Blogs: Y4 2015-16

Friday 8th July 2016 
This week, year 4 took part in their annual Sports Day! All 4 houses showed off their skills in some carousel activities including throwing and jumping events. After this, some brave participants took part in the running and skipping races and a few even managed to enter the grand final! Well done everyone :)
Tuesday 28th June 2016
Today, year 4 took part in the Youth Games. Most of us tried some taster activities including cheerleading and frisbee. Some of us took part in competitions against other schools. The football team performed extremely well and ended up winning third place overall. The tag rugby team really impressed us with their speed and resilience and ended up winning second place. Well done to everyone for taking part!
Tuesday 21st June 2016 - Heritage Day 
Today Shirley School celebrated our diverse backgrounds by having a non uniform day, wearing clothes which represents our heritage. 
In year 4, we shared pictures from our families past, tried learning everyone's varied languages and tasted some food which the children brought in voluntarily. A lovely afternoon! 
Thursday 16th June 2016 
Today Shirley School celebrated Health Day! In year 4 we discussed how we can be aware of the food needs of different members of society and we also discussed how we can safely prepare for cooking by ensuring we look after our personal hygiene. Once prepared, we were then ready to bake some healthy flapjacks. In year 4 we also studied energy and calculated how much energy we use while completing different activities during the day. 
Here are some photos of our flapjack baking :) 
Monday 13th June - NCA Football Writing Festival 
Year 4 were again representing Shirley School at the NCA in the introduction to the CB4 football writing competition. This was a fabulous opportunity for the children to meet some Cambridge United coaches, take part in a session run by those coaches and have an inspirational poetry writing lesson. Year 4 will be taking part in the competion where winners could win tickets to a Cambridge United match! 
The children and the adults involved endured some very wet weather on the way and during the coaching but joined in with all the activities well and enjoyed the afternoon. 
Thursday 9th June 2016 - NCA Cricket Festival 
On a very hot, beautiful summers day, year 4 took part in a cricket festival with several other primary schools at the NCA. Every child had the opportunity to take part in a range of cricket related activities such as fielding, bowling and batting. Year 4 displayed some fantastic talent!
Wednesday 8th June 2016 
In 4AS Maths this week, we have been focusing on our negative numbers using temperature to help us. In 4AU Maths, we have been studying proper fractions and mixed fractions. We have ordered them and placed them on a number line. 
In IPC this week, we have started our new topic of Land, Sea and Sky. For our entry point, we went into the nature area and made some notes and sketches of different habitats and the creatures living there. 
Below are some photos of us as we made our observations!
Wednesday 25th May - Science Day
Year 4 have been investigating the viscosity and flow of different liquids in the morning. We tested ketchup, oil, sweet chilli sauce, honey and double cream. We found that oil spread the furthest! 
In the afternoon we continued with our scientific investigations and experiments. We tested optical illusions by photographing ourselves in the playground. We also tested what happens to Skittles when they are placed in water and we even made a class lava lamp out of oil, water and food colouring. 
Here are some pictures of what we did in our epic science day!
Friday 6th May 2016 
This week in English, year 4 have been studying non-chronological texts. Next week we will be planning our own all about Ancient Egyptians. 
In 4AU Maths, we have been looking at bar charts, created our own and answered questions about our data. In 4AS Maths, we have been focusing on inverse equations. 
Friday 22nd April 2016
In IPC this week we have been researching Ancient Egyptian gods and we will be creating our own today! In English we are continuing with our adventure stories. We have created our own hero and villain and have written an opening and build up full of suspense! And in Maths, 4AU are starting to multiply using patitioning and in 4AS are working hard on their coordinates. 
Friday 15th April 2016 
Welcome back to the summer term!
In year 4 we have kicked off our week by exploring the Scratch program in ICT where we will be creating all sorts of cool animations! In 4AU Maths we have been working on our multiplication by using arrays to help us with our learning. In 4AS Maths we are exploring different units of measure including weight, capacity and distance. In English we have started looking at adventure stories and particularly all the different heroes and villains. 
Friday 18th March 2016 
In English this week, year 4 have been studying persuasive texts and watching and listening to different adverts. We then decided to write our own advert about a brand new smartphone! We will be performing them in class today!
In Maths we have been identying the properities of 2D and 3D shapes. We have also studied parallel and perpendicular lines as well as lines of symmetry. 
Thursday 10th March 2016
During 'Diversity Week' we have continued working hard with our maths. In 4AU we have been problem solving using addition and subtraction and 4AS have tackled multiplication using the grid method and the compact method!
Well done year 4, you are working so hard!
Thursday 10th March 2016
Today we had a visit from Louise Drew, from the Hearing support team who came in with her guide dog Lego. She explained to us how Lego helps her with her daily routines and then Lego showed us some of his tricks! Here are some photos from the visit...
Thursday 3rd March 2016
Year 4 took a FULL part in the World Book Day celebrations with some fantastic costumes from Alice and Wonderland and many more. The children took part in some great book related activites around the school about atlases, audio books, Shakespeare and picture books. 
What a fabulous day organised by Miss Freedman, even all the teachers dressed up!
Wednesday 2nd March 2016
Due to our Active Planet topic, Year 4 were fortunate to have a Volcano Expert, Adrian Hall, from Active Outdoor Discovery in East Anglia come and visit and talk about his experiences with volcanoes. He shared many of his own pictures and experiences from expeditions around the world, showed the children how volcanic pumice stones float in water and answers a wide variety of interesting questions from our children. Thanks for your visit! A great finish to our topic!
Tuesday 1st March 2016 
In English, we are writing an earthquake information text because we have received a letter from a school in Thailand that has suffered from earthquakes in the past. Our informaion texts will support the children in the school to be prepared and survive an earthquake. We will include infromation about where earthquakes occur the most, what the risks are, the equipment needed and actions that need to be completed. 
In 4AS Maths we have been learning about how to measure angles, these include obtuse angles, reflex and right angles. We used a protractor to do this. We are also focusing on our 7, 8 and 9 times tables. 
In 4AU Maths we have started to study the column method for addition using diennes to support our learning. We are focusing on our 7 times table. 
Friday 12th February 2016 
This week in English, year 4 have been writing recounts about escaping a tsnami! Below are some examples of our work. 
In Maths, 4AS have been working hard solving difficult problems on percentages. 4AU have been identifying the value of different coins and adding pounds and pence together. 
As part of our Safety Week, we have been analysing different social medias and learning about staying safe online by exploring the educational website Think U Know. We have also learnt about the responsibilities we have to ourseleves, to our friends and family and to the wider community while online. 
Friday 5th February 2016
In English this week we have been busy story mapping recounts on Earthquakes and Tsunamis. We have included lots of interesting technical vocabulary that we have been learning in our IPC topic all about our Active Planet!
In 4AU Maths we have been learning to write and tell the time looking at analogue clocks and digital clocks. We have also been studing Roman Numerals as some clocks use these symbols.
In 4AS Maths we have been working hard at finding fractions of amounts and today we started to look at solving fraction word problems. 
We finished the week off with a Talent Show this afternoon! Some children in Y4 took part in a recorder performance and some perfromed in a dance off! Kiemute sang a beautiful rendition of Let it Go and managed to win second prize! Well done to everyone who took part :) 
Friday 15th January 2016 
In Mr Sears' maths class, we have been learning the expanded method for subtraction. We learnt how to borrow from a different column such as the tens or the hundreds. We then went on to complete some word problems. We used R U C S A C  to help us. R for read, U for underline, C for calculate, S for solve, A for answer and C for check.  
In Miss Ullmann's maths class we have been learning about fractions  in particular finding halves a quarter and 3 quarters. To find a quarter of a number you must half a number and half it again. We used smarties on plates to show our fraction work.
Friday 8th January 2016
During our first 3 days back into the Spring term, we have been doing some PSHE work. We have been discussing keeping safe and have identified situations where we could be at a high risk. We then made some posters to show what we need to look out for when we encounter a stranger and how we can find help. We were excited to start out new topic....ACTIVE PLANET! We designed our own Shirley School relief centres which could be used during a natural disaster. After this, we selected different classrooms for different purposes such as food storage and bedrooms. We have also been designing our own trees of life in Art which portray our interests and the places and people that are most important to us. 
Here are some photos of our work from the last few days.
Friday 6th November 2015 
In music this week we have been learning a traditional Canadian folk song called Land of the Silver Birch. The lyrics are based on a poem by Pauline Johnson. This song is sometimes sung to keep time while canoeing, and sometimes sung at campfires in a round. 


