E-Safety and ICT

We see using technology as a set of very important life skills. People from all walks of life use ICT skills on a daily basis.
One of the ways you can help your child to develop their ICT skills at home, is by using the STARZ+ website which children access at school. This gives children a chance to communicate with each other in a safe and secure way. They can send and receive messages, respond to forums and manage their personal profile.
The home is a great place to support their learning and understanding.
  • Point out how important technology is to our lives. Ask your children if they can spot all the different technologies in different rooms of the house. When we programme the washing machine, we are using ICT skills. When we communicate with each other over the phone, we are using technology.
We give the message that being safe online is about demonstrating safe behaviours when using technology. One of the most important things to emphasise to your child is how to use the Internet safely. At school we think about being:
- keep personal details safe.
- do not meet anyone you have only spoken to online.
- do not accept a document or website link from someone you don't know.
- is this website a reliable information source?
- do I need to tell someone about what is happening?
For more information see:
For more guidance on E-safety please visit
www.thinkuknow.co.uk or www.childnet.com