Year 1 Blog

Friday 19th January 2018
It's science day!! 
Today in Year 1, we focused our science day learning around our topic, Super Humans.
Unfortunately, our experiment using bread didn't work out as well as we would like, so instead we looked at how germs are spread and the importance of washing our hands. We conducted an experiment using glitter, and looked at how easily the glitter (germs) spread to our other hand when we held them together and how the glitter managed to get onto the tables and carpet. We discussed how we could help inform the school about how important hand washing is and we decided to create posters for corridors. Have a look at some of the children's brilliant work below. 
We then moved our focus onto healthy eating. In our classes, we talked about what makes a balanced diet and how what we eat will affect our energy levels. The children used this information to create healthy lunchboxes, choosing between healthy and more unhealthy food items. 
We've had a fantastic day and we look forward to sharing what we have done, at home!
Wednesday 17th January 2018
We have had a fantastic time at the North Cambridge Academy Multi-sports morning, run by the young Sports Leaders. The children really enjoyed the activities being run and had a healthy start to their day.
Ask your children all about it and have a look at some of the pictures below!
Friday 12th January 2018
We had lots of fun today exploring different fruits as part of our 'Handa's Surprise' English topic. The children came up with some excellent adjectives to describe the fruit and we look forward to seeing some of these used in their innovated stories later on in the topic! 
The fruits we got to explore were: 
  • Mango
  • Blueberries
  • Kiwi
  • Lime 
  • Passion fruit
The children really enjoyed squeezing the fruit to use their sense of touch before smelling it and having a taste! 
Wednesday 10th January 2018
Today Year 1 set up an experiment using slices of bread to show how unwashed hands can affect the spread of germs. 
The children passed one slice around without washing their hands. We then rubbed one slice on a table and touched one with freshly washed hands. Finally we put one in the bag as a control. 
The children hope to see how the bread deteriorates over the next week and which bread will show the most mould. We look forward to seeing how the experiment has gone during out Science day next Friday!

Thursday 4th January 2018

Happy New Year and welcome back to Year 1!


We have had an exciting first day back this term, introducing our new topic ‘Super Humans’. In this topic we will be learning about our different senses and how to stay healthy.


For our entry point into this topic, we explored the use of four of our five senses, as the children have explained below.

“We used our hearing in the playground. I heard birds and planes and the wind was very noisy!”

“We used our sight to see the different colours in the playground. And we looked at the pictures of food to help us write our (healthy) shopping lists.”

“We used our touch to feel squishy, gooey spaghetti. We used our touch to feel soft wet bouncy water balls. We touched the gloves with baked beans in.”

“We used our smell to smell the play dough. I liked the chocolate flavoured one.”


Take a look at the pictures and video to see all of the activities we explored today and ask your children all about it!

28th November 2017
The children had lots of fun developing their understanding of halves. We started with shapes, marking the half way line, and then we cut out and folded the shapes to see if both sides were the same. Later in our next lesson we worked on halving numbers.
28th November 2017
Being outdoors is inspiring our writing! Forest School allows the children to imagine the fantastic and write stories about what ever they like. They love to sit in the log circle and dream of Princes and Princesses.  
28th November 2017
We have been enjoying our Forest Learning. In out last session we made hand prints and added a leaf frame. Making the most of the last autumn leaves! Then the flour we used turned into a writing medium and we enjoyed forming our names.
Monday 30th October 2017
This week in English the children will be looking at Firework poems in the build up to Bonfire night on Sunday. In today's lesson we looked at the poem 'Fireworks' by Jennifer Jenkins and had a go at reading and acting out the poem in groups. 
Have a listen to the children reading the poem in the video below!
Friday 22nd September 2017
During Forest Schools we have been learning about Autumn and the changes in the seasons. (Knowing the months of the year and the seasons is great for maths too!) As part of this we have had lots of fun making Leaf Monsters. Take a look below and see our scary creatures!
Wednesday 13th September
RLJ children were very excited to have a visit from Mrs Joyce this afternoon. She brought in a 15 day-old Evalyn and the children enjoyed sharing news with her after their summer holidays!
Tuesday 12th September
As the introduction to our new IPC topic, we have had a great time looking at buildings and then creating our own. See if you can identify the types of buildings we made from the pictures above. 
We have been asking the children to think of questions about buildings that they would like to know more about. Can your children share any questions with you, or can you take a walk in your local environment and look in more detail at the types of houses around you.
Many thanks for all of the junk modelling provided!! We continue to use junk modelling throughout the year, so please feel free to bring in any clean recyclable materials.