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Wednesday 13th July 2016

We went outside to launch the rockets that we bought at the Science Centre. Firstly, Miss Joomun had a go at launching the rocket but unfortunately the rocket didn’t go that high because we didn’t have enough experience. Miss Fordham and Mrs Hazel gave it a go and luckily had some success. Next we were able to have a go at launching the rocket, so we got in to partners and waited for our go. While others were having a go we did the countdown from ten. Someone was pushing of the rocket and the other person had to hold on to the base.

Written by Anoushka, Kane, Megan and Zarene


Today we turned into NASA rocket technicians! 5SJ walked to the launch pad on the KS2 playground. To launch our rockets we started our countdown from ten. At blast off the air created a vacuum to power the rocket upwards. Luckily the weather was very favourable for 5SJ’s launch.

Written by Alan, Emily, Tomasz


Today year 5 launched some rockets. First, we went outside and Mrs Joomun tried launching a foam rocket. Mrs Hazel and Miss Fordham then had a go and it was much better once we had gained experience. It went very high causing the whole class to erupt with laughter. Next, we separated into groups, the girls went with Miss Fordham and the boys went with Mrs Hazel. We all had our turns and had alot of success and even more laughs.

Written by Jodie, Tommy, Freya, Leah and Angel.


Today was the day of the rocket launch. We had a countdown this got us ready for the launch and created a lot of suspense. When the countdown reached one we pushed down the rocket vigorously. This compressed the air and caused the rocket to shoot upwards in to the summer sky. We all had a turn at blasting off the rockets. We had so much fun and we all enjoyed sending the rockets into the sky.

Written by Eve, Yousef, Tenisha, Alastair and Jonan.

Tuesday 28th June 2016
Our topic 'Space Explorers' topic is well under way and 5SJ just wanted to share the fabulous homework which Megan produced today. Keep up the excellent, creative work!

Tuesday 21st June 2016

Today was Heritage Day in Shirley! Lots of children shared information about their heritage at the end of the school day.



I’m a quarter Irish and a quarter Scottish.



My family are part Scottish and part Welsh. On different occasions, we eat different foods.



Today I wore my kilt because I’m part Scottish. I brought in a photo of my great grandpa because he was fully Scottish and so was my great great grandpa. My great grandpa’s surname was Maxwell and there is a Scottish Maxwell clan and tartan.



Today, I’ve come dressed as a Greek Goddess. The reason why I’ve come dressed as this is because I’m one quarter Greek. Originally my grandparents come from Greece. I brought in some wonderful scrap books which my mum made when she was younger. I also taught the class some Greek!



Ireland is very like England. There are a lot of differences like their accents, shops and the amount of farms. My grandad Lukie owns a farm. Ireland often grow crops. My favourite thing about Ireland is the food and rugby. I often visit Dublin and Wexford.

Friday 17th June 2016
Today, 5LF had the exciting opportunity to visit the Science Centre in Cambridge; have a look at some of our pictures!
Wednesday 15th June 2016
Today, 5SJ visited The Cambridge Science Centre! Check out some of the our pictures from the morning.
Still to come...writing from 5SJ!
Wednesday 8th June 2016
We have lift off! Today, year 5 launched their brand new topic 'Space Explorers' by creating their very own rocket show.

What happens when you mix vinegar with bicarbonate of soda? There’s a lot of bubbling and foaming! The bubbles and foam you see are filled with carbon dioxide gas (CO2) that’s being released by an acid/base reaction.

When you close the bottle with the lid, you prevent the CO2 from immediately escaping the bottle. This causes a rapid increase of pressure inside the bottle. The pressure eventually gets to the point that the rubber stopper can no longer contain the gases and – WHOOOOOOSH! – the stopper and the contents of the bottle explode through the opening.

Check out the photographs of our afternoon!

Thursday 26th May 2016
Today was Science day in year 5! We kickstarted our day with some fantastic mini investigations! We looked at making parachutes, investigated magnetic forces, had a go at trialling different electric circuits and wrote our very own glossary of scientific terms for use in our afternoon investigation.
Our main investigation focused on separating mixtures using filtering and sieving. Check out the pictures of our fantastic day!
Thursday 26th May 2016
How do airplanes stay up? Why is the moon sometimes out in the day? What causes a rainbow? Have you ever thought of the answers to these scientific questions? We have! We've loved sharing our scientific knowledge this week.
Wednesday 25th May 2016
Feeling hungry? Why not check out 5SJ's dream cake designs!

