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Monday 6th July 
This week we start our second week on farms, looking at The Pig in the Pond! Please see the video below for an introduction to your learning tasks, and to see some examples of work from last week. 
Friday 3rd July 2020
What a busy week for home learners! We have enjoyed making up dances and sorting vegetables as part of Oliver's Vegetables maths this week. We have also done baking and crafts, such as the lovely butterfly, skeleton and scones below. We have all been working hard in phonics, and we have really enjoyed Farmer Duck-look at our super writing! 
Wednesday 1st July 2020
This week we have started a new topic all about farms. We have enjoyed reading the story, Farmer Duck, ordering the pictures from the story and retelling it. We have also been busy making lots of different farm animals and enjoying our other busy learning learning activities, all farm related.
Monday 29th June 2020
Please see the home learning video for this week below. 
Friday 26th June 2020
We made our own ships biscuits (also known as 'hard tack'). Pirates used to eat these because they lasted well whilst the pirates were at sea for weeks at a time. Ours were a bit tastier, so tasty I didn't get time to take a picture of all the finished biscuits in the tray!
Thursday 25th June 2020
Today we practised some animal yoga shapes in the classroom! We had fun pretending to be elephants, snakes and lots of other animals! We found it challenging to stay still the pose but we worked really, really hard.
Friday 26th June 2020
Look at our super home learning this week! We have a beautiful rainbow and dragon, and some fantastic work about pirates- can you spot a message in a bottle? We have also been working hard on the computer and writing our phonics, and also doing our maths. What fantastic work! 
Friday 26th June 2020
Lots of you were inspired to make and draw dragons, and to make up dragon dances, following our lovely week of Zog's maths activities. 
Here is another dragon story for you to enjoy! 
Thursday 25th June 2020
What super home learning you are doing! Look at our fantastic writing and maths activities!
Wednesday 24th June 2020
Gosh, what hot weather we're having this week! We have been trying to keep cool whilst enjoying lots more pirate activities! The children have been doing some adding of pirate jewels, making and staining treasure maps with tea and writing descriptions of pirates. We also enjoyed our time in the nature area, sheltering from the sun in the many dens and digging in the shade. 
Tuesday 23rd June 2020
This week, Mrs Morris will be taking on Reception home learning. Please see the video below!
Monday 22nd June 2020
Please find the video from Miss Harris below celebrating the children's work from last week and showing the certificate that your child could receive if they send in some great home learning :) 1-2 given per week! We look forward to receiving your home learning this week.
Thursday 18th June 2020
We made some treasure chests inspired by our story, 'The Treasure of Pirate Frank'! We painted some egg-boxes with brown, glittery paint, before adding gold paper trim and some stick on jewels. 
Thursday 18th June 2020
For our Maths home learning, we have been looking at the Snail and the whale. We have created some lovely snail patterns, take a look...
Wednesday 17th June 2020
This week we carried out a great experiment to show how we need to get rid of germs on our hands. We put pretend germs (glitter!) all over our hands (with a little bit of help from some hand gel to make them stick!) then we tired getting the germs off with a paper towel, that didn't work. Then we tried just using water. That didn't work either. Finally we tried using soap and water and all the germs came off and our hands were sparkly clean!
Tuesday 16th June 2020
In school this week we have started our Pirate topic... we have loved reading our new book 'Pirate Frank' and retelling this using actions. We have also been story mapping the key parts of the book. We have been building up our finger strength in the Funky Finger area by digging for treasure using tweezers and in Maths we have been sharing pirate treasure between treasure chests to find half of an amount!
Tuesday 16th June 2020
In English this week, we are focusing of the story The Treasure of Pirate Frank. The children have begun to form their story maps by ordering pictures from the story. The children have been working hard practising their Phonics. I've also enjoyed receiving pictures of other things the children have been doing such as drawing.
Monday 15th June 2020
Please find below a video from myself (Miss Harris) celebrating some of the home learning that was sent in last week! Please keep sending it in, it's so lovely to see what the children are doing and they are working so hard.
Friday 12th June 2020
We have finished our week based around the book Superworm. I have seen lots of fantastic writing! Great counting forwards and backwards too.
Wednesday 10th June 2020
Yesterday we read the book Silly Billy by Anthony Browne and in the book the little boy has some worry dolls. Today we enjoyed making our own worry dolls.
Tuesday 9th June 2020
We have a great first two days back at school in our bubbles. We have enjoyed seeing each other, sharing stories and getting back into some of our usual activities such as creative activities, funky finger challenges and phonics. 
Today RB bubble went to visit the school garden. We did lots of exploring what is growing, lots of watering and some weeding!! We've also been doing the daily mile out on the field. 
