Year 2 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 2's Home Learning Page

Welcome to the Year 2 Home learning page. On this page you will find:

o Daily Maths and English activities
o A Family Learning menu containing cross-curricular games and activities that you might want to do as a family. This is updated weekly
o A Link to the Oak National Academy, a government-funded website providing topic lessons and activities.
o Extra resources
Please send in pictures of work or any activities the children have been doing at home to:
Feedback will be provided by a member of staff once a week. We look forward to seeing what you send in!
Family Learning Menu
Oak National Academy
If you would like some more activities for your child, we recommend the fantastic website 'Oak National Academy'. This website is supported by the Department for Education and is free to access right up until schools return. They are creating new video content each week and will be uploading 5 different topic lessons with activities. 
Daily Home Learning
Friday 10th July 2020
Please see below today's tasks which include this week's Family Learning Menu for 'Family Learning Friday', today's English and Art task based on the nonsense poem The Quangle Wangle's Hat' and some number games to play for Maths.
Thursday 9th July 2020
It's 'Thinking Thursday' so once again, there is a question for you to think deeply about and respond to for today's English and Philosophy task.
Today's Maths task involves investigations with animals and odd numbers!
To find out what these are, open the files below!
Wednesday 8th July 2020
See below files containing today's tasks for Maths and English.
Today's Maths task involves being number detectives and for English there is nonsense poem to look at.
Tuesday 7th July 2020
 Today's English task introduces our focus for the week which is a nonsense poem. For Maths, there is an addition investigation to have a go at. Please see files below for the tasks.
 Monday 6th July 2020
Please find below files for today's learning tasks for Maths and English.

Today's Maths task involves a 'Number of the Week' activity and for English there are some games to play to practise identifying and using verbs. 

Extra Resources
Previous Home Learning