Blogs: Y3 2015-16

Thursday 16th June 2016
Shirley School Health Day 2016
The children enjoyed finding out about eating a balanced diet, finding out where food comes from, cooking activities and growing and harvesting food in our school garden. 

The Healthy Eating day included a visit from our link farmer –Farmer Ken from Fen End Farm in Cottenham he came to talk to the children in an assembly about growing food on his farm and sustainability.

We are looking forward to our school cook using produce grown in our school garden that the children in Year 3 harvested throughout the day. They will also get the chance to have Shirley School homemade ketchup with their fish and chips tomorrow lunchtime.

Unfortunately the ‘get your grownups growing’ event for parents and families after school got rained off - we hope to run this in the next few weeks.

Thursday 9th June 2016
Year 3 started work on a recycling project today. We are going to enter a competition to win £1000 for Shirley School. We have collected lots of junk modelling bits - our recycling has come into its own today!
The children worked well together to draw their designs and we are looking forward to making our Recycle Bots in the next few weeks.
Thursday 12th May  Fen End Farm Visit
This afternoon was 3MR's turn to visit the farm as part of our new IPC topic about different places. The children had lots of fun meeting the farmer and finding out about how the farm works. They had a tour of the farm, met the chickens and the cows, saw the crops growing and learnt about growing and processing oats. They all had a go at grinding the oats and making oat flour which we have taken back to school and will use to make some yummy biscuits when we have our exit point picnic just before half term.
Thursday 28th April 3MR
Phew! What a busy day! During our English lessons the children have been writing poems based on the text we have been reading - Gregory Cool. You can see some of our poems in the classroom windows.
In the afternoon we finished off our IPC topic about Early Settlers by building our own settlement in the Nature Area. First, the children worked together to design their den and then make it out of paper sticks and playdough in the classroom. Once they had practised in the classroom they went out to build the real thing. They collected the things they needed and worked together as a team to create some super dens. They enjoyed eating marshmallows over our pretend fire.
Thursday 21st April 2016
We are coming to the end of our IPC topic, and are now looking at cave art. The children have been on a virtual tour of the Lascaux cave in France discussing the cave drawings they saw, talking about how the drawings were created and reasons why the drawings were made. Tomorrow they will be creating their own cave drawings!
For our exit point the children will be visiting the nature area next week and building dens - don't forget to bring your wellies!
Thursday 24th March 2016
This morning we learned all about the meaning of Easter in our RE lessons and this afternoon we had lot of fun rescuing the Easter Bunny that had been kidnapped by chickens! Look at the photos to see all the tasks we had to complete on our rescue mission. Our training began with an egg and spoon race, we then disguised ourselves by making bunny ears. We also had to solve an Easter quiz and pop balloons. Finally we rescued the bunny hidden in the hall. We were very pleased that the Bunny had read our 'Shirley School Healthy Eating policy' and left us some healthy snacks back in the classroom!!! So now the bunny is safe, we can all relax and have a Happy Easter Break!
Thursday 10th March
We have begun our new topic today... Scavengers and settlers. We are looking forward to finding out lots more about the Stone Age over the next few weeks. Today we thought about the first settlers to Britain and how they would find food, water, clothing and shelter. We have been designing some shelters that we will be building in the Nature Area at the end of our topic.
Thursday 3rd March        Wold Book Day
Year 3 looked amazing today as they dressed up at book characters for our World Book Day celebrations! Congratulations to all the children and parents who had worked hard to make the children's costumes. 
The children enjoyed taking part in different activities throughout the day such as performing poems and illustrating texts. 
They shared their learning in an assembly at the end of the day.


Thursday 11th February 2016


We have come to the end of our How Humans Work topic and have had a brilliant few weeks learning lots! 


For our exit point we had a master chef challenge where all children took part in 3 stages of a competition. Stage one involved children learning new cooking techniques, such as the bridge cutting technique. These were demonstrated to the children by our wonderful school cook, Mrs Peck. Stage two had all children designing a healthy meal using selected ingredients from the 'eatwell plate'. The final stage was the really fun part... making our dishes. We had all sort of delicious meals prepared by our pupil chefs, including salads, wraps and pitta bread creations. The children were able to put their newly acquired cookery skills into action and follow their imaginative designs in order to create their culinary masterpieces.


They all did brilliantly and our overall winner was Lizzie from 3MR, who created a beautiful and healthy design - it looked yummy! Well done Lizzie and well done to all our Year 3 master chefs!

Thursday 7th January 2016
Happy New Year!
We've had a great start to term as we have started workin on our new IPC topic...
How humans work.
Today we had the entry point where we had to pass 5 tests to achieve our body MOT certificate. These tests included doing a skeleton dance to help us learn about our bones and completeing an eye test to test how good our colour vision was. We also had to stick the different organs on a body outline and make a eatwell plate to show how we need to eat healthily. We enjoyed finding our pulse and counting the beats to check our pulse rate - some of us had a rate of over 100 beats a minute (and some of us had 5!)! 
We are looking forward to learning lots more about our bodies this term.
Friday 13th November 2015
Year 3 have just written the next part of a Writepath story. This story will be travelling around the CB4 schools, for them to add to. See our section at:
Our section is:

When the ground shook viciously, I was catapulted towards a planet! Soon, I saw that it looked a little bit like a Minecraft world. I fell head first into a large, grassy area. BOING! Landing on grass which was as bouncy as a trampoline, I felt dazed as I hit my head. I sat up, but then fell back down., because the gravity was just too strong!

 I saw a figure, which was ghostly, appearing out of the gloom. It looked like Noah, but I knew it wasn’t.

“Why are you here?” growled the ghostly apparition.

“I don’t know!” I stammered , feeling scared.

Tuesday 10th November 2015
Today we made our own fossils! Can you spot the different stages?
Monday 2nd November 2015
We have been learning about our new topic, Footprints from the Past, which includes information about dinosaurs and fossils! We have been paleontologists,  trying to dig out bones and dinosaurs! We showed cooperation, reslience and good communication. We also learnt about some fossils!
Monday 19th October 2015
Dear parents,
We are looking forward to seeing you all at our Rainforest Cafe on Wednesday 21st October at 2.45 pm. Don't forget your money, as all money raised  from donations will go to the Rainforest Alliance!
Tuesday 13th Ocotber 2015
We have been really busy preparing for our rainforest cafe on Wednesday 21st October at 2.45 pm.
Today we painted our rainforest compostions, based on our sketches from last week. You will be able to see these on display at our cafe!
We are also making lots of cakes over the next few days ready for the cafe.
Friday 9th Ocotber 2015
Today we looked at the work of Rousseau and sketched ideas from his work which we will include in our compositions on Monday.
Look out for our final compositions then!
Monday 28th September 2015
Today we compared our woodland environment to the rainforest environment. We compared the trees, birds and minibeasts.
Friday 25th September 2015
Today is our school Environment Day! We are focussing on 'green energy'. In Year 3, we learnt about solar energy, wind energy and biomass with different teachers. We made wind turbines, did an experiment to see which colour absorbed heat energy the best, and made a display to show how biomass is made. Here is our diaply below- it is nearly finished!
We also looked at this website to find out more about energy- try going on it at home!
Tuesday 22nd September 2015
Today we learnt about how seeds are dispersed- by animals eating them, by sticking to animals' fur, by animals burying them (e.g. acorns) and by the wind. We found lots of examples of seeds in the school grounds.
What different kinds of dispersal do you think these seeds use?