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Here you will find lots of ideas for activities which your children can do at home - with you, on their own or as a family group. These activities usa a variety of topics to cover different areas of learning so we hope you'll find plenty for them to enjoy. 
Feel free to share your good ideas with us too. If you have found something which is particularly useful do let us know so we can share it with others. 
We would love to see some of the things your children are doing while they are busy learning at home. Please email some photos and comments to us so we can enjoy them too. 
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Have a look at the poster below about helping to make a pebble snake. 
Pebble snakes are being made at three Cambridge locations. There's one at the North Cambridge Child and Family Centre, another at the Field's Child and Family Centre, and another at Fawcett in Trumpington.  
The idea is that your child paints a pebble and adds it to one of the the existing snakes to help it grow and grow! 
Please take a photo of your child's decorated pebble and send to the Cambridge City Child and Family Centres facebook page. 
Have fun! 
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