Year 1 Blog

Friday 22nd September 2017
During Forest Schools we have been learning about Autumn and the changes in the seasons. (Knowing the months of the year and the seasons is great for maths too!) As part of this we have had lots of fun making Leaf Monsters. Take a look below and see our scary creatures!
Wednesday 13th September
RLJ children were very excited to have a visit from Mrs Joyce this afternoon. She brought in a 15 day-old Evalyn and the children enjoyed sharing news with her after their summer holidays!
Tuesday 12th September
As the introduction to our new IPC topic, we have had a great time looking at buildings and then creating our own. See if you can identify the types of buildings we made from the pictures above. 
We have been asking the children to think of questions about buildings that they would like to know more about. Can your children share any questions with you, or can you take a walk in your local environment and look in more detail at the types of houses around you.
Many thanks for all of the junk modelling provided!! We continue to use junk modelling throughout the year, so please feel free to bring in any clean recyclable materials.