Blog: R 2018-19

Welcome to our Reception blog.
Scroll down to find out in more detail the things we have been learning and see some photos past and present.
Friday 28th June 2019
This week has been diversity week in school and in Reception we have been learning how we can be a global citizen by helping to look after our environment. We have thought about ways that we can help reduce plastic pollution and have been using plastics to create artwork and other things e.g. plastic bag kites.
Wednesday 19th June
We have thoroughly enjoyed starting our new topic about Farms this week. We read Farmer Duck and wrote super sentences about different parts of the story. 
In Forest School, we had lots of fun making insects out of clay. We know that an insect has a head, a thorax and an abdomen. 
Wednesday 5th June 2019
Reception have thoroughly enjoyed reading Supertato this week. The children wrote lists of what they would need to make their own and then made them using different materials and ideas.
Wednesday 22nd May
RJR had a super morning at Forest schools. We were artists and painted lots of wonderful paintings. There was also lots of story telling and making.
Wednesday 1st May 2019
This week we have continued our topic work on castles. In maths we have been adding 2 groups of objects by counting on to find the total number. In English we have been writing facts about castles. 
In Forest School today, RJR found 3 newts in the pond, chopped up more hazel sticks and made music with them and even did some tree climbing!
Wednesday 24th April 2019
What a super start to the summer term we had this morning, with our first Forest School. RJR enjoyed chopping little logs of hazel wood and using them to make music. The children also enjoyed singing songs, using their wood blocks to accompany them. As well as making music, we found a newt in the pond, made a den and enjoyed role playing a tea party and cooking soup!
Wednesday 3rd April
We had great fun during Forest Schools this week. The children enjoyed collecting items from the nature area, using them to decorate the initial letter of their name. We also had fun catching and observing some tadpoles from the pond. There were lots of different sizes and they were very quick at swimming! 
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French Week
Today we listened to some stories in French and learned some French vocabulary.
Monday 11th March 2019
Today we started our new topic of 'fairy tales' we started by looking at the story of The Gingerbread Man. We read the story this morning and made stick puppets to help us to retell the story in our small world area. This afternoon we carried out a science experiment. We wanted to work out the reason why the Gingerbread Man didn't want to cross the river in the story. We made predictions about what we think might happen if we dropped the Gingerbread Man into water. Then we carried out the experiment... take a look at the photos to see what happened!
Thursday 7th February 2019
This week is safety week in school and we are learning about how to stay safe when we are out and about. The children have heard a story about teddy not doing up his seat belt in the car. They have role played crossing roads and learned about the different professions that help us to stay safe e.g. police, School Patrol person.
Monday 28th January 2019
Today we kick started our new topic of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by bringing our favourite teddies to breakfast! We read and retold the story, then sat down in our very own classroom cafe to order bear toast or bear porridge.

Tuesday 23rd January 

On Monday we went on a dinosaur hunt, we were looking for the eggs, which the dinosaur had told us were missing!

On Tuesday we looked back at the pictures which we had taken the day before and we made a story map of the journey that we went on. We then filmed us telling the dinosaur adventure hunt… take a look at the video below to join in with our story! We think you might recognise the theme!

Monday 21st January 2019
The dinosaur has left us another letter! It wants our help because it has lost its eggs. So, we went on an egg hunt and we found a nest of eggs at the end of the field. 
Wednesday 16th January 2019
This week we found more footprints in the playground outside. The strange thing was, that they weren't there when we arrived at school on Monday morning, but by 9:30am they were! We decided that this meant the dinosaur is not coming to school to eat us. We read 'Dear Dinosaur' and thought it would be a good idea to write a letter to the dinosaur to find out why it keeps coming to our school. We haven't heard back yet... 
We also learnt about herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs and had a go at sorting different dinosaurs into the two groups, based on some common features. Herbivores tended to walk on four legs and have flat teeth which were good for grinding plants. Carnivores usually walked on two legs, had two arms and big sharp teeth - perfect for catching and eating other dinosaurs!
Wednesday 9th January 2019
During the school holidays there was a dinosaur break in! A T-Rex got into our school and messed up the Core, knocking over chairs! A security camera in school caught the footage. The police were called and they checked that the school was safe to return to. No-one knows where the T-Rex is now, so keep an eye out!
Friday 14th December
A big congratulations to all the children for their wonderful performances this week - the sing, dancing and acting was all amazing!!!
The preparation and productions have kept us busy this week but in addition to this we have been enjoying lots of Christmas art and craft activities including making salt dough decorations, writing letters to Santa and doing to Christmas counting.
Monday 3rd December
Christmas Fever has well and truly hit Reception today! The children arrived to find that Father Christmas had sent a naughty elf to our classes to learn how to behave from watching the children. The elf had created a small world area in the classroom which was like the North Pole, to make himself feel more at home. The elf himself had left us notes around the classroom to read, these explained why he had come to our classrooms. We then got a special delivery from the office which was envelope with a letter from Father Christmas as well as a diary for everyone to record what happens to the Elf every day. Let's hope he starts to behave soon! 
Monday 19th November 2018
Today we started a new story of Owl Babies. We thought about how the characters were feeling and wrote character descriptions. We were also busy making owls in the creative area!
12th November 2018 Anti- Bullying week
This week we have started learning about anti- bullying week. In Reception we are focusing on kindness week, we have started by reading the book, 'the bucketful of kindness', we have then made our own buckets which we are going to fill with kind things this week.
We have also thought about what happens when we use unkind words to each other. We said horrible things to one apple and kind things to another apple. We spoke about how although the apples looked the same on the outside when we cut them open we saw that one was bruised from our unkind words.
Thursday 8th November 2018
This week we have been working hard in phonics to practise blending and reading simple words using the sounds that we know. 
Tuesday 6th November 2018
This morning RJR went out to forest schools for the first time. We got our waterproof clothes and welly boots on and walked to the nature area at the back of the school field. When we got there we has snack around the fire circle, then explored the nature area and had a go at some forest school activities including filling bird feeders, measuring each other with leaves, and peeling pieces of dead wood using a vegetable peeler. 
Tuesday 9th October 2018
This afternoon the children from Reception had a great time working together to build an obstacle course. It took lots of hard work and the children who joined in listened to their friends about how to complete the obstacle course. Fantastic teamwork, cooperation and self-challenge Reception! 
Friday 21st September 2018
This week we have been getting to explore more of our classrooms and enjoy experiencing new parts of the curriculum. We have been focusing on shapes this week and have really enjoyed making shape monsters, sorting shapes and also using the 2D shapes to make different pictures. We have already learnt so much and are excited to be coming in full time from Monday! 
All of the reception team want to welcome in all of new children! We are so excited to meet you over the next few days and have you come into school and start your learning journey!
We have been so busy already completing lots of different activities, take a look at some of the pictures below! We can't wait to welcome the rest of you into school on Monday and Tuesday!
Monday 24th June 2019
We've had a fantastic day in Reception today, as Ark Farm came to visit. We saw lots of different animals including a donkey, sheep, 3 ducks, a goat, 2 kids, some hens, a pig and a dog! We learnt lots of interesting facts about them.
Thank you for coming to Shirley School, Ark Farm.