School Council

The votes have been counted and our new School Council Representatives have been announced...

1JC - Shruti  1SH -Jack 
2SW - Mark  2EM - Kristen 
3AE -Sandra  3 AS -Lily 
4AU -Jasmine  4EW - Jonathan 
5TM -Inaya  5SJ -Jakub 
6LTF - Freya  6LF - Angel 
At Shirley we have one school council representative from every class. They attend meetings at least once a half term. This year Mrs Roe is leading the School Council meetings.
During the meetings, the children have time to discuss important issues and make lots of decisions about things that are important to us at Shirley School. The School Council reps talk to the other children in their class during ’Class Council’ time. This is when the children all have a chance to find out what has been discussed at School Council and is also a chance for them to give their own ideas to their representative.
The School Council were very busy last year improving the outdoor environment and finding out pupils' views on school meal provision. 
This year's school council are excellent listeners and have been bringing lots of pupils' views and ideas to our meetings. They are keen to think of ways they can fundraise so that they can support various charities. We will be discussing this during our future meetings.