House Teams

We are pleased to announce that eight House Captains have been chosen, so there are two captains for each of the house teams.
Darwin - Kacey and Louise
Emmanuel - Harry and Evie
Trinity - Hermione and Kieran
Kings - Hasan and Ayesha
How we got elected:
We had to write a speech to be able to get elected to be a house captain. It included the following:
  • Why we should be a house captain
  • What we would do to help all the children
The responsibilities of being a house captain include:
  • Being a role model to other children in the school
  • Helping to organise events such as interhouse sports, spelling, maths and speech writing competitions
  • Organising more school fun for everybody
  • Meeting with important visitors that come to the school, for example we recently met with the local MP Julian Huppert
The winners were announced in assembly and they received special House Captain badges in their house colour. Well done to the new House Captains and we look forward to seeing which house gets the most points!