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Wednesday 21st June 2017
This afternoon, the children in years 3, 4, and 5 had a visit from the Dogs Trust.  They were taught about how to stay safe around dogs.  The children knew that a sleeping dog shouldn't be woken and not to pet a dog when it's eating.  They learnt what to do and how to react if a dog starts running towards you: throw anything you're holding a side, cross your arms over your chest and look away from the dog.  The children really learned valuable life lessons today!
Thursday 15th June 2017
It was Healthy Eating Day!  We got to go to different classrooms and learn about different things we can do to keep our bodies healthy.  3AS did some cooking and singing in the morning.  3AE thought about where their food comes from and did some baking.
In the afternoon, we all had a visit from a dentist.  She told us we need to brush our teeth for two minutes in the morning and before we go to bed every day.  She also showed us how much toothpaste we need.  It's about the size of a pea, but we can use the size of our pinkie nail to remind us. She explained to us how much sugar is in a can of pop.  It was a lot!
After school, some children and their parents were able to join us for Get Your Parents Growing in the school garden and activity trail.  It was great to see so many people turn up!  After some gardening and exploring, we were able to enjoy a slice of the cakes that 3AE helped make!  It was delicious!
Wednesday 14th June 2017
As it is Healthy Eating Week, years 3 took part in the Body Coach Schools Live Workout this morning (Years 4 and 6 also joined in in the other hall)!  It was hard work but a lot of fun!  It was great to see everyone putting in their best effort!  The best part of the workout?  The Body Coach gave all 170 children at Shirley a shout out in his live video!  Check it and some pictures from our workout below!  Well done everyone!
To see the whole workout, click here.
Friday 9th June 2017
This week was Economy Week!  We solved lots of money related problems in maths.  In connection to our topic, Different Places Similar Lives, we talked about different currencies, which are the different money you can use in your place.
We looked at the images and designs on currencies from around the world.  3AS even got to see and hold some notes from Canada, USA, and Sri Lanka!  They all had lots of detail and pictures that represented their countries.  We used this to create our own notes.  See if you can find the notes you designed!
Tuesday 6th June 2017
Good work to 3AS, who achieved nearly 100% attendance in the week leading up to half term!  It's great to have everyone in class everyday!  Keep at it, year 3!
This week is Economy week, so we're looking at money!  We've been learning about why we need money and if we've always had money, as well as what was used before we had money!  We also started designing our own money for a new country!
In English, we will continue reading James and the Giant Peach.  Today, however, we created silly compound words and made up definitions for them.  It was really fun!  Some of our favourites were:
  • toothhair - hair that grows on your teeth.
  • raingrass - a wet leafy green
  • shotboard - a board to shoot at whilst playing paintball.
We also made some stop animation videos this week!  These were lots of fun!  Please check out a couple of the videos we made!

Thursday 18th May 2017

 This week, we started reading James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.  We have been thinking about how James felt when his parents were devoured by an escaped rhinoceros! We are also wondering who he is going to live with now that his parents have been eaten.


As part of our topic, we have been learning about where our food comes from.  Last week, we even wrote a letter with lots of well thought out questions to a local farmer!

