Year 1 Blog

Thursday 15th November 2018
This week, we have done lots of work on anti-bullying. This years theme is 'choose respect'. We have thought of different ways that we can show we respect other people. We have made our own posters with pictures and captions of how to do this.
Sunday 11th November 2018
In Maths last week, we have been looking at less and more. We have labelled groups of teddy bears with the correct labels. We have also rolled dice to get a number and then written down any number that is less and more than the number we have rolled. We have enjoyed playing games using dice in mixed ability pairs, the winner was the person who rolled the highest number!
Tuesday 31st October 2018
We started off the new half term by beginning to look at our new mini-topic of 'Castles'. We looked at some pictures of Castles and discussed who we thought might live in a castle/ be in a castle. We made our own knights helmets and hats.
Tuesday 2nd October 2018
In Maths, we have been working on solving one more and one less word problems. We then wrote down the number sentences in our Maths books. We used numberlines and practical resources to help us. Have a look at some of our work.
Thursday 13th September 2018
This week in Forest School we have been looking at what Harvest means. We've discussed how harvest is celebrated in different countries around the world. We've also talked about how different foods are harvested. In the classroom, we have completed activies such as sorting of foods into different food groups, harvest colouring, painting leaves to make window stickers. 
Friday 7th September 2018
What a lovely start to Year 1! The children have all come back from the holidays ready for Year 1. We've started off our term by doing lots of PSHCE work- playing getting to know you games, talking about our class rules. Here is a one of our ideas.
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