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Monday 2nd October
Today we started our topic of Bear Hunt and acted out the story. We also made Bear Hunt "small worlds" where we worked really carefully cutting, ripping, rolling and gluing to make each different obstacle along the way. Ask your child if they can tell you the story.
We also started a science experiment about keeping healthy. We are monitoring what happens to bread when it is left. Some bread was touched by all our dirty hands but others we only touched with clean hands- which one will get the most moldy? At home you could practice washing hands really well and perhaps even make up a hand washing song?
Thursday 21st September
This week we agreed our class rules to try to make sure we are happy, healthy learners! We also read the story of The Rainbow Fish and have thinking about how we can be kind in our words and actions. We really enjoyed making our amazing Rainbow fish!
This Saturday 23rd September there is a Working Party to sand and stain the fence around our school garden. It is 9-12 o'clock and there will be refreshments available. Accompanied children are really welcome too- there will be lots of jobs for them. Please come along and join the fun.
Wednesday 13th September
This week the children have started to stay for lunch and we have been so impressed with their healthy eating! We have been practising using our knives and forks. Also this week, we have been discussing our families and drawing lots of pictures of people who are special to us. The children have been working together really well and are settling in to their new routines. We look forward to welcoming them full time next week!
Monday 11th September 2017
Wow! What a busy week in Reception, all the children have now attended Reception and spent at least a morning or afternoon in the classroom. There have been lots of activities for us to try. Last week, we had a wonderful teddy bears picnic with all our parent/carers and our teachers and teaching assistants. Thank you to TESCOS Milton for donating lots of the food and drink and to all the teachers and teaching assistants who prepared the picnic. Everybody was happy and had a lovely time!Take a look at the photos below.