Blogs: Y2 2015-16

Welcome to our Year 2 Blog. Watch this space for information on our topics and photos of our work and learning!
Wednesday 6th July
Today was KS1 sports afternoon! The children showed super effort and resilience in the carousel activities and competing in the running and throwing events. Well done everyone!
On Wednesday in the afternoon we went to the field to explore some mini-beasts. Then we made some paper plate gardens. First I gathered grass, flowers and sticks. Then I put them on the paper plate to make a mini-garden. I used some grass to make a pond, sticks to make a jungle then I found a little orange mini-beast. I was so suprised because I had never seen one like this before. It was so freaky! Also, I found a wasp flying around field.
Finally it was home time and the fun was all over. We were all sad.
Friday 10th June
On Wednesday afternoon, year 2 had their entry point to the new topic; Flowers and Insects. On Thursday, we held a competition to see whos recount of the afternoon would appear on this blog!
Here is the winning entry for 2EM: Mr Ambros O'Connor

First, we went over to the school garden and went on a mini beast hunt. We found 20 flies, two spiders and 1 green snail and it was so fun!

Next Miss Munnelly showed us some vegetables which had grown in the school garden such as; cabbages, lettuces and strawberries.

After that we had have a partner, I went with Taylor. Miss Kurc’s class came to the garden, so we had to go in the nature area.

Then we got paper plates and we collected some materials such as, grass, twigs and flowers.

Finally we went back into the classroom and made our different gardens on our paper plates. 


Wednesday 8th June
We had such a fun afternoon in Year 2! We have begun our new IPC topic - Flowers & Insects, so we went on a mini-beast hunt! We explored the field, the garden and the nature area for all sorts of creepy crawlies. We found wood-lice, spiders and lots of ants living under some logs! Next, we created our own paper plate gardens full of grass, twigs and flowers.
Wednesday 8th June
We've been carrying on with our time work today by making some clock faces out of paper plates. We've even added the 5 minute intervals behind a secret flap!
Tuesday 7th June
Today in maths we have started thinking about time again. We made a human clock face and used some huge minute and hour hands to make given times.
Monday 6th June
Today in Year 2 is Science Day and we are having an egg-cellent day because we are doing all sorts of eggs-periments. Our first lesson was greay fun because we sorted sweets into different categories. We then discussed how other things are sorted in supermarkets and how this helps us find our way around. Next we watched an experiment using salted and plain water and how this can make an object float or sink.
Wednesday 25th May
This afternoon we started to think about the new topic which we will be learning about, after half term, Flowers and Insects. In art we created a brainstorm of all of the different insects we already knew. Then we did some research on the computer to find pictures of all of known insects. Once we had discussed the shapes and colours of each one, we had a go at modelling different insects from pipe cleaners. Take a look at our pictures below- can you guess the insect?
Monday 23rd May
On Monday afternoon, 2EM and 2LK did some sketching outside on the KS2 playground. We observed the flowers and looked carefully at the details, then we sketched them into our sketch books. We drew all of the things growing in the flower beds such as, weeds, flowers and bushes. We had to look really carefully at the flowers and leaves to make sure we included all of the details. Unfortunately it started to rain, so we had to come indoors. We are looking forward to our new topic next half term; Flowers and insects and hope to be outside a lot more!
Monday 23rd May
Today in Year 2 we have been partitioning numbers in lots of different ways. We started by talking about all the words we know to do with partitioning such as tens, units, parts, split. Then we used the equipment to split up our number.
Wednesday 4th May
Today in our Art lesson Year 2 painted our clay magnets which we made yesterday.
We were only given yellow, red and blue which are the primary colours, but we colour mixed them to create lots of new and different colours.
We mixed one colour and carefully painted our whole magnet, making sure that we covered the sides and all of the little gaps.
Finally, as we had some paint left over, we decided to use it creating our own pictures, ready for us to take home.
Now we just need to stick the magnets onto the back of our clay and then we will have compleated this art project.
Tuesday 3rd May 2016
This afternoon we made clay fridge magnets with famous Cambridge sites and buildings. First we rolled the clay into a ball then we flatterned it out with our hands or a rolling pin until it was a circle design. After that we drew our designs on the clay using special clay tools and pencils!
We are now leaving them to dry out overnight, so that hopefully we can paint them tomorrow afternoon, when they are hard.

Music Ensemble 16th March

This morning year 1 and 2 were very lucky because we got to view a performance from the Britten Sinfonia orchestra.

It was a great performance based on the book; 'The cow who climbed a tree!'

We learnt lots of information along the way about all of the different instruments. 

Such as a clarinet  has a mouth piece and you need a reed to make a sound with it.

There was a violin—you can use a bow to play it or you can use your hands which is called plucking. Did you know the hair on the string is made of horse hair?

There was also a cello, it plays deep notes and is rested on the floor because it is so big!

Also a Bass clarinet was played this is like the normal clarinet but has a tube on it to play the low notes.

There was a piano which has strings in the inside and little plastic hammers which knock against the strings which causes vibration which makes the sound.

Finally they played a flute its similar to the clarinet but it plays higher notes. It is also made of metal.


We wanted to thank Mrs Barlow for organising such an exciting event to take place in the school and to the orchestra for playing for us!


Tuesday 8th March
Today in maths we have been working so hard on partitioning numbers to add larger amounts. We add the tens, the units then finally add the totals together. Here are some of our jottings.
Monday 7th March
Today for the diversity themed week, Year 2 were learning about physical disabilities. Here are some photos which show the activities we carried out.
Thursday 3rd March
Check out our amazing World Book Day costumes! There were lots of Alice in Wonderland themed outfits and all the children made such a good effort!
Wednesday 24th February
It's time for a new IPC topic in Year 2! Today we began our new topic 'We're going on holiday!' and what an exciting one it was! We began by making passports which had to include all our personal information including a photograph so the airport staff could identify us. Next, we went through passport control and received our boarding passes. Finally, it was time to board the plane to Australia and we even met a real life flight attendant! We learnt all about how to stay safe on a plane including staying in our seats and wearing our seatbelts. Once we landed in Melbourne, we were able to head to the beach and relax!
Wednesday 24th February
This week in maths we are practising our subtraction skills. We are using different stratgies such as drawing our tens and units as well as using a numberline when drawing tens and units isn't so helpful. Here is some of our work which shows how we subtract to the nearest multiple of ten first.


On Friday 12th February, 27 Year 2 pupils took part in Shirley’s first ever sleepover to celebrate the end of the topic; 'People from the past'. From when the children arrived, to when they left the following morning, they completed lots of different activities and great fun was had by all! We made crowns like Queen Elizabeth, igloos like Captain Scott of the Artic and boats like Christopher Columbus. Also, we watched the adventure film UP and even did some exploring ourselves, trying to find the hidden treasure which was hidden in the school.  We even managed to get some sleep!! 

Friday 12th February
This morning, we had a visit from a real life explorer called Mr Hall. His expeditions have taken him all the way to the Arctic which is right at the top of the world! On his journeys, he has seen many animals such as polar bears, ring seals, narwhals and lots of mosquitoes! He showed us inside his large explorer's backpack. Inside, were some gloves on a string, his breakfast, lunch and dinner in packets, goggles and his tiny tent! On the outside, he kept his ice axe! We loved our visit from Mr Hall because we learnt alot about the Arctic and exploring!
Thursday 21st January
Today, in IPC, we learnt all about communication in the past. We learnt that before the telephone, handwritten letters were sent by horse and cart; this took a really long time for people to receive their messages! Then, the telegraph machine was invented. We wrote our own telegrams