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Thursday 13th September 2018 
We are a week into term now and the children are settling beautifully.
Learning each others names can be tricky for young children but they are doing really well. There's some lovely sharing and turn taking too. The children are finding their way around the classrooms and are learning where resources are kept, and where to put them away!  
Over the next couple of days we will be giving the children their bookbags (if they don't already have one from last term). To get you and your child started, we have put a reading book in the bag along with a Songs & Rhymes book which includes this week's rhyme; 5 Little Bears. 
When your child has finished with the reading book you can help them exchange it for another one. The books are kept in a tray in the pre-school cloakroom. 
Each week we will help the children to learn a new rhyme. The rhyme will be printed and left in a tray in the cloakroom (next to the reading books) so it can be stuck into the rhyme book. We hope you enjoy helping your child practice their rhymes at home.