Thursday 19th May 2016

Check out some of our recounts from our Great Shirley Bake Off!


Today was the day! After weeks of waiting it was the ‘Great Shirley Bake Off! I walked into the KS2 playground eager to look at the cake people had made. First, I saw Tommy’s magnificent cake. Then I saw Leah’s majestic Victoria sponge which made me hungry.




As we came into school, we were all very excited. We left our entries for ‘The Great Shirley Bake Off’ on our tables and tried to peep at what everyone else had brought in. All of the entries looked amazing and we could only imagine how hard it would be to judge them.




After lunch, we were told that we could design our very own cupcake. I designed a cake that I thought looked so scrumptious! After that, we watched the final episode of the Great British Bake Off. I thought that it was very interesting. I realised that Ian Cumming would be judging everyone’s magnificent bakes. Everyone began to get fidgety because it was so nerve wrecking and they were just so excited.




Just as the bake off had finished, we got told that we could go into the beautifully decorated hall to see who had won or at least came second or third. First, Ian did a mini presentation about his journey through the bake off. It was great!




The moment of truth arrived. He started out with the bread 3rd place Xan, I thought my chances were gone. 2nd place Emily Whitelaw, my heart stopped for a moment and Lizzie and Rebecca were looking at me. I walked up to the front trying with all my might not to cry.




At the end of the day, Sophie gave us some treats from the bakery she works for. Everyone was happy and year five had a great time!



Today's the day!
Coming of the winning contestants!

Monday 16th May 2016

The Great Shirley Bake off is tomorrow!

We are lucky enough to have Ian, who was on last year’s Bake off, coming in to judge our entries. We are very excited so we have prepared some amazing questions to ask him about his experiences while baking. Many of us will be baking tonight trying to make our entries look as professional as possible. As well as having Ian in to judge, we will also be having people from a bakery coming in. We are allowed to enter something from one of the three categories: a bread, biscuit or cake. Some of us are entering all three! Keep an eye on the blog to find out more!

Written by Anoushka and Megan.

Tuesday 10th May 2016
In 5LF's maths class, we've been learning about shapes: 2D and 3D; we've even extended our knowledge by applying it to coverting shapes into plans (like an architect!).
Friday 29th April 2016
Just a reminder about our baking extravaganza on Tuesday 17th May 2016. Don't forget to enter your best bakes! This can either be a biscuit, cake or bread. Keep an eye out for some of our promotional photographs for the event.
Friday 29th April 2016
Every child in 5SJ received their 10 merit certificate today!
The adults in 5SJ are so proud of the children for achieving this and we just had to share this on our class blog!
Tuesday 26th April 2016
Yesterday, four children from 5LF represented Shirley School as they took part in the Year 5 Maths Challenge. Supported by Mr Frett, Miss Joomun and their family, these 4 children did a great job in answering some tricky word problems! It just goes to show how important the skill of working in a team is. With a special mention in our strong performance in the first round and being the quickest school to answer one of the bonus points, we were unlucky to not have made the top 3. However, they all showed great resilience throughout the competition and did a great job in representing our school!
Monday 25th April 2016
Over the weekend, massive changes have taken place! The plants germinated! Germination is when a plant shows its first leaves. Although both sets are very similar and average in height, we believe that the red packet has grown more than the blue packet.
5SJ are extremely excited to keep investigating which packet went to space. Is it the red or is it the blue? Keep checking our blog to find out!
Written by Anoushka and Jodie
Wednesday 20th April 2016
In September 2015, 2kg of rocket seeds were flown to the International Space Station where they orbited the Earth until March 2016. They returned to Earth with NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and yesterday, we received two packets of these seeds!
One of these packets has been to space and the other packet has remained on Earth. For the next 35 days, we will embark on a voyage of discovery to find out what growing plants in space can teach us about life on Earth and whether we can sustain human life in space in the future.
Will the seeds grow differently? You'll have to keep your eyes glued to our class blog to find out!
5SJ would like to say a big 'THANK YOU' to Miss Munnelly who provided us with the resources for our experiment.
Friday 13th April 2016
What a delicious day we had today! Our brand new topic 'Bake it!' does exactly what it says on the tin - BAKING! We kickstarted off our learning by looking at the world map. What baked goods are often linked to certain countries? Well we found out! We looked at a range of different countries and their famous bakes - we even got to try a few! Take a glance through our pictures of the event. They're guaranteed to make you hungry!
Friday 18th March 2016
What an exciting Friday we had in 5SJ today! Mr Riley joined us to help with our ICT learning and in particular, our filming skills. During the morning, we focused on different kinds of camera shots. We looked at an establishing shot, a mid shot, a long shot, a close up and an extreme close up. We were encouraged to use all these shots when recording our very own films.

