famous explorer Captain Robert Falcon.
We have also been having fun with our new interactive Maths display and have begun weekly 'shared reading' sessions with children in year 1.
 Monday 4th November 
In History we have been learning about the famous explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott. We imagined what it would be like to be Captain Scott and wrote a diary entry detailing our thoughts and feelings returning from the South Pole. We also learnt that Captain Scott and his team were beaten by the Norwegian team in the race to get to the South Pole first and sadly never made it home as they died in harsh conditions of the Antarctic.
We also learnt about the history behind the celebration of Bonfire Night and the failed plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament by Guy Fawkes and his team of plotters. 
In Maths we have looking at multiplication and understanding what multiplication means.
Monday 11th November
This week we learnt about the history of Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.
For Anti-bullying week, we discussed what bullying is and ways we can help prevent bullying. We created our own acrostic poems on this year's theme about how we can all make changes to help prevent bullying. We discussed different scenarios and what we could do to help.
We combined ideas from both year 2 classes and created an acrostic poem.
Never use words to hurt.
Only be respectful
Bullying has to stop.
Unkind behaviour is unacceptable.
Let's make a change!
Listen to one another.
You can make a difference.
Include others who are left out.
No bullying in our school.
Grown-ups can help.
In English, we have started looking at biographies as we will be writing our own biographies about famous people of past we have learnt about in our History lessons!
Monday 18th November
We have been learning about multiplication in Maths. We have learnt about different words and phrases that can be used for multiplication and have been using different strategies to solve multiplication number sentences including counting, creating arrays and drawing arrays.
Tuesday 14th January 2020
Year 2 relaunched their topic 'People of the Past' today. This half term we will be looking at the work of artists such as Claude Monet, Katsushika Hokusai and Pablo Picasso; as well as finding out about important civil rights activists from the past such as Martin Luther King, Emmeline Pankhurst and Rosa Parks.
Today we explored what art is by looking at different kinds of art works such as paintings, sculptures and less traditional art forms such as installation.
We also had a go at creating our own mini installations inspired by Yayoi Kusama!
Wednesday 15th January 2020
Year 2 have been exploring the concept of mindfulness and practising some activities to help us feel calmer.
This afternoon we did some mindfulness colouring whilst listening to some calming music.
Friday 14th February
After planning our experiment earlier this week, 2EB went to the garden to bury some materials. We need to find out which one is waterproof. After half-term we will be digging up the materials and deciding what to make our time capsules out of!
2AO will be starting the experiment after half term.
As part of our learning about safety, we have been learning that learnt that drugs are chemicals that can cause changes in the body. While some drugs are medicines, not all medicines are drugs. We discussed ways that medicines are stored safely and who helps administer medicines.
Wednesday 18th March 2020
Maths - Measurement
Year 2 have been measuring anything and everything! We have measured distances we can race cars, throw bean bags, measured lengths of everyday objects in the classroom using centimetres, measured each other's heights and estimated lengths around the school using our knowledge of what a metre looks like. 
Thursday 4th June 2020
We have been very impressed with your home learning this week. Lots of you have sent in very detailed and informative fact files about bees and included some beautiful artwork completed over the half-term!
This week we have pleased to see you working hard on your addition and subtraction tasks, as well as your writing about flowering plants and explanations of pollination.
Thursday 7th May 2020
It's been great to see all of your work on persuasive posters and spelling practice in English, as well as photos of your work on position and direction in Maths this week! We look forward to seeing your completed persuasive posters!
Look out for our videos on Monday sharing what next week's learning tasks will be about!
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! :)