At Shirley school we do our best to ensure that everyone has a positive, enjoyable experience each and every day. We all try our hardest to follow the three school rules:
  • Be kind
  • Be safe
  • Be responsible
We know that sometimes people make mistakes, and we try to accept the consequences for our actions when things go wrong.
One of the ways we keep our school a safe and happy place is by learning how to recognise bullying behaviour and what to do about it. Take a look at our work during Anti-Bullying Week - see our dedicated webpage under the 'school values' tab.
We know that bullying behaviour:
  • Is repetitive – it’s not something that just happens once 
  • Is intentional – it does not happen by accident
  • Involves misusing power
Bullying could be:
  • Physical e.g. kicking and pushing
  • Verbal e.g. calling nasty names
  • Social e.g. leaving someone out
  • Cyber e.g. sending horrible text messages or being unkind online
When we see bullying behaviour we need to be a witness not a bystander. This means telling an adult about what we have seen.
If we are being bullied, we know that we need to tell a trusted adult, like our parents or teachers. We know that adults can help us to resolve the situation.
We also know that we need to respond to the person who is showing bullying behaviour by being assertive, not aggressive or passive. This means explaining how we feel and asking the person to stop.
To see our Anti-bullying policy please click here.
Click below to watch Shirley's Anti-Bullying video. Written By Mr Frett.
We learn to be kind, safe and responsible.