After that, we were divided into smaller groups to discuss what our films would be about. We had to discuss our ideas as a group and elect a group leader. Then came the tricky task of selecting three and only three props! What would we choose?

Mr Riley explained the importance of planning and storyboarding our films before making them. Task number 2!

Lights, camera and action! The afternoon saw us transform into a variety of different characters to record our films. We had a such a fantastic day and want to thank Mr Riley for all his help and support!

Wednesday 16th March 2016
Ready... Set... MEASURE! As Class 5LF have started our new topic, we have been eager to find out what we know about different types of measurement, so we errupted our knowledge onto the working wall and this is what we got! What do you know about these different units of measure? Have you noticed what we have done with all the imperial units of measure?
P.S. Has anyone notice the present perfect tense being used in the above? If so, come and tell me!
Thursday 10th March 2016
In 5LF, we have started experimenting with different types of soils. Do you know how long it takes for water to go through the pores in different types of soil?
Have a look at some of the pictures!
Wednesday 9th March 2016
It is Diversity week at Shirley Primary School!
This afternoon, 5SJ had a wonderful visit from St Edmond's Trust. St Edmond's Trust is an organisation which helps people with learning and physical disabilities. Our three visitors: Michael, Tracie and David arrived with their carers at 1.00pm. Jodie, Alastair, Rebecca, Carlo and Mrs Kidney showed them around our school.
Each of our visitors receive different levels of support from St Edmond's Trust. For example, David, who is in a wheelchair, needs more support 24/7. We found out that Tracie is a fantastic singer, Michael's favourite working animals are goats - Credit and Crunch and David enjoys bowling. 
We had a chance to talk to them about their daily routine, what they enjoy doing and their jobs. 5SJ asked lots of questions to find out what life is like living with a disability. At the end of the lesson, we realised that everyone is different and that's ok!
Written by 5SJ  
Tuesday 8th March 2016
Year 5 were lucky enough to have some visitors from the Geology department at The University of Cambridge. We had a great time studying minerals, rocks and fossils. We particularly enjoyed the different images of the extinct animals which Matthew shared. We looked at minerals such as: copper sulphite and quartz. On the rock table, there was particular type of fossil called the ammonite. It looked a bit like a spiral. We had a great morning!
Written by Megan, Emily, Emmy-May, Anoushka and Tomasz.

5LF shared the same experience as 5SJ, where we had 3 visitors from the University of Cambridge to come and teach us some exciting information about fossils, rocks and minerals. They were Geologists, which we learnt meant that they studied substances of the earth. There were a carousel of activities which included: analysing minerals and rocks. We learnt that there were 3 main types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.

Nikita in 5LF said,"An amethyst is a semi-precious stone, as we've found so many of them in South America. It was an amazing morning!"

Written by 5LF. 

World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March
Check out some of our fabulous costumes in year 5!
Can you guess who we are trying to be?
Tuesday 1st March 2016
In 5SJ's maths class, we have been investigating fractions! We've been testing our memory to see what we can remember about fractions. We had to work in groups to discuss different mathematical language. Check out what we've remembered by looking at our working wall!
Monday 22nd February 2016
In 5LF's maths class, we started the half term with investigating our understanding of fractions! From beautiful, insightful and informative displays to deciding which table we need to sit at to get the most chocolate, our class are ready to tackle fractions head on!
Where would YOU sit if there were already 2 people on Table 1 (which had 1 chocolate bar), 3 people on Table 2 (which had 2 chocolate bars) and 3 people on Table 3 (which had 3 chocolate bars)?
Have a look at some of the pictures!

