Blogs: Y2 2016/17

Welcome to our Year 2 Blog. Watch this space for information on our topics and photos of our work and learning!
Tuesday 27th June 2017
This week in Year 2 we have been learning about fractions. 
Today we looked at equivalent fractions. This means that although the numbers in the fraction may be different, it is still exactly the same amount. 
We made fraction plates this afternoon to help us visualise and remember equivalent fractions. 

Do you know any equivalent fractions?
Friday 16th June 
This week, 2SW received £20 for their fantastic attendance at school. So this afternoon we celebrated our great attendance with a film afternoon. We had popcorn and fruit shoots, made ourselves comfy with blankets and cushions, and settled down to watch the film Minions. 
It was a lot of fun, and we're going to continue to working hard at our attendance! 

Tuesday 23rd May

Flowers and Insects Entry point:

This afternoon, all of year 2 held our entry point to our new topic; Flowers and Insects. We went out onto the school field and carried out a tree hunt, a flower hunt and a mini-beast hunt. We found lots of interesting things such as daisies, woodlice, bluebells, butterflies and ladybirds. Who knew there was so much wildlife in our school? What a surprise! We can’t wait to carry on our learning of this new topic- there are so many things that we want to find out during this topic. Such as why are all insects so different? Why are some insects and mini-beasts poisonous? And why do plants have pollen? Hopefully during our topic we will find out this information and be able to answer these questions. Fingers crossed!

Satellite Crashes!
Over the weekend a satellite  crashed onto the KS2 playground. Our caretaker, Mr Crook managed to film the crash on his phone. He gave this footage to year 2 who are going to use this to write a news paper report for the rest of the school, telling them what happened! Keep your eyes peeled for more information!
27th April 2017

As part of our IPC topic 'Hooray...Let's Go on Holiday', Year 2 have been learning all about holidays in other cultures. We learnt all about the festival of Diwali, and learnt about who celebrates Diwali, what the word Diwali actually means, and what happens during the festival of Diwali.

We looked at an art form called Rangoli, in which patterns are created on the floor of homes and courtyards using materials such as coloured rice, sand and flour. We designed our own Rangoli patterns, and then today we created them using coloured sand. It was very messy but we had a lot of fun!
23rd March 2017
Robot fun in maths!

Today we have learnt about directions in our maths lesson. It was our favourite maths lesson this year! We had so much fun learning about directions because we went outside and had to direct our partners around the playground. We pretended that our partners were Beebots and we were their controllers, then we swapped roles. We can’t wait to practice this at home, with someone being our robots! Then back in the classroom we tested out our new skills by directing Mrs Wernham out of our classroom when she had her eyes closed! Luckily we manged to direct her to the door without crashing into anything!

Recapping on partitioning!
Today in maths we mixed the classes around and spent the session learning how to partition 2 and even 3 digit numbers into their parts! We used diennes, numicon and arrow cards to make the numbers and identify the separate parts. We challenged the children to find how many ways they could partition the numbers. 
How would you partition the number 346? Is there more than one way?

27th February 2017

Captain Scott's armpit fudge recipe!

This afternoon in year 2, to celebrate our exit point we made Captain Scott's armpit fudge! This is something we thought he might have enjoyed on his expeditions because it is high in sugar and this would have given him energy along the way on his travels.  Captain Scott became famous as he tried to be the first person to visit the South Pole, unfortunately he was beaten by the Norwegians and on the way home he got stranded in a snow storm and Scott and his team died.  

The first thing we did was to measure out the icing sugar into the bag.

Next we added the butter and the cream cheese to the same bag.

After that we added the vanilla essence.

Finally we added the cocoa powder to the bag.

Then we squeezed out the air, put it under our arm pits for heat and squished and mooshed the bag together to make the fudge.


We can't wait to go home and try this fudge!