We are now also starting to learn the music of the song by playing the notes on xylophones and glockenspiels. We are looking forward to perfoming the song with music to an audience in the next few weeks. 

Here are some photos of us practicing...


Friday 23rd October 2015 - The History of Chocolate
This week in year 4, we have been writing our final news reports. We have been reporting on the moumental moment when Charlie Bucket discovered the last golden ticket!
In our IPC lessons, we have been learning about the history of chocolate from its discovery in Mexico with the Aztecs through to the Spanish invasion and its journey through Europse. We acted out some of the main events in the chocolate timetline.
Here are some photos below...
Friday 9th October 2015 - Conscience Alley!
In English this week, Year 4 have been prepariing to write a newspaper report all about Charlie Bucket, when he opened his chocolate bar to find the last Wonka Golden Ticket! We have been watching the clip from the film and have taken part in a conscience alley to try to understand what Charlie would have been thinking and saying when he realised he had found the golden ticket.
We look forward to showing you our completed newspaper reports in the next few weeks!
Friday 25th September 2015 - Environment Day
Today we took part in Environment Day, creating awareness for different types of renewable energy!
In the morning we learnt about Solar Energy with Miss Ullman where we conducted an experiement. We melted ice on different coloured paper, deciding which colour absorbs the most heat. We found that black was the best insulator of heat.
After that we learnt about Geothermic Energy with Mrs Totton. We created our own polostyrene Planet Earths, where we showed the heat from the earths core in the centre of our globes. 
In the afternoon we went to year 3 with Miss Ullman and Miss Morris, where we learnt about Wind Energy and Bio mass energy. 
We also wore an item of green clothing and donated a pound towards Shirley's sensory garden. It was an amazing day!
Tuesday 22nd September - Museum of Classical Archaeology visit
Today, 4AS visited the Museum of Classical Archeology in Cambridge to take part in the Twilight Light Project. James Baker, an illustrator and animator, led the workshop which allowed the children to explore the museum's collections through drawing.
The pupils' drawings will be brought to life in the form of an animation which will be projected throughout the city centre at the Twilight event on 17th February 2016.
Wednesday 16th September 2015 - Welcome Year 4
We have had a very exciting start to the new school year. 
We have begun our new topic, Chocolate! Last week we took part in our entry point which was a huge chocolate tasting experiment! We tested dark, light and milk chocolate against our own five senses. This included wearing a blindfold to test our taste buds, eating chocolate whilst holding our nose and seeing if chocolate tastes different when it is wrapped in varied materials. Great lesson! 
As we are now in year 4, we have made a monumental effort with our presentation in our books. Here are some fantastic examples from our Maths and English books.