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Welcome to our pre-school blog.
Scroll down to find out in more detail the things we have been learning and see some photos past and present.
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Thursday 13th December 2018
We are so proud of the pre-school children this week. Well actually we always feel proud of them, but especially so this week as they dressed up as reindeer, Santas and snowmen and performed their Christmas songs to their families. They also sang a couple of their favourite rhymes from this term. 
Don't forget to stick the new rhyme in your child's Songs & Rhymes book each week. Then you can practice it at home with them whenever you like. 
Friday 23rd November 2018
The children have been busy builders this week. They've used various construction toys and made models of different sizes. Rockets, towers, castles and vehicles were just some of the things they made. 
Monday 19th November 2018 
Last week was anti-bullying week at school. The pre-school children were practicing being kind, sharing and turn taking. They are lovely friends to each other and they have a great time playing together. 
Friday 9th November 2018
The pre-school children enjoy lots of pre-reading experiences.
From recognising their own name card when they arrive at school to using the pictures in books to help them tell a story. The children practice early reading skills through all sorts of activities, even ICT. They can use a tablet or the computer to play games which help them learn to recognise letters and words.  
Friday 2nd November 2018
Bears was a great topic; the children really enjoyed finding out about real bears as well as sharing some fun stories about fictional ones. We now have a two displays in the corridor outside pre-school, one of which is based on the book Sneezy Bear - this was one of the children's favourites. Next time you're in school do come and have a look and talk with your child about them. 
This term's topic is Clothes and we're starting with pants! We're enjoying the rhyming book called Pants and looking at patterns on the pants in it. Other stories this week include Dinosaurs Love Underpants, Aliens Love Underpants and Bottoms up! These stories are causing quite a giggle :) 
Friday 19th October 2018
The children have really enjoyed our bear topic this term. We ended it this week with a teddy bears' picnic of honey sandwiches and bear biscuits. As Sneazy Bear would say, 'It was stickerly delicious!' 
The children made some brown bears, polar bears and bear paws. You can see them hard at work and the finished bears in the photos below. They're great :)  
We hope you all have a lovely half term break. School opens again on Monday 29th October. 
Friday 12th October 2018
The children always enjoy being outside and the dry, mild weather is making it even better!
They are using all of the areas in the garden and are learning how to look after themselves as well as the equipment and toys.
Friday 28th September 2018 
The children have been busy mathematicians this week. They've explored weight using wet sand in buckets, matched the sizes of nuts and bolts and fitting them together, and used large construction bricks to build a wall in the playground. 
Sneezy Bear has caused much laughter [and sneezing] at story time! We are collaging our own bear, like sneezy, for a display in the corridor outside pre-school. 
We are enjoying finding out about different breeds of bear from around the world and we're discovering that they have a lot in common. 
Friday 21st September 2018
The children use their mathematical skills while doing all sorts of activities at pre-school.
Playing with number cones helps them begin to recognise numerals and practice counting. Containers in the water tray encourage the children to explore capacity and weight. They even do a bit of problem solving at snack time, saying how many cups we need for the number of children in the group. 
Thursday 13th September 2018 
We are a week into term now and the children are settling beautifully.
Learning each others names can be tricky for young children but they are doing really well. There's some lovely sharing and turn taking too. The children are finding their way around the classrooms and are learning where resources are kept, and where to put them away!  
Over the next couple of days we will be giving the children their bookbags (if they don't already have one from last term). To get you and your child started, we have put a reading book in the bag along with a Songs & Rhymes book which includes this week's rhyme; 5 Little Bears. 
When your child has finished with the reading book you can help them exchange it for another one. The books are kept in a tray in the pre-school cloakroom. 
Each week we will help the children to learn a new rhyme. The rhyme will be printed and left in a tray in the cloakroom (next to the reading books) so it can be stuck into the rhyme book. We hope you enjoy helping your child practice their rhymes at home.