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Tuesday 5th July
What a fantastic KS2 sports afternoon!  We showed resilience, team work and co-operation when participating in the carousel events.  Towards the end of the afternoon, many of us took part in the races; skipping and running.  Lots of cheering and celebrating took place!  We are already looking forward to sports day next year :)
Tuesday 21st June
Here we are in Y6 celebrating Heritage Day!  Can you guess which cultures/countries we are representing?  Some of us even brought in photos to share with the class which explain our cultural heritage.  We have really enjoyed learning about the different backgrounds of children in the class.
Friday 17th June
Check out our super writing in Year 6!  We have been writing diary entries in the role of an archaeologist at a Mayan dig site.  Trying to include a range of success criteria and punctuation was tricky but after some editing and re-drafting, we were finally there!  Of course, our writing can always be improved, but we are extremely happy with what we have produced so far.
Thursday 16th June
Healthy Eating Day in Year 6!  We were very luck this morning to have a visitor from the Dog Trust (Joanna Goodman). She spoke to us about caring for stray dogs and what a healthy diet for a dog consists of.  Using our maths skills, we have been weighing out measurements of dry dog food - they eat a lot!
In other news, some of us have been making ketchup from raw ingredients.  Ketchup is  fascinating ingredient!  We started off by sorting out statements into two categories; true and false.  Did you know that if you drop a penny into a bowl of ketchup, al the rust will disappear?  With the help of adults, we then used raw ingredients to make our very own ketchup sauce - yummy!
Friday 10th June
We have been busy in maths investigating the properties of 3D shapes.  This morning, we constructed nets of polyhedrons using arts straws.  A great activity to showcase our team working skills!
Thursday 26th May
Here are some examples of our scientific write ups from science day.
Wednesday 25th May
What a fantastic time we've had during SCIENCE day in Y6!  This morning, we were visited by a real-life scientist (Becky Powell) from the Science museum in London.  With the help of practical activities, she showed us how the flow of electrons produces elctricity.  We then worked in small groups to predict which materials we thought would be conductors and which would be insulators.  In the afternoon, we created an elctrical cirucit and experimented with what happens when you add more bulbs to a complete circuit, but keep the size of the power source, the same.  Some of us were even lucky enough to visit the school's electrical distribution board kept under lock and key!  Science is great :)
Monday 16th May
Today, we have been investigating the properties of quadrilaterals using pin boards and elastic bands.  We were set a challenge of trying to find 16 quadrilateral shapes we could make from a 3 x 3 grid.  We didn't quite find all 16 but we did apply our knowledge of angles to calcualte the size of some interior and exterior angles without using a protractor.
Thursday 12th May
Today we have started preparations for our very own Y6 stall at the school summer fair.  We researched some fun and innovative ideas for our stalls in small groups and presented these to our teachers.  Luckily, we were given price lists to use as we have a very small budget.  However, we don't need much money - we just need lots of visitors!  Roll up...roll up...:)
Tuesday 3rd May
Samba beats with Miss Briggs!  Today, we learnt three new call and response rhythms on the djembe drums.  Listen to our recording and let the beats take you to Brazil - the home of Samba music!
Thursday 28th April
What an energetic afternoon Y6 have had today!  We have been practising our relay skills and perfecting the exchange of passing a baton on.  With the support of peer assessment, we were able to help improve each other's technique.  Here we are taking part in a series of races.  Some of us had also been practising our bat and ball skills, ready to take part in a team game later this term. 
 Monday 18th April
This afternoon we had an entry point to our brand new topic titled, AD900.  We started with a speaking and listening activity where we had to work in small groups to identify the different eras in time represented by the pictures; some were easier than others!  We then stepped into a time machine and travelled back in time to...when the dinosarus first roamed the planet - 85 million years ago!  Luckily, we didn't stay there for too long and travelled to different time periods in history: Tudors, Ancient Greeks, Victorians, Romans and up to the present day.  After our time travelling expereience, we had enough knowledge and understanding to order the original pictures on a giant timeline. To see our final timeline, come and visit our classrooms :)
Monday 18th April
Today in maths, some children in Y6 have been deriving and expressing algebraic formulas for function machines.  We started with a maths talk based on a concept cartoon about 4 different children sharing their opinions on what the formula would be for the area and perimeter of a rectangle.  We then applied this knowledge to function machines and came up with our own formulas - tricky maths!
Wednesday 13th April
Y6 ended their topic 'They see the world like this', with an exciting exit point using real flowers.  Over the topic we've used a range of media to represent different aspects of nature.  This afternoon, we picked our 3 favourite and created real and 'asbtract' images of a carnation bud.  We're now budding artists in Y6!
Tuesday 22nd March
Y6 had a fantastic morning at the North Cambridge Academy taking part in a netball tournament that had been organised for a group of schools in the area.  During the morning we showed, resilience, team-work and good communication skills.  Our teachers were very proud of us :)
Monday 21st March
This afternoon, we continued our topic work looking at how people use art to express themselves.  We learned about the Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky who after watching an Arnold Schonberg concert, produced a piece of abstract art - Impressionism III.  This inspired us to express ourselves using different brushstrokes after listening to 'Flight of the bumble bees' and 'Rhapsody in Blue'.  What do you think?