Tuesday 9th June 
Thank you for sending in your home learning so far this week. We have been learning about the story of Superworm. There has been some great ordering of the story. Also, some lovely Maths artwork has been completed too!
Monday 7th June
Please find a video below from myself (Miss Harris) with a short introduction to myself and this week's home learning. As well as your English and Maths tasks, you will also have your daily Phonics tasks. I look forward to hearing from you this week and learning more about you!
Monday 7th June 
Please find below a music video created by Shirley school staff. We hope that you enjoy it!
Friday 5th June
Please find below some information videos for those of you who are returning to school on Monday! We talk about how you will arrive at school, what your 'bubble' will look like, the adults you will be working with and other key things you might want to know!
Information for the RA bubble with Miss Munnelly 
Information for the RB Bubble with Mrs Carter and Mrs Roe
Information for the RC Bubble with Miss Burles
Monday 1st June
Here is the weekly video explaining all of the home learning activities for this week! 
Attention all Reception writers! Miss Burles is holding a writing competition for the children at Shirley! It would be great to see you entering and sharing your wonderful writing based on the outdoors!
Check out the details below and don't forget to enter by Monday 8th June! All entries can be emailed to your class email account. 
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Wednesday 20th May 2020
This week we have enjoyed starting a new topic all about minibeasts. In English we have been singing minibeast rhymes and describing different minibeasts. In maths we have been learning shapes and doing lots of counting. In phonics lots of you have been practising reading and writing the Phase 3 phonemes and words with them in.
Thank you for emailing us all the wonderful photos and videos of your home learning. Miss Munnelly, Mrs Roe and I love looking at them! Please keep them coming.
Monday 18th May
This weeks video introduces all of the home learning tasks and activities for the week and our new topic... 
Wednesday 13th May 2020
We've had lots more fantastic home learning emailed to us this week. Thank you. There has been super writing, lots of phonics practice, estimating the number of objects, more Supertato and super vegetables writing, making a Supertato salad and of course more beautiful artwork. Please keep sending it in. We love looking at what you've been doing at home.
Monday 11th May
This weeks video introduces all of the home learning tasks and activities for the week... 
Wednesday 6th May 2020
We have had lots more amazing home learning going on this week.
Teya has written her own Beegu story at home. It is super Teya! Well done.
Please keep sending us your wonderful work, we love looking at it.
Also take a look at the adventures of Jack's Super Carrot and Supertato he has made!
Tuesday 5th May
It seems like you have been loving the new superhero theme almost as much as the adults this week! We have had some great super powered vegetables made! Miss Munnelly's Supertato has been busy as well! 
Take a look at the photos to see some of the creations we have had sent into us this week! 
Hello from us..
Please find below videos from the Reception Teachers whilst we can't all be together at school!
Wednesday 29th April 2020
We've made it to the last week of April! It's been lovely seeing the photos of all the great home learning going on. This week we have continued our space theme and the story this week is Aliens Love Underpants! Children have been enjoying the new DFE Phonics Lessons online as well as completing lots of other activities. Please do keep sending in photos to your class email address.
Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Welcome back to the summer term! We've had a great start to the term with some super home learning. This week the children read the story of Beegu and made story maps and thought about his feelings. In maths, children have been thinking about doubling and halving and some children started Phase 4 of phonics, reading and writing words with 4 phonemes in. 
Please keep sending us your photos of home learning. We love sharing them. 
Tuesday 31st March 2020
The children have been completing more great home learning activities this week. Our story is We're Going on an Egg Hunt and children have been retelling the story and setting up their own egg hunts in their homes. 
There has also been lots of super phonics and maths work too. It has also been lovely to hear about children baking and doing many other creative activities at home too. 
Thursday 26th March 2020
What a different week it's been this week! We have really missed seeing and teaching the children. We have however thoroughly enjoyed seeing the home learning that has been emailed to us. Please keep sending it to our class email addresses. We hope you are all well and enjoying the activities we have set. Please let us know how you are finding the home learning so that we can continue to set learning that is appropriate and that you find helpful. 
Tuesday 17th March 2020
This week we are retelling The Three Billy Goats Gruff, traditional tale.
The children had the challenge of making a bridge for the billy goats and they made some great bridges out of junk modelling and wooden blocks. 
Our number of the week this week is 20. Can you find 20 objects to count out at home?
Friday 13th March 2020
We thoroughly enjoyed retelling another traditional tale this week, Jack and The Beanstalk. The children wrote some great sentences about the story and made beanstalk pictures. 
RCR had a good Forest School morning on Wednesday and even found a newt in the pond!
We finished off the week with a lovely paired reading session with Year 6. Thank you for coming to read to us, Year 6.
World Book Day 2020
We were so impressed with the effort the children had made to dress up as a book character - amazing costumes and so much excitement!!