Colour mixing!
Today we learnt all about colour mixing in our IPC art lesson. We started by looking at paintings by L.S Lowry, one of our famous people from the past we are studying this term. We noticed how he used quite dull colours in his pictures. In preparation for designing and making our own Lowry style pictures later in the week, we learnt how to make all of the colours on the colour wheel, using only the 3 primary colours. We will then use this knowledge about how we can change colours and alter them when we come to make our own designs. 
Today was French day! The topic we were focusing on in Year 2 was Food and Drink.
The children learnt how to say different fruits and vegetables in French, and how they would ask for these in a shop.
Then we talked about the French culture, and how French food is different to English food. We tasted some croissants and grenadine, and then designed our own French plate of food. 



This morning for maths we had use a different part of our maths brain- the problem solving part! We had to answer the following question:

There are three baskets: a brown one, a red one and a pink one, holding a total of ten eggs.

The brown basket has one more egg in it than the red basket.

The red basket has 3 fewer eggs than the pink basket.

How many eggs are in each basket?

We worked in pairs with people not normally on our maths table. We had to be really resilient– we imagined that we were sun flowers growing in a desert– and just keep on growing! 

We used the method of trial and error to solve this problem. We used multi link cubes to represent the eggs!

Can you work out the answer?

Friday 6th January
This afternoon we had a lovely afternoon back at school! We had out Entry point to our new topic- People from the past. 
First in our classrooms we thought about different significant figures in history and what personality traits they would have had. Then we made some props to help us think more about some of these famous people. We made crowns like Queen Elizabeth 1, lamps for Florence Nightingale and flags like Captain Scott.
Finally we went into the hall and learnt some Elizabethan dancing and we were visited by a very special guest. Queen Elizabeth traveled back in time to come and visit us at our banquet! We got to ask her some very important questions and learnt a lot about her life.  
Tuesday 20th December
Today we walked in to find that the Alfies from the 2 classes had been very kind to us. They must have been impressed with our writing of the Stickman story as they had bought us the DVD of the film to watch!
Monday 19th December
Today we walked in and found that Alfie bought us a book- and look what it is called! How nice of him!
Friday 16th December
This morning we were so excited to see that Elfie had been taking part in a snowball fight. We can't believe the mess that he has made! What will he do tomorrow?!
Thursday 15th December
This morning we walked in to find that Alfie had made himself a towns person! We think that he wants to be part of our production! We didn't want him to feel left out, and because he was dressed for the part we took him into our production today! He bought us good luck!
Wednesday 14th December
This morning we walked in to find that Alfie (the elf) had left us a present and a card! We had a new bauble for our tree - which was shaped like a glitter ball and also a card wishing us luck in our dress rehearsal in front of the school today! Fingers crossed for us!
Tuesday 13th December
Today we found that the elf had been up to his naughty tricks again! He made poured glitter all over a table and then decided to make a snow/ glitter angel in it! What a mess he left for us to clear up! We were not impressed this morning!
Monday 12th December
This morning we walked in to find that our elf had received a visit over the weekend from a special person! Father Christmas has been in our classroom! He left behind some snowy footprints so we know it was him! It must be to check in on the elf and see if he has learnt how he should be behaving by now! Let's hope the elf told him good things about us!
Friday 9th December
This morning we were so excited in year 2! We think that the elf is trying to communicate with us and is after watching us writing, he has tried to copy us! He has drawn all over the whiteboard! Let's see if he can practice his writing over the weekend and maybe he will leave us a message next week?!
Thursday 8th December
This morning we arrived to find our elf had climbed up the classroom wall and got himself stuck abseiling across the ceiling. He was hanging mid way along our class washing line when we walked in. Maybe we disturbed him as he was moving around the classroom!
7th December
Look at what the elf got up to this morning! We arrived to find him fishing for silver fish in the sink!!
6th December 2016
This morning we arrived to find that the elf had fallen asleep in the tissue box! We are glad that he is feeling at home in our classrooms now that we have decorated for Christmas! It's just such a shame he had to leave a trail of tissue across the floor!