Tuesday 15th March
'The Long Walk' by George Layton.  We are in the the reading phase of our new English topic.  We read the first few paragraphs of the story as a class and did some character analysis of 'Grandad'.  This will help us write a diary entry in the coming weeks.  Tomorrow, we will be predicting what we think the next main event will be.  It's a very intriguing story!
Friday 11th March
We rounded off diversity week in Year 6 with a wonderful afternoon of visitors and tasty food.  Mrs T and Miss Callamel spoke to us about their cultural heritage and experiences of being a Muslim and being French.  Back in our classroom, we sampled food from around the world: France, Ireland, Spain, Lithuania and Saudi Arabia.  Thank you to the parents who brought in special fod for us to try!  We have thoroughly enjoyed our learning experiences this week.
Wednesday 9th March
Y6 were lucky enough to spend the day at Anglia Ruskin University taking part in their 'Reach for the Stars' project.  We experienced a day in the life of a university student!  The student ambassadors spoke to us about the subjects they studied, took us on a grand tour of the campus and helped us to design our 'dream' campus.  At the end of the day, we presented our ideas in the grand lecture theatre under a special visualiser which projected our work onto a giant screen.  We had a wonderful experience with the student ambassadors today and they really did inspire us to think about what our future could possible hold.  We will indeed, be reaching for the stars in Y6!
Wednesday 2nd March
This morning, author Tony Irving visited us to share his experiences of South Africa.  He showed us various artefacts he had colleccted whilst he was out there including: an elephant's tooth, an ancient head rest and an ostrich's egg.  During his time there he was inspried to write childrens stories.  Another fantastic author visit at Shirley school!
Tuesday 1st March
Building up stamina for writing!  Following a visit from two artists from Kettle's Yard, we have been writing instructions for another school to follow, to make a fabulous macquette sculpture inspired by Naum Gabo.
Wednesday 24th February
We have been busy bees in Y6 maths this morning!  We worked in pairs to solve a shape problem by applying our knowledge of multiplying and dividing decimal and whole numbers. 
Tuesday 23rd February
Today, we had another great session from Miss Briggs, a specialist music  teacher from Chesterton secondary school.  She taught us an ostinato rhythm which we clapped and sung.  We then created our own and represented them musically using quavers, minims, crotchets and semibreves. 
Tuesday 9th February
I'ts Safer Internet day!  In Year 6 we have been busy bees this morning going on a fact hunt around school.  We will soon be writing to the founder of Facebook to share with him the HUGE impact social media has had on the world.  After the facct hunt, we shared some of the most interesting facts we discovered: Did you know there are approximately 347,000 tweets a minute?  Did you know that Justin Bieber has more followers than the population of Spain?  Did you know that YouTube was the 4th most visited webiste in 2013?  No?  We didn't either :)
5th February
Year 5 and 6 have been busy this morning planning and creating a space-themed theme park.  We had a budget of £5000 to work with and a number of compulsory items we had to include such as: car park, 3 major rides, 4 minor rides, 2 sets of toilets, a cafe and a shop.  Working together was a challenge we embraced!
28th January
Did you know Lego are advertising for a new designer?  In Year 6, we don't think it's fair that only adults can apply so, we are going to be writing a persuasive letter to the VIPs at Lego to tell them why we are best suited for the job.  Here we are demonstrating our designing, building and creative skills using Lego - all important qualities to posses if you want to work at Lego :)
25th January
We have been exploring a number of different art styles from across the world.  We began by studying the Impressionists from the 19th Century and worked our way up to modern Japanese art. Over the course of the week, we will be using different tools and styles to mimic different effects.  So far, we have covered photography, indian ink, impressionism and styrofoam printing.
23rd January
In Miss Freedman's maths set, we have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  We made models out of plasticine and then sorted the different shapes according to their properties.  A fun, practical lesson had by all!
20th January
Problem solving in Y6!  We have been working hard at solving multi-step problems using our knowledge of brackets and indices.  Today, we worked as a class to solve a problem about how long 'Ricky's' lessons were at school.  Using the information we were given, we constructed a human number line and derived an equation (using brackets) to help us calculate how long each lesson was - a tricky task but we perservered and got there in the the end!  It was a good opportunity for us to apply a range of mathematical skills.
We were very lucky this morning to have visitors from Mick George come and visit us!  They arrived with their enormous truck and parked it in the school car park.  We were told all about the safety features the truck has and what we should watch out for in the streets when we are walking or cycling.  At the end of the demonstration, we got to go inside the truck and look at the different camera angles as well as hear the super loud horn!  Great morning had by all.
We kicked off our new topic this term 'They see the world like this' with a fantastic afternoon of art!  Some of us worked in the hall creating 'big art'.  This involved using mini portraits of all the children in Y6 and arranging them to make a giant school logo.  From a distance, they look really effective and we hope to display some of them in the school corridors.  Lots of team work and co-operation was involved in this activity.  The rest of us worked in the classroom creating two pieces of art work; a portrait and a nature picture.  We used a range of media inclduing pastels, water colours and poster paints.  With the help of a handy straw, we created some very cool effects!  A great afternoon had by all.