The Great Gingerbread Escape - the children were shown a video of a group of gingerbread people that had escaped from the school kitchen and were running around the school! They drew wanted posters to display around the school, maps of where they think they went and filled out police reports to record the incident. The children enjoyed following their maps and interviewing adults on their way around the school in an effort to find clues an ultimately to discover where the gingerbread people were hiding. Unfortunately, our search was unsuccessful, but we're going to keep an eye out over the next few days in case we discover them!
We also enjoyed having our face painted and reading with the older children.
Wednesday 4th March 2020
RCR had a great morning for Forest School. We saw lots of frogspawn in the pond and we even spied a big frog! We also caught a newt and some little snails. 
We made instruments out of tin cans, hung them up on the tree branches and enjoyed playing them.
Wednesday 26th February 2020
We've had a busy start to the half term and thoroughly enjoyed retelling the traditional tale The Gingerbread Man. We made a class story map and used puppets to retell the story. We also carried out an investigation to see what happens when you put a gingerbread man in water! We made some predictions and then carried out the investigation and watched what happened to the gingerbread man.
RCR had a shorter Forest school session this morning as it was rather chilly! However we still enjoyed tree climbing, making mud mixtures, playing hide and seek and pond dipping. Mrs Wilson even caught a newt! 
Friday 14th February 
Today we were lucky enough to be visited by Wood Green Animal Shelter! They came to talk to us all about hamsters! We started by learning about the correct size cage a Hamster would need- it was bigger than we thought it would be... did you know in the wild that Hamsters would walk 5 miles a DAY!!
We then learnt about all of the different things we should put into the cage to make it a great home for the hamsters. We had to choose the correct bedding, make sure the Hamster had toys to play with and also things such as food and water... take a look at our final cage --> do you think we made a nice home for the Hamster?
We even shared some of the work we have been doing about Hamsters with our host Adam.. we think he was impressed with our drawings!
We would like to thank Wood Green Animal Shelter for coming in to talk to us today... the children loved the session! 
Thursday 13th February 2020
This week is Safety Week in school and we have been thinking about different ways we stay safe at home, at school and when we are out and about. Tuesday was E-Safety Day and we thought about how we use mobile devices responsibly. Today we shared our ideas in a circle time and then by discussing and sort pictures into 'safe' and 'unsafe'. Tomorrow we are having a visit from Wood Green Animal Charity and we will be learning about how to stay safe around animals, particularly dogs.
Wednesday 5th February 2020
This week we read the traditional tale Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The children enjoyed retelling it and playing in the small world, role playing parts of the story. 
RCR had a good Forest School this morning. We enjoyed looking at the ice on the pond and did lots of digging and tree climbing.
We have continued to learn our Phase 3 phonemes and been practising writing words with them in. We have also been doing our regular handwriting sessions, practising our careful letter formation.
Wednesday 29th January 2020
This week we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year story and how the animals had a race to see the order they would come in the Zodiac. We learnt this is the year of the rat. The children did some great writing about the story, as well as making lanterns and stick dragons.
On Tuesday we shared photos of celebrations and festivals we've had at home and with our families and friends. It was great to hear children talking about these special times.
It was a chilly but good Forest School this morning. The children learnt how to use a D-saw to chop wood to make stick dogs. 
Wednesday 22nd January 2020
We are having another busy week in Reception which started with a visitor on the school field! We went on a dinosaur hunt and found some dinosaur eggs in a nest! We then wrote about it back in class.
Yesterday, we read the story Dinosaur Roar and talked about the similarities and differences between different dinosaurs.
Today, RCR had a good Forest School session, making masks, drawing and writing with charcoal and doing some digging.
Wednesday 15th January 2020
This week we have started our new topic all about Dinosaurs. On Monday we watched a video showing that a dinosaur had been in our playground!
We enjoyed our first Forest School of 2020 and went hunting for mini dinosaurs as well as making dinosaur masks.
Sunday 12th January 2020
Happy New Year everyone!
We had a great first week back after the holiday with the highlight being a trip to the Pantomime to see Cinderella! It was fantastic and such a treat for us all. We enjoyed retelling the story in class, using a story map to help us remember the events in order.
We also started Phase 3 of our Phonics learning and learnt sh and ch sounds. 
Friday 13th December 2019
What a busy week we've had in Reception. We have been practising our nativity, ready for performing it to families next week. We have also been making Christmas cards and presents, as well as doing lots of Christmas phonics activities. 
Wednesday 4th December 2019
This week we are busy practising our Wriggly Nativity. We are nearly ready to show it to our parents!
Also we have been making decorations, decorating the classrooms and getting into the Christmas spirit. Each classroom has also had a little visitor! A naughty elf! We are teaching him how to behave and look after the classroom! We have been drawing and started to write about what he gets up to. 