Monday 5th December
We walked into the classroom this morning to find the elf had made a huge mess with paper and scissors! We thought about what he might be trying to communicate with us- we agreed that he might be feeling homesick and so we have decided that this afternoon we will decorate our classroom to make him feel more at home! 
We think that the elf must have been hungry after his long journey as when we arrived this morning we found that he had eaten our bananas! What a naughty elf- he even put his peel all over our desk! We wrote it all down in our diaries so we can keep track of all of his mischief!
What is he going to get up to over the weekend? We can't wait to come in on Monday to find out!
This morning year 2 arrived at school to find that the naughty elf sent to us all the way from the North pole has already been up to mischief! We found him upside down in some of our maths resources and he been throwing them all around the carpet! We starting writing down the adventures of the elf in our elf diaries that we are going to send back to the North Pole when we have finished writing them!
Today year 2 were very excited to receive a very special letter all the way from the North Pole. Both year 2 classes are due to get a naughty elf sent from Father Christmas's workshop as he has heard that Year 2 at Shirley are good role models. We are excited to see what mischief the elf gets into and can't wait to report back to Father Christmas about the adventures of the elf! Stay tuned to find out more...
Bar Charts 
This week in maths we have been looking at data collection. 
Both classes started the week with a trip to the Library to investigate the different categories of books, and created a tally chart to show how many of each type there were. 
Later in the week we turned this data into bar charts. The children created some fantastic charts in their books, and we even made a giant bar chart on the carpet! 
Anti-Bullying Week
This week is Anti-Bullying Week. Throughout the school we have been asking the question 'What is Bullying?', and looking at how we can tackle bullying at Shirley School. 
In Year 2 we looked at the story of Elmer the Elephant in our English lessons, and discussed how Elmer might have felt when the other elephants laughed at him for being different.
Yesterday we wrote Elmer a set of instructions to follow next time he is bullied, and today we have been making Anti-Bullying posters to put up on the wall. 
We can't wait to share some of what we have been doing with the rest of the school in tomorrow's sharing assembly!
Pizza Express!
Today both year 2 classes were lucky enough to be able to visit Pizza Express, 2SW to Regent street and 2EM to Jesus Lane. The children had a lovely time making their own pizzas, having a tour of the restaurant and even trying some different pizza toppings they might normally have chosen. We found out lots of interesting facts about cooking a pizza, and learnt how to make the dough for the pizza bases. All of the teachers were very impressed at the way the children behaved on the trip and thought they were very good ambassadors for Shirley. 
19th September 2016
This afternoon, as part of our IPC topic- we are what we eat, all of year 2 got the chance to plant some pumpkin seeds in the flower beds in school. We are hoping that they start to grow soon and that we can track their progress. When we went back to the classroom we wrote a recount of our afternoon in our topic books.
Maths learning in year 2
This week in maths we have been learning to add and take away 1 and 2 digit numbers. We have used numberlines, diennes, beadstrings and numicon to help us to find the answers. Here are a few pictures of us using the equipment to find out the answers to the number sentences.
Welcome to year 2!
We have had a lovely first week back in year 2, we have all settled into our new classes really well and have enjoyed all of the learning we have done.  
In maths this week we started by identifying odd and even numbers, we learnt a song to help us to remember which numbers are which! We have also been using the equipment such as, beadstrings, coins and diennes, to partition numbers into their tens and units. This has helped us to learn what each digit is worth.
In English we started the week planning and writing a recount about our summer holidays. It was lovely to learn about all the fun things that everyone had been doing.  On Wednesday we read the book Pancake, Pancake and have spent the rest of the week learning the story and identifying the key characters and plot. We are going to change some parts of the story and write our own versions of the book next week in English.
We have also started our new topic; We are what we eat. On Wednesday we held our entry point to the topic, we had a number of activities in the classroom all linked to being in a restaurant and we even made our own chef hats to take home!