Friday 12th February 2016

Just before half term, Year 5 had the privilege of having the zoologist Jules Howard come visit. We had a spectacular time as we explored a range of fossils: from tiny insects (found in amber), to dinosaur bones and their faeces! Did you know that fossils are not bones? They are minerals in the same shape as bones. Did you know that sand and mud are the best conditions for creating fossils?

In addition to this, we learnt about how to know what came before us thousands of years ago, which is done by looking at the different levels (strata) in the cliffs; the further down we dig, the more years and the older creatures we uncover.

Jules was very impressed with year 5 and their enthusiasm for learning. He said,"it is an art to ask a good, scientific question. You asked really intelligent and fantastic questions. Well done!"

What a great morning!

Wednesday 10th February
This afternoon,we made E-safety posters to be displayed around the school for others to see.We had a lot of fun creating and designing the posters with colourful images.(Written by Megan,5SJ)
3rd-5th February 2016
The year 5/6 children have had a fantastic trip to Hilltop! This wouldn't have been possible without the help of so many people. We would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents/carers for their continued support, the office staff for their excellent organisation, Mrs Cook for her ongoing support, the finance department for their efficiency and the adults who accompanied the children for the three, fun-filled days: Mr Finlayson, Mrs O Sullivan, Miss Freedman and Miss Joomun.
Check out our pictures to see how we got on!
Writing from the students who attended Hilltop.
Tuesday 2nd February 2016
Who said maths was all about numbers? As 5LF's maths class begins to finish our discussion on shape, we've realised there are SO many investigations we can do; whether it is finding the: area, perimeter, properties, angles, lines of symmetry or translating a shape, our class have been on a mission to understand all of these words. How many words do you know? 5LF's maths class should be able to explain what they all mean!

Monday 1st February 2016

It’s all about data!

5SJ’s maths class were creating data posters in our maths lesson. We were able to interpret and present our thinking about a variety of different data. Have you learnt something new from looking at our posters? We hope so!

January 2016

5SJ have been so excited about the thrilling expedition of Tim Peak! In honour of his tremendous journey, we’ve sketched some drawings of astronauts in space. We focused on creating light and shade in our drawings. We're so pleased with the final result!

Friday 22nd January 2016
Year 5 would like to say a massive 'THANK YOU' to all the parents and carers who attended the year 5 maths workshop. We hope you enjoyed learning different ways to help support your child at home. For those of you who could not attend, please find the shared resources on the school website.
Tuesday 19th January 2016
On Tuesday morning, we started the day with an exciting visit to the carpark. In the teachers car park, stood a huge Mick George truck. We couldn't believe it! For the next half an hour we found out about the safety of the truck. I learnt about a driver's 'blind spots.' These are places around the truck which the driver can't see. Also, the truck had lots of different sensors. Taking it in turns, we climbed aboard the truck to see what it felt like. At the end, they gave us goody bags with a snap bracelet, a reflector jacket and some leaflets. What a great morning!
Written by Megan, 5SJ.

Wednesday 13th January 2016

On Wednesday, the whole of year 5 had the exciting opportunity of experiencing food from different countries, cultures and continents. The energy was electric for the start of our new topic; the children eagerly moved from stall to stall analysing and tasting the variety of food set out.

The eight different countries where we experienced one of their main dishes were: USA, Mexico, France, China, Ireland, India, Greece and Italy. From Indian spices to Feta cheese; our taste buds were going wild! Have a look at some of the pictures! We can’t wait to continue our new topic, “What a Wonderful World,” this term and look forward to uncovering and exploring information about the world we live in.

Wednesday 6th January 2016


Year 5 kick-started this term with a mind blowing and very messy Science morning!

We looked at five new exciting experiments including:

1. Blobs in a bottle (creating our own lava lamp)

2. Creating a colour symphony

3. Making a Cartesian diver

4. Skittle colour explosion

5. Alien cornflour goo

For blobs in a bottle we added water, food colouring and vegetable oil in a large bottle. Then we dropped half an Alka-Seltzer tablet in, the tablet sunk to the bottom of the bottle into the food colouring. After that bubbles rose up through the oil and sunk back down again making it look like a lava lamp. A few of our class mates chose to add more than half a tablet resulting in some rather active lava lamps! We enjoyed this so much that some of us are going to try this at home.

