Reception Home Learning

Welcome to the RECEPTION Home Learning Page!

The staff in EYFS have created a programme of work to support your child with learning at home. On the page you will find a selection of directed activities, learning challenges, advice for supporting learning and on line resources.

We realise that everyone`s family circumstances will be different and we have tried to be mindful of what parents can achieve at home. The selection of resources is not a compulsory list, but more a selection of daily suggestions to ensure that your child is maintaining the learning that they have done in school.

EYFS is a play based curriculum and during a typical school day children engage in a significant amount of play and activity based learning, many of the activities that we suggest reflect this.

Whilst we have included some ICT based support activities, we would encourage screen time to be limited. At this age children need to play with and experience toys and `real` objects as these build concrete concepts that provide a basis for future learning.

Keep Safe and we hope to see you all as soon as we can! 

Miss Munnelly, Mrs Carter and Mrs Roe. #


*Don't forget to keep sending in evidence of any learning at home which you are doing at the moment to our class email accounts*

- RCR: (Mrs Carter and Mrs Roe)

- REM: (Miss Munnelly)

Daily Timetable – Reception




Before 9am

Eat breakfast

Get dressed for the day

Complete your food diary for today- what healthy breakfast did you have this morning?


English Learning task 1

See the daily English task for you to complete, remember there are 3 different levels of challenge, Red, Yellow and Blue pick your favourite activity and record your learning.


Physical Time

Either outside or inside have a run around! We are recommending the Tumble Tots UK daily workouts or the Joe Wicks PE classes to follow. Please look on Facebook or YouTube for these classes.


Maths Learning task 2

See the daily Maths task for you to complete, there will either be 3 levels of challenge again or an investigation task with an optional extension task if necessary.





Quiet time


Phonics practice

Don’t forget to look on BUG CLUB and Rising Stars to download your books!

For Phonics there will be 3 colour coded challenges a day to choose from!


Wider Curriculum Learning task 3

These tasks will be linked to all of the other areas of the curriculm in rotation we will look at PSHE, RE, Communication and language tasks and a whole range of others during this time. Sometimes they may be colour coded and sometimes they will be more of an investigation and challenge!


Outdoors fresh air time

Free time to explore your own interests. We have some Forest Learning activities which we can send over the next few weeks to complete at home!

Please look in the resources files below for descriptions of each activity and the resources to help to complete them! 
Extra Resources 
In this section we will be adding lots of other resources which you can dip in and out of as necessary. We will be updating website links and other resources as they become available. If your child finishes the daily activities these could be some good additional educational activities to complete. 
Phonics play- this website is available free of charge whist schools are closed:
Create a free account with the username: march password:home
Collins Big Cat

This website where they have made all their ebooks free during school closure. These are fantastic books which we use a lot at school, and children can read books at their colour band level.