January 2016

This term, we started a mini topic on Buddhism.  Here we are creating freeze frames of the 4 sights that Prince Saddartha saw that eventually lead to him becoming enlightened as Buddha!  Lots of team work was involved and we really enjoyed learning the story.

We wish all the parents of Y6 pupils a very merry Christmas and happy new year!  See you on Wednesday 6th January.  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter:
On the last day of the Autumn term, we made Christingles in RE.Christingle means 'Christian light' and is a symbol of the Christian faith.  We constructed them out of oranges, ribbon, cocktail sticks, tin foil and sweets.  At the end of the lesson, we lit the candles and made silent wishes for Christmas.
To end the term, we have been writing different texts based on the Man on the Monn advert, by John Lewis.  We were intigued as to how the old man found himself on the moon.  How does he survive out there?  What prevents him from returning to Earth?  Which foods are the basis of his diet and where does he source them from?  We generated lots of ideas after wathcing the live rocket launch of Tim Peake and his crew to the ISS (Interntational Space Station)  and wrote a non-chronological text about the life of the Man on the Moon.  Some of us also finished writing the note that the little girl, Lilly, sent to the Man on the Moon.  Maybe one day, he'll write a letter back to us...
The exit point for our current topic took place this week and we devised a courtroom scene where Miss Harris was formally charged and prosecuted.  Miss Swann acted as the judge and we presented our evidence to the jury.  As you can see, Miss Harris looked rather sheepish... however the evidence doesn't lie and we are forensic scientists after all!
The children finally found out who the murderer was!  After carrying out a number of accurate and systematic observations, we identified that Miss Harris was the murderer.  Our final investigation involved slippers and ramps; the last clue was a friction mark left behind by the murderer - silly Miss Harris!  We had a real-life scioentist come and present us with certificates as we are now fully fledged forensic scientists!  Thank you Basile Wicky.
Some Y6 children attended Chesterton Methodist church yesterday to help the Mayor of Cambridge (Cllr Robert Dryden), switch the christmas tree lights on.  They greeted the mayor in front of a large audience and read two christmas themed poems.  A magical evening was had by all!
This week we have been investigating the pH level of different liquids.  We used a pH indicator strip to find out whether a liquid was an acid, alkali.  We tested water, lime juice, vinegar, milk and lemon juice.  By carrying out systematic, accurate observations and measurements, we are slowly getting closer to identifying who the murderer this space!
Here we are, enjoying another spooky story 'Sarah's nightmare'.  We created a story map as we listened to the teacher read it for the second time.  These story maps were then used to help us re-tell the story. 
Y6 have started a new English unit this week; suspense stories.  Here we are, listening to Miss Freedman reading 'Sam's thief' By Pie Corbett.  We hid under the table in our darkened classrooms, waiting to be spooked...and we certainly were!
To be able to write a up a scientific experiment, we need to be able to follow a method.  Today, some of us followed a method to make yummy jam sandwiches!  There are a number of language features we need to include in our write up so, it was important to be able to identify them in a model text.  And...the sandwiches were delicious :)
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We have been reading examples of scientific methods (write ups).  This morning, we followed one to test the hypthesis; will ice-lollies containing extra sugar freeze faster than ice-lollies that do not contain extra sugar?  Our results showed that sugar acted as a catalyst, therefore speeding up the freezing process.  Yummy!


Breaking news!  There's been a murder at Shirley School! 
Brandon Page was found dead inside the outdoor PE cupboard on the KS2 playground.  Who killed him?  Nobody knows...Were there any clues left?  Plenty!  Luckily, Y6 are currently undergoing intense training to become expert, forensic scientists.  They will solve the crime by carrying out a series of expereiments on the evidence they located.  Watch this space to find out who did it.  The teachers are looking awfully suspicious at the moment...
In English, we have been learning about nonsense poems - they don't make any sense!  We began by looking at Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.  After designing our own creature, we wrote a verse for the poem by creating our own nonsense lanugage!  This afternoon we used arts and craft materials to make our creatures.  They are rather curious looking...nonsense some might say :)
As part of our Natural Selection topic, we have been learning about DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid).  We made models out of plasticine and straws to represent a double helix, to include the chemicals: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine.  With our partners, we created some fantastic models!
Year 6 have been busy writing this week.  We wrote an explanation on the theory of evolution as well as a descriptive paragraph based on The Golden Key.  We love writing!
In our topic work we have been learning about how animals and humans have adapted over time to suit their environment.  Then, we started to think about what could happen in the future...What if the land started to sink and our environment was covered in water?  What if drastic climate changes occured and we had to survive in a cold and windy environment?  How would we adapt?  Here are some of our ideas! 
This term we kicked off our new topic titled, Natural Selection.  For our entry point, we were very lucky to have the Raptor Foundation come and visit us.  We spent the morning learning about a range of different birds inlcuding the Barn Owl and the Eagle.  As they flew across the hall, we studied their features and some of us were lucky enough to be able to hold the birds.  A great morning and we thank the Raptor Foundation for visiting us with their special friends!