For creating a skittle colour explosion we put three different coloured skittles in shallow water. We predicted that the colouring on the skittles would dissolve into the water and the colours would mix, however we found that the colours separated for a time before they blended together. We had to be very careful not to move our bowls to keep this a fair experiment.

During our Science morning we completed booklets about our journey to find out more about science. Here are some quotes from our booklets:

Gavin 5LF, “I predicted that the shell of the skittle would dissolve in the water because it contained sugar which dissolves in water.”

Ceilidh 5LF, “I predicted that it might look like a colourful rainbow and spread around the entire tray. If I did this again I would create more colour by adding more food colouring.”

Max 5LF, “I predicted that the oil would separate from the food dye and the bubbles would go up and down.”

Rebecca 5LF, “Next time I would add more vegetable oil and water because I think it would produce more bubbles and create new patterns.”

Angel-May 5LF, “I think the corn starch we used acted as a liquid and a solid.”

Anoushka 5SJ, “If you put skittles in water, they dissolve. This is because they are made from pure sugar.”

Jonan 5SJ, “I thought that maybe when I squeezed the cornflour goo, it would turn back into a liquid. But it turned into a solid.”

Wednesday 2nd December
Year 5 have been busy rehearsing with Year 4 for their Christmas production which will be performed during the last week of term. This year, we have decided to go for a pantomime called 'Cinderella Rockafella' and so far it's looking great! We look forward to seeing you at the perfomance.
November 2015
Over half term, Year 5 were set the challenge to enter a creative writing competition. The children had to write what happened next in the story.
'Behind you the door gently closes and you spy this man sat in emerald green robes, peering at you over his glasses, the candles flicker and die out. It's pitch black and he whispers...'
Year 5 are proud to announce that we had two pupils from 5LF who have won the top prizes! They were treated to some wonderful stationery from Smiggle. 
Keep your eyes peeled for the next creative writing competition! Have you got what it takes to be Year 5's next top writer?
Monday 9th November 2015

On Monday 9th October 2015, Year 5 had the exciting opportunity to represent Shirley School and join together with other schools across Cambridge to sing in a concert at The Corn Exchange. This concert, called Little Britten, was to celebrate a composer called Benjamin Britten and the music he produced.

When Year 5 first heard that they had just over a month to practise and perform the music for Little Britten, they had a mixture of feelings. Despite these emotions, it was clear that Year 5 were the obvious year group choice as the children looked for every opportunity to practise the songs: all of them gave their all in the music lessons, most took their words home and some even managed to learn all the words in only two weeks!

When the day of the concert arrived, we hopped onto the bus and headed towards the Corn Exchange. The morning was filled with rehearsals – preparing us for the afternoon. When the afternoon came around, Year 5 (together with 450 other children) sung their hearts out putting everything they had into the performance, much to the delight of the parents, supporters and onlookers.

As teachers and other members of staff, we were very proud of the performance from Year 5 and we are very thankful for all those that came to support and those hosting the event for allowing us to be a part of such a unique event.

Friday 16th October 2015 - 5SJ class assembly

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents/carers who attended 5SJ's class assembly on Friday. We hope you enjoyed the performance and will remember it for years to come! Next stop...the Christmas production! 


Friday 9th October 2015 - English writing workshop

Year 5 would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the parent workshop. We hope it was useful and will help with your understanding of the year 5 curriculum. 


Friday 25th September 2015 - Environment Day

5SJ were lucky enough to have a special visitor to kick start our environment day. His name was Mr Ash and he works for Cambustion – a company which minimises emissions from car engines. The engines make harmful and nasty gases which go into the atmosphere and damage the local air quality. He explained to us how cars work and we were amazed!

Did you know fuel and air mix together to make carbon dioxide, water and some dangerous poisons?

These dangerous poisons are: carbon monoxide, unburnt fuel and nitrogen oxides.

We created these different gases out of play dough and cocktail sticks. We then learnt how they mix together in the engine of a car.

Did you know cars have catalytic converters which remove nasty gases from car engines?

Mr Ash tests catalysts to make sure our cars are safe.


Year 5 have had a fantastic start to the Autumn term! We have been busy exploring our brand new topic ‘The Great, the Bold and the Brave.’ This week we became classical architects and were employed to recreate some famous buildings of the past.

Can you tell what buildings we have recreated?

5SJ would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Taylor – our expert for the day! We couldn’t have done it without you.