Blogs: Y2 2018-19

May 2019
This month, we have been busy doing lots of quizzes to test our reading, spelling and maths skills!
We have also enjoyed learning more about the culture and food in Ghana as part of our topic work. We have been using all of the information we have learnt to help us write a persuasive travel guide about Ghana! Mrs. Okai brought in lots of souvenirs and artefacts from Ghana which we enjoyed looking at. 
We have also been learning how to analyse data presented in tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. We even looked at bar charts comparing the temperatures in Accra in Ghana to the temperatures in Cambridge in the U.K! It is much sunnier and hotter in Ghana!
April 2019
We launched our new topic 'We're Going on Ghana' this month.  We pretended to board to plane to Accra which is the capital city of Ghana. Ghana is a country situated in the west of Africa. We learnt about the traditional 'kente' cloth which is woven by hand and very expensive. It is used to make clothing worn on special occasions. We have a go at making our own 'kente' creations by weaving using coloured card.
In Maths, we have been started a new unit looking at different ways data can be presented. We have learnt how to analyse data presented in tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. We even had a go at comparing the weather in Accra in Ghana to the weather in Cambridge in the U.K. It is a much sunnier and hotter in Ghana!
March 2019
This month, we enjoyed taking part in activities based on the World Book Day theme 'Share a Story'! We enjoyed sharing stories with children in year 1 as well as learning about our teachers' favourite stories and book characters!
Mrs. Okai's favourite story is a traditional tale from Ghana about a cunning spider called Anansi! Anansi stories are popular and well-known in the western part of Africa.
This month, we have been learning about measuring mass in grams as well as capacity in litres and milliltres.
Friday 1st February 2019.
Mount Everest and Picasso
This week Year 2 continued exploring the work of Pablo Picasso and made their own cubist inspired pictures of a guitar using straight lines and oil pastels.
In English this week we wrote our biographies about Edmund Hillary listening to some atmospheric mountain sounds to help inspire us!
In Maths we concluded our unit on time by comparing and ordering units of time and revising all the vocabulary we have learnt for this unit.
2AO had their assembly on Friday afternoon and, despite the unexpected power cut that affected the area, they showed great resilience and did a brilliant job sharing their learning with parents!
Friday 25th January 2019.


What a busy week Year 2 have had! We were lucky enough to be shown some mountaineering equipment by a real mountaineer, who explained what each piece of kit was used for. Some of us even tried some of the items on! We did some drama and dance activities inspired by mountain climbing to imagine how it must have felt to reach the summit of Mount Everest. We also had a marine biologist come and speak to both classes about their job and what they do when they are deep sea exploring. We got the opportunity to see some of the creatures that she has studied from a research trip to the Arctic. It was really exciting to see that exploring is something people still choose to do as a career! 



We have begun work on our Edmund Hilary biographies in English, gathering background information and key facts about his life and his work as an explorer.



We have continued our unit on time this week. We have been looking at telling the time to 5 minutes, how many hours are in a day and how many minutes are in an hour.



2AO have been busy working on their assembly which is on Friday 1st February at 2.45pm.

Friday 18th January 2019


Year 2 had a wonderful launch on Monday of our new topic, ‘People of the Past’. We dressed up as inspirational people from the past and had some fun interviewing each other as different people.

Children also designed and made a model of a time machine (using junk-modelling materials) which could them back into time and presented their models to the class!

We also looked at cubist art by Pablo Picasso and had a go at creating our own abstract cubist portraits using collaging.

Thank you for helping your child research their person and for preparing costumes – the children loved dressing up and seeing their teachers in role as well!


In PSHE we have been looking at responsibilities. We look forward to reading the children's applications for classroom jobs which is this week's homework task!


In Computing we have begun looking at algorithms. The children had to give their teacher instructions on how to make a sandwich. We learnt that if the instructions weren't clear enough the task wouldn't be completed properly and the results were very amusing indeed! We therefore had to 'debug' our sandwich-making algorithm to ensure it worked. After this we created algorithms in pairs to move an explorer around a map of the world.



This week we have started our unit on biographies. We have looked at lots of different examples and discussed the various features of a biography. This is in preparation for the children writing their own biographies on a special person from the past next week.



In Maths, we have been looking at time and have been revising how to read o'clock and half-past times.


How you can help at home

Ask your child to help you work out the time and discuss that the long hand tells us the minutes, whilst the short hand tells us the hour.

Do you have any examples of biographies at home? If so we’d love for the children to bring them for show and tell, particularly child friendly texts.



We won first prize for attendance yet again. Our class mascot Mildred is very happy to have her cozy spot back as you can see! We have also earned our attendance prize of £20 for meeting our attendance target. We have had a class vote and will spend this money on pop-corn and a film to have one afternoon at school.

Friday 11th January 2019

Welcome Back!


Year 2 had a great first week settling back into school. We spent some time discussing what we did during the Christmas holidays and the children wrote a recount of their Christmas Holiday highlights! During Maths we finished off our Fractions unit and completed our first quiz of the term!

We thought about New Year’s resolutions and decided on two of our own; one for home and one for school. The children have written these on leaves that we will add to a tree on display in the classroom. We plan on reviewing our resolutions later on in the term.


Here’s how you can help at home:

  • Ask your children what their resolutions are for home and school. Some of the children said they would be making their beds every day and helping out at home with tasks like washing up!
  • Ask your child to find half or a quarter of even numbers of objects.


2AO had their Pizza Express trip this week to celebrate the end of last term’s topic, ‘We Are What We Eat’. We hope your child enjoyed the trip and let you sample some of the delicious pizza they made!



