Pre-school Blog 2020-2021

Friday 8th January 2021
New children's play session.
A huge welcome to all our new children and families who started with us this week. They all enjoyed the introductory play session, and were able to meet other new children too. We are sure they are going to settle in really well and look forward to spending time with them at Pre-school. Here are some photos of them getting to know each other!  
Friday 18th December 2020
The children had a lovely surprise when Santa came to visit them. He gave Pre-school some presents which were some Remote control cars and Mini microphones. The children were so excited to see him and had fun opening the presents.
Wednesday 16th December 20
The children went on a Christmas themed treasure hunt in Preschool! Armed with a clipboard, pencil, and a sheet of paper with pictures of Santa, an elf, a wreath, presents, a reindeer, a Christmas tree and a stocking, they went hunting for the corresponding pictures in the classroom, ticking them off on their paper once they had found them.  
Thursday 10th December 2020
On our visit to the nature area this week, the children went on a hunt for different types of creatures. They used magnifying glasses to help them find minibeasts under logs and leaves, and took pictures of what they had found with an iPad. They looked out for birds and squirrels too, and really enjoyed exploring the environment. 
Thursday 3rd December 2020
We are well underway with preparations for Christmas, and the children have been really busy with craft activities. They have used their imaginations to decorate Santa pictures, stockings and Christmas trees with lots of sparkly gems and sequins which has helped them to practice their fine motor skills. Enjoy looking at the photos to see their creations!
Friday 27th November 2020
The children have been getting really physical this week, practising their gross motor skills.
They used different types of equipment like the balance beam and the hilltops to walk along and then jump off at the end. Putting their arms out to to the side and bending their legs when jumping helped them to balance and be in control of their movements.
Friday 20th November 2020 
The children loved taking part in a colour hunt this week in our nature area. They used clips boards to hold their writing frames and made marks with their pencil to checked off the colours as they found them. While hunting they found that they could compare various shades off the same colours.  
Friday 13th November 2020
The children have had a busy week; as well as continuing with our clothes topic and laughing at the story The Emperor's New Clothes they have been learning about the Children in Need charity and looking at more patterns, this time on socks. 
They have learnt some new moves while joining in with Jo Wicks' 5 minute work outs every day. Jo Wicks is the first ever Schools ambassador for Childfen in Need.
Despite the weather turning a little colder we continue to make the most of our outdoor areas. The childrten were a little dissapointed that most of the pondlife has gone but soon forgot that when we saw a squirrel, several birds and some bugs in the nature area. 
Having looked at patterns on pants last week we looked at socks this week and the cbhildlren practiced finding the matching patterns while playing with pairs of socks.   
Friday 16th October 2020
During our trip to the field this week, we turned it in to a race track and had some races! It was great lining up at the start line, which was the yellow hose, then waiting for the 'ready' 'steady' 'go' and then running as fast as we could to the tree. It was such fun getting our bodies moving and having fun with our friends. We also sang 'the wheels on the bus' together too.
Friday 9th October 2020
Continuing with our topic about bears the children had the chance to do some role play this week. They helped to build a cave using upturned tables and some fabric draped over them, and then used their imaginations pretending to move around the room like bears looking for food, and then bringing it back to the cave. We had a lot of fun and the children really enjoyed acting out being a bear and incorporating the cave into their play.  
Thursday 3rd December 2020
We have now started our preparations for Christmas, and the children are very busy doing lots of craft activities. They have enjoyed using their imaginations, to decorate Christmas trees, stockings, and Santa pictures, and used their thumbs and fingers to pick up gems to place onto the pictures which strengthens fine motor skills. Enjoy looking at what they have created! 
Thursday 1st October 2020
We had our first visit to the nature area this week, and the children really enjoyed exploring the new environment. They learned how to line up and walk in pairs, and we talked about the rules we needed to follow in order to stay safe. During the visit they were able to take a look into the pond from the viewing platform and were able to find out what was in there. The children found lots of things that sparked there curiosity and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their surroundings.    
Thursday 24th September 2020
How wonderful! A member of Shirley school staff called Sarah Magee has donated to the school three murals she has painted, this one was given to Pre-school and we have put it up in our outside area. What a lovely scene of some beach huts and a huge thank you to Sarah for giving this to us to display! The children will really enjoy looking at it and we hope you do too.
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Wednesday 9th September 2020
Play Session
It was so lovely to welcome the first of our new Pre-school children this morning. We all had a great time playing and getting to know each other, and the children enjoyed exploring all of the activities on offer. We are all looking forward to them starting with us next week, and here are some fantastic photos of them in action!