Wednesday 27th November 2019
This week we have continued our topic work on Owl Babies. We have been writing sentences about where Mummy Owl went and done some super owl artwork.
Monday 25th November 2019
This morning REM visited the school library for the first time this year and selected the books which they wanted to take home for the week. The children were very respectful of the library and really enjoyed the process of choosing their own books and then scanning them out. We spoke to the children about the importance of bringing their books back each week!
A big thanks to the junior librarians in 5CS for helping us to use the library!
RCR's time slot is at the end of the week! 
Wednesday 20th November 2019
We had a lovely but rather chilly Forest School session today in RCR. The children thoroughly enjoyed making bird feeders, threading cheerios onto wire and then labeling them ready to take home and hang up on a tree! They also planted some bulbs and continued to explore the changing nature area.
Also this week we have been subtracting in maths. We use objects to help and take them away from a group and then count how many we have left. We are getting very good at recording our number sentences.
Wednesday 13th November 2019
As part of Anti Bullying week, this week we shared the story, 'The Ugly Five' by Julia Donaldson. We talked about why everyone, including the animals who thought they were ugly, are all beautiful in different ways. 
We also used an apple to show that if you say unkind words to someone, it can hurt them on the inside, shown by the bruises on the apple. 
We also shared the story, 'Have you filled your bucket today?' that tells us how we all have an imaginary bucket with us and we can fill it up by being kind to others. This will make us feel good. We can also fill other peoples' buckets up and that will make them feel good too. The children then enjoyed making their own little buckets.
Wednesday 6th November
RCR had another great Forest School session this morning. We made hats and crowns using autumn leaves. There was also chocolate mud cake making, hide and seek, tree climbing and lots of exploring!
We continue to use technology in class. Many children practise learning letter sound playing Cambugs and also play various games and programmes in class.
Wednesday 30th October 2019
We had a lovely morning at Forest School today. The children remembered lots of the Forest School rules such as walking around the fire circle and be careful with the nettles and brambles. Today we did some tree climbing. The children were very confident and careful climbing and took turns. We also managed to do some pond dipping, when the decking had dried. We were very careful and remembered to lie down on the decking to pond dip.
Wednesday 16th October 2019
RCR thoroughly enjoyed their first Forest School session this morning. The children did a brilliant job putting their waterproofs and wellies on. We collected leaves on the way to the nature area and enjoyed splashing in the puddles on the playground. When we got there we sat in the fire circle and talked about some of the Forest School agreements, including walking around the fire circle, not touching thorns and mushrooms and keeping well back from the edge of the pond and the platform when wet. The children really enjoyed exploring the area, playing in the dens, drilling holes in wood to make instruments to hang up in the trees, making music using sticks and wooden tubes and role playing. We look forward to our next session after half term. 
Tuesday 8th October 2019
In PE we have been continuing our unit of work, using the apparatus and practising and developing our jumping and landing skills.
Tuesday 8th October
Autumn has well and truly hit Reception this week... we have been celebrating all things linked with the season!
In Maths we have been sorting leaves based on their colour and making block charts with our results, we have also been matching numerals and their quantities.
In our small world area we have been exploring the different sounds, sites and smells of Autumn. 
In our Funky Finger Area we have been threading beads onto our empty Autumn trees!
Wednesday 2nd October 2019
This week we have read the story, The Scarecrows' Wedding and have been doing lots of play and learning about Autumn, including going on a hunt for autumnal objects. When the weather has been dry, we have been enjoying playing in our outdoor area. The children are brilliant at climbing and we have also had the instruments out and been exploring making different rhythms.
Wednesday 25th September 2019
This week we have read lots of stories including Elmer, We're Going on a Bear Hunt and The Squirrels Who Squabbled. In PE we use the equipment and went on our own bear hunt, going through the different things such as the forest and cave. The children enjoyed joining in retelling the story as they went along.
Wednesday 18th September 2019
We are enjoying our first full week in Reception and have been busy finding out about ourselves, sharing the book, 'What Makes Me, Me?' and doing lots of other fun busy learning. We have also been looking at the numbers 1 and 2 and exploring the numicon.
Wednesday 11th September 2019
The new Reception children have made a brilliant start to the school year. We have been getting to know each other, exploring the classroom and having fun. We have also been sharing lots of nursery rhymes, including Twinkle, twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Humpty Dumpty. 
Friday 19th June
Yesterday we made the most of the rain by doing some rainy day painting outside in the puddles and today we were using coins and numberlines to solve subtraction problems.
Wednesday 16th October 2019
The children are getting really good at writing their names after lots of practice during Quiet Learning time in the mornings. We have also been writing numerals too.
We have also enjoyed reading The Colour Monster book. The children loved exploring all of the different emotions in the book and they made their own colour monsters to represent the different feelings.