Having reviewed our homework provision and listened to parental feedback, homework will now be issued on a Friday each week and returned to school the following Wednesday. We ask that their homework books be kept in their book-bags even if the children haven’t completed their work to prevent the books from getting lost.


Star Readers

Year 2 have launched a new reading initiative to boost reading at home. Each child now has a home reading reward chart to fill with stickers so they can earn prizes. If a child reads at home on 3 different days of the week they earn a sticker. For every 5 different days in a week that they read at home they receive 2 stickers. They can also earn 1 sticker per 2 book reviews completed at home. Book review templates are available from the class teacher on request so feel free to ask for plenty to take home! A letter was sent home with full details of the initiative - if you need another copy please let one of the Year 2 team know and we can provide you with one.

In Maths for the last two weeks Year 2 have been working on 2D and 3D shapes. Last week we looked at lines of symmetries, created pictures using as many 2D shapes as we could and sorted 2D shapes according to their properties. This week we investigated what 3D shapes we could find in the classroom, sorted 3D shapes, created 3D shapes out of cubes, cuboids and triangular prisms and learnt some useful techniques for drawing 3D shape. 
In English this week we began our work on writing instructions. We looked at lots of examples of instructions and discussed all the occasions where we might use, create and follow instructions, both at school and at home. We examined the different grammatical features of instructions such as imperative verbs ('clean', 'chop', 'prepare'), time connectives ('first', 'after', 'next'), present tense, ordered steps and equipment lists. On Friday we began writing our instructions and we will continue these next before editing and publishing them, ready for making fruit kebabs. We have to give our instructions to someone else in the class to follow so we have made sure to lay them out very clearly in order to make them easy to read and use!
During R.E. we looked at Christianity and why Jesus is such an important figure to Christians. We brainstormed good leadership qualities and wrote about what made Jesus a good leader based on stories from the New Testament.
We have also begun our preparation for the upcoming Nativity show, 'The Inn-spectors', in earnest! We have been rehearsing the songs and choreographing dances to go with them. Next week we are looking forward to rehearsing these in the hall!
Attendance in Year 2 continues to be good with both classes meeting their attendance targets. This week 2EB won the first place trophy for their attendance last week, which was over 99%! Let's keep up the excellent attendance! 
Notices: Hopefully you have received a letter informing you about the non-school uniform day coming up on Friday 30th November. We are asking for a small jar filled with non-perishable items to be brought in on Friday morning if your child comes to school in non-school uniform. We are collecting these to sell at the Christmas cafe coming up in December.
Thank you very much to parents of 2EB for contributing funds for our Pizza Express trip on Thursday. We ask that your child arrives promptly for school, ready for the coach to leave at 9am. They will be back at school in time for lunch that day. 2AO's Pizza Express trip will go ahead at the start of January and letters will go out nearer the time. 
In Year 2 we launched this term's topic: 'We Are What We Eat'.
We created our own healthy pizza parlour using paper plates and coloured card and paper.
In Maths, Year 2 have been partitioning numbers and we have been using this to help us add pairs of numbers together.
In Year 2, we have been looking at the story 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra and getting ready to write our own stories about superhero vegetables next week.
In Art this week, Year 2 have been looking at artwork by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who painted portraits composed of fruits and vegetables. We then created our own portrait collages using images of fruits and vegetables.
In English Year 2 have written non-chronological reports about fruits. To help us plan our reports we gathered facts about different fruits by researching where they came from and how they grew using video clips and ipads. We also got the chance to taste and feel lots of different fruits from around the world.
In Science we carried out an experiment to find out how damaging sugary drinks can be to our teeth by immersing eggshells in different drinks. When we checked after a week the eggshells that had been significantly damaged are the ones which were in orange juice and a common fizzy drink. This has definitely made us think twice about how much sugary drink we consume!
In English this week 2EB have been writing, editing and publishing poems about food. We are going to make these into a class poetry book for our reading corner.
In Maths we have been working with money. We did some role play in pairs taking it in turns to be shopkeepers and customers. We counted coins, used addition to find out the total of what we were purchasing and subtraction to work out how much change to give.
In topic we felt very inspired by the fireworks displays some of us saw on Monday and wrote poems, stories and recounts of our experiences. We also painted some pictures of fireworks and using coloured streamers recreated our very own fireworks display.
We will be performing our Nativity play in December so this week we began rehearsing some of the songs and making up a dance routine. 
During Anti-bullying week Year 2 became anti-bullying super heroes. After making special superhero masks we wrote our own definitions of bullying, created anti-bullying posters and wrote ant-bullying poems. We also wrote anonymous letters of kindness to each other before brainstorming ideas for spreading more kindness in our classroom. Look out for the results of some of these ideas soon!
June 2019
We launched our new topic 'Flowers and Insects' with a visit from a beekeeper. We learnt fascinating facts abut bees including why they are so important for the environment and how they help pollinate flowers! Bees help produce a lot of our plants and in turn the food that comes from them!
In English, we created our own informative and persuasive posters about why bees are so important and what we can do to help increase the bee population and save our bee-rilliant friends! There was a competition for the best poster which was judged by Mrs. Went, our beekeeper. Mr. Cattermole was so convinced by our posters that he said we could plant some some bee-friendly flowers in our school flower beds! We planted these during our 'Global Diversity' week.
We also baked and decorated biscuits with bee-inspired designs and made fruit kebabs. We sold these after school and raised £75 for a bee charity!