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This month includes a report of the Girls football tournament! 

Thursday 10th March 2016
Shirley vs St Laurence School
On a lovely evening after a week of rain, Shirley boys got together for their first fixture of the term year. Shirley boys have not played in a competetive match against another school for several years and came up against a very strong, organised St Laurence team and performed fantastically well. This is due to the hard work of their coach at the school, Joe Peacock (Cambridge United apprentice), who has been running the after school club throughout the year. 
The first half displayed end to end football with great chances at both ends, particularly for the strikers of St Laurence in the first few minutes. Fortunately, Shirley had Istiaq in goal, who was outstanding throughout the match!
Kurtis, Jesse, Tanvir and Nathan defended well and near the end of the first half, St Laurence attacked too much, leaving little defence back. Shirley, like a panther, pounced on this opportunity, scoring the opening goal which Wyndell finished sublimely on the outside of his right foot (despite Anthony sprinting to try and tuck the ball away himself!) Carlo, Anthony and Devonne also had good chances at goal, Kamil and Thomas displayed some great runs on the wing and James showed some outrageous skill and passes in the first half. 
Unfortunately, soon after St Laurence equalised, somehow finding a way past Istiaq. 
The second half saw St Laurence kick into 6th gear with many chances and they scored two more great goals which meant we lost 1 - 3 in our first game, which was a fantastic effort.  The boys were very gracious in defeat, shaking hands with the opposition without being prompted and the teams shared three cheers! It is worth mentioning also that St Laurence had two girls playing in their team who were fabulous players (one of which scored a goal), great inspiration for our girls who played at Netherhall earlier this year! 
Girls Football Tournament at Netherhall School - 22.10.15
On a Thursday afternoon, having had one practise session, Shirley girls A and B team set off for Netherhall School for a tournament against 10 other primary schools. Shirley was the only school to enter 2 teams, which is a great achievement in itself!
Shirley A team play 5 games, won 2, drew 1 and lost 2. The girls played fantastically well in the correct spirit; congratulation the opposition, celebrating each others success, and playing with a smile on their faces. Leah and Naimh both scored powerful goals and Ceilidh, Rebecca and Honey scored penalties! Tianna made some wonderful saves and Elizabeth defended valiantly! It must be added that the girls only conceded 1 goal in the 5 games (against the team that came 2nd in the WHOLE tournament), the other game was a draw which they lost on penalties! 
Bearing in mind we only had one practise session and many of the girls have never played competetive football against other schools, Shirley B played extremely well, running their socks off and defending well. The girls created lots of scoring opportunities but didn't quite put the ball in the net! They played 5 games, drew 2 and lost 3, again playing the games with great sportsmanship.
All in all it was a brilliant afternoon, the girls will be playing in more matches and tournaments in the near future.

Year 3 - 4 House matches - 20.10.15

On what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, the year 3 - 4 girls and boys house matches were played. The overall winner is the house with the most points after both the girls and boys matches. 

Darwin were the winners after the girls won all their games coming 1st in their tournament and the boys came second, winning 2 out of three. 


1st  - Darwin – 9pts

2nd – Trinity – 4 pts

3rd – Emmanuel 3 pts

4th – Kings 1 pt



1st  - Kings– 7 pts

2nd – Darwin – 6 pts

3rd – Trinity – 2 pts

4th – Emmanuel 1 pt



1st – Darwin – 15pts

2nd – Kings – 8 pts

3rd – Trinity – 6 pts

4th – Emmanuel – 4pts  

We offer children the opportunities to take part in a variety of competitive sports. We have teams who represent the school in Cambridge Competitions and we also run house competitions so all the pupils get a taste of competition.

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