Year 2 Blog

In Year 2 we launched this term's topic: 'We Are What We Eat'.
We created our own healthy pizza parlour using paper plates and coloured card and paper.
In Maths, Year 2 have been partitioning numbers and we have been using this to help us add pairs of numbers together.
In Year 2, we have been looking at the story 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra and getting ready to write our own stories about superhero vegetables next week.
In Art this week, Year 2 have been looking at artwork by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who painted portraits composed of fruits and vegetables. We then created our own portrait collages using images of fruits and vegetables.
In English Year 2 have written non-chronological reports about fruits. To help us plan our reports we gathered facts about different fruits by researching where they came from and how they grew using video clips and ipads. We also got the chance to taste and feel lots of different fruits from around the world.
In Science we carried out an experiment to find out how damaging sugary drinks can be to our teeth by immersing eggshells in different drinks. When we checked after a week the eggshells that had been significantly damaged are the ones which were in orange juice and a common fizzy drink. This has definitely made us think twice about how much sugary drink we consume!
In English this week 2EB have been writing, editing and publishing poems about food. We are going to make these into a class poetry book for our reading corner.
In Maths we have been working with money. We did some role play in pairs taking it in turns to be shopkeepers and customers. We counted coins, used addition to find out the total of what we were purchasing and subtraction to work out how much change to give.
In topic we felt very inspired by the fireworks displays some of us saw on Monday and wrote poems, stories and recounts of our experiences. We also painted some pictures of fireworks and using coloured streamers recreated our very own fireworks display.
We will be performing our Nativity play in December so this week we began rehearsing some of the songs and making up a dance routine. 
During Anti-bullying week Year 2 became anti-bullying super heroes. After making special superhero masks we wrote our own definitions of bullying, created anti-bullying posters and wrote ant-bullying poems. We also wrote anonymous letters of kindness to each other before brainstorming ideas for spreading more kindness in our classroom. Look out for the results of some of these ideas soon!
In Maths for the last two weeks Year 2 have been working on 2D and 3D shapes. Last week we looked at lines of symmetries, created pictures using as many 2D shapes as we could and sorted 2D shapes according to their properties. This week we investigated what 3D shapes we could find in the classroom, sorted 3D shapes, created 3D shapes out of cubes, cuboids and triangular prisms and learnt some useful techniques for drawing 3D shape. 
In English this week we began our work on writing instructions. We looked at lots of examples of instructions and discussed all the occasions where we might use, create and follow instructions, both at school and at home. We examined the different grammatical features of instructions such as imperative verbs ('clean', 'chop', 'prepare'), time connectives ('first', 'after', 'next'), present tense, ordered steps and equipment lists. On Friday we began writing our instructions and we will continue these next before editing and publishing them, ready for making fruit kebabs. We have to give our instructions to someone else in the class to follow so we have made sure to lay them out very clearly in order to make them easy to read and use!
During R.E. we looked at Christianity and why Jesus is such an important figure to Christians. We brainstormed good leadership qualities and wrote about what made Jesus a good leader based on stories from the New Testament.
We have also begun our preparation for the upcoming Nativity show, 'The Inn-spectors', in earnest! We have been rehearsing the songs and choreographing dances to go with them. Next week we are looking forward to rehearsing these in the hall!
Attendance in Year 2 continues to be good with both classes meeting their attendance targets. This week 2EB won the first place trophy for their attendance last week, which was over 99%! Let's keep up the excellent attendance! 
Notices: Hopefully you have received a letter informing you about the non-school uniform day coming up on Friday 30th November. We are asking for a small jar filled with non-perishable items to be brought in on Friday morning if your child comes to school in non-school uniform. We are collecting these to sell at the Christmas cafe coming up in December.
Thank you very much to parents of 2EB for contributing funds for our Pizza Express trip on Thursday. We ask that your child arrives promptly for school, ready for the coach to leave at 9am. They will be back at school in time for lunch that day. 2AO's Pizza Express trip will go ahead at the start of January and letters will go out nearer the time.