Year 1 Blog

Welcome to our Year 1 blog.
Scroll down to find out in more detail the things we have been learning and see some photos past and present.
Friday 24th January 2020
In Phonics, we have been revisiting the split sounds a-e, u-e. We have played some phonics games. Your child may have bought home one of the words and pictures from the u-e matching game, please ask them to read the word to you or they could add the sound buttons and show to you. 

Friday 17th January 2020

This week, we have started our new topic Superhumans. We began the topic by completing our entry point which involved a senses walk around the school. We used our 5 senses and drew what we could smell, hear, touch, taste and feel. As part of our knowledge harvest, we drew around a child and wrote down what we know about the human body. In English, we have written letters to the Queen which will be sent next week, we hope to hear back from her about whether she will let us borrow her crown!

Thursday 9th January 2020
We really enjoyed our trip to see the Pantomime of Cinderella at Cambridge Arts Theatre. Today, we discussed our favourite scenes. One of them was the scene in the spa where the Ugly Sisters kept slipping and sliding around the stage. We thought that it was hilarious
Thursday 12th December 2019
We all had a lovely day with History off the page (and Lord Patrick) doing our Castles event. In the morning, we could choose which activities we wanted to do. These included making leather purses, making soap and pies. There was also some gossip being spread around the Castle about Steven and Matilda. In the afternoon, some children were learning how to be servitors, other children were practising plays, juggling and singing. After this, we held our banquet and enjoyed food and entertainment.
Friday 29th November 2019
A huge thank you to all of our parents and carers who attended our Share a story event, it was lovely to see so many of you and your children enjoying the books and reading activities. Please find below some pictures from the event and a link to the powerpoint that was shared about how to help your child with reading at home. 
Friday 22nd November 2019
Today in Maths, we have been learning about the months of the year. We have sang the months of the year song and ordered the months of the year into the correct order. We loved singing the song! Please ask us to sing it at home. Some of us also talked about the timetable of the day.
Thursday 14th November 2019
This week it is anti bullying week, focusing on change starts with us. We have thought about how we can be good friends to others at breaktime, lunchtime and in class. Some of our ideas are playing kind with others, asking others to join in our games.
Friday 8th November 2019
We practise our tricky words everyday in Year 1. We often use games on Phonics Play to help us to do this such as tricky word trucks which we love! Here is a picture of us using it.
Friday 1st November 2019
This week, in English we have been looking at safety posters and today we created our own safety posters about how to stay safe on fireworks night. There are some really useful tips listed below!
Thursday 17th October 2019
This week, we have finished writing our Three Little Pigs innovated stories. Some of us have been writing captions for the wolf falling in the pot. Some of us have been writing our stories into our books using our success criteria. Our teachers are really impressed with our wonderful writing using the lines, take a look at some of it below!
Friday 11th October 2019
This week, we have completed some Joe Wicks 5 minute classroom workout videos. We had to do a variety of exercises. Some were quite tricky!
Thursday 3rd October 2019
This week, in our indoor forest school session we have been focusing on trees. We have done a variety of activities linked to trees such as leaf rubbing, leaf threading, making our own trees. Take a look below.
Friday 27th September 2019
We have been focusing on the story of the Three Little pigs over the last few weeks. The children have retold the story brilliantly- please ask them to retell it to you at home! Some children have cut out and ordered events in the story during busy learning. They have all drawn their own innovated story maps by changing the story e.g. changing the animals.
Friday 20th September 2019
This week in Maths we have been focusing on one more/one less. We have counted the number of cubes in towers and talked about what one more and one less would be. We have also used numicon to help us to see what one more and one less is. Some of us have been doing an extra challenge of finding some missing numbers using our knowledge of more and less.
Friday 6th September 2019
What a lovely start to Year 1! The children have drawn and written about their summer holidays. In Maths, the children have been practising counting and reading/writing numerals. Take a look at some of their writing that they have done below.