Wednesday 26th April 2017
Today some of the children in year 3 were extremely lucky to be take part in 'Pedal Smart' training. They were taught about safe starting positions, using an arm to indicate and the importance of checking for traffic over their right shoulder. Such a valuable life lesson there!
Friday 21st April 2017
Welcome back year 3! This week we have started our new topic, Different Places, Similar Lives and decided to create videos about our school. We showed the classroom, old and new hall, all the other classes and the play area outside (including the activity trail)! Keep your eyes on the blog for our completed videos!
In RE we have learnt about the Christian Easter story and Lent and in maths we have been partitioning and recombining large number. We have also discussed safety and risk management in PSHE, sharing our 'safety circle' of friends, family and teachers. 
Friday 31st March 2017
What a fantastic term for year 3! This week, we have enjoyed performing the Wind in the Willows production. All the children acted, performed and sang beautifully and did themselves proud. On Red Nose day on 24th March all the children dressed in red clothing and brought in money to go towards Children in Need; the school raised nearly £300! 
On Thursday 2nd March, Shirley celebrated World Book day, again raising money for the school library resources. The theme was 'the Potters', 3AS in particular enjoyed this! We had so many Harry Potters, Hermione Grangers and Ron Weasleys! 
Tuesday 21st February 2017 
Welcome back to school year 3! Everyone had a lovely half term and 3AS celebrated winning the attendance cup with 100% for the week before half term! An amazing effort!
3AE were lucky to start the next topic of Scavengers and Settlers, creating their own mini settlements out in the nature area! Please see the photos below for a better look!
3AS haven't been able to do this yet, as we are so busy preparing for our Harry Potter themed class assembly this Friday 24th February at 2:45.
Friday 3rd February 2017
The last few months we have been recieving some wonderful postcards from year 3's last teacher, Miss Kurc, who is travelling around India! We couldn't respond with a letter of our own, but the children have written some messages for the blog! Have a great time Miss Kurc, don't forget Mr Sears's present. 
Dear Miss Kurc,
Thank you for the 5 postcards, they were amazing! Also we started swimming, I learnt how to do a handstand! We got a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets picture book, its great! 
Good luck travelling!
Dear Miss Kurc,
I am happy because you have a beautiful life!
From Leo 
Dear Miss Kurc,
I hope you're enjoying India, I wonder where you're going next? Is it Egypt? Hope you reply!
Yours sincerely 
Dear Miss Kurc,
Thank you for the postcards and thank you again!
Dear Miss Kurc 
I have really enjoyed listening to your postcards! 
Love Ythan 
Dear Miss / Mrs Kurc!
I hope you are having a lovely time. How many countries have you seen so far? What country are you in right now and where are you going next? Mr Sears is very funny and kind!
From Lily 
Dear Miss Kurc,
I hope you're having a wonderful time because we are! At the moment Mr Sears is reading HP and the Chamber of Secrets to us! He's also teaching us how to make a scratch game! I wish you never had to leave Shirley back in the past but its good that we can still stay in contact!
From Alex 
Dear Miss Kurc,
Thanks for the post cards, they have fascinating images!
From Emma 
Friday 3rd February 2017   (written by 3AS children)
In 3AS we have been reading a fabulous book the Chamber of Secrets. Some people in the class have started to read it at home because they loved it so much! (Emma)
We have also been investigating the human body and did an experiment to see who was stronger; boys or girls! We found that the boys are better on average at bicep curls (using water bottles, average 168 curls) and the girls were better at straight armed chair holds (ave 28 seconds). (Oliver and Tyler) 
Today we had the year 3 maths parent workshop which was really fun. We played number tennis, colour by number and addition problems. (Leona) 
This term in ICT we have been creating our own game on a program called scratch. We have created mazes where you dodge the obstacles to get points. (Bobby G)
In year 3 PE we have started playing rugby! Yesterday we played games where we passed and ran with the ball. It was really fun!  Don't worry, it was only tag rugby, we don't want to end up like Mr Sears in hospital! (Henry, Ythan and Lily)
In maths we have been learning the expanded and column method for adding and subtracting. (Marnie) 
This term in year 3 we have been swimming every Tuesday morning. I have learnt to hold my breath under water for longer. This is how you do it! Point your nose at the floor and think of a great dream! (Ambros) 
Friday 20th January 2017 
Shirley School were extremely fortunate to have an incredibly inspiring guest into school today. Kate Richardson-Walsh was the woman's Great Britain captain in hockey, winning gold at Rio and bronze in London! She spoke brilliantly about working hard and persisting in whatever you do. The children (and the adults) were really excited and enjoyed her inspirational visit!
Thursday 19th January 2017
Welcome to 3AE Nibbler and Nibbles, the class Hamsters! 
3AE had such marvelous attendance for the Autumn term that they decided to buy Nibbler and Nibbles for their class. We have already done research about their skeletons and compared the differences and similarities between hamster and human skeletons!
Friday 13th January 2017
Welcome back year 3! 
Due to year 3's fantastic attendance in both classes this term, they were both awarded their attendance reward of £20! 3AS chose to use the money to purchase some new Marvel Superhero books and a beautiful Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets picture book (we finished the first book in December). 3AE decided on a slightly different route and bought a CLASS PET! Or two class pets to be exact! Two little hamsters, Nibbler and Nibbles, joined 3AE today. 
We also began our new topic this week, 'HOW HUMANS WORK'. The children were able to repair a broken skeleton quite quickly! Future doctors in the making!
Friday 16th December 2016
On Friday, year 3 applied their design and technology skills whilst getting into the festive spirit! Due to the kind donations from parents, we were able to collect a vast amount of recycled junk so that the children could create elf houses! The children displayed some fabulous ideas for kitchens, baths, elevators and even toilets! 
Tuesday 13th December 2016 
Things are beginning to get festive in year 3! This week we have been writing our very own versions of 'The Snowman', by watching the beautiful film back and collecting fantastic vocabulary and subordinate clauses throughout! We have also decorated the class Christmas tree with our own snowflakes! 
Monday 5th December 2016
Last week we were fortunate to have children from North Cambridge Academy (many former Shirley students) visit year 3 twice in two days. On the Tuesday, the year sevens came into class and collected interesting, fun information about each child in the class. After that they went away back to NCA and wrote and designed some fabulous books, tailor-made for our classes. They then came back and read the stories the next day. 3AS and 3AE absolutely loved having them in and thoroughly enjoyed the stories! 
Additionally on Tuesday, Miss Eaton's mum came into Shirley to read her very own children's book, the Mess Monster! She hasn't quite finished yet, however the children were left on a cliff-hanger, desperate to find out what happened at the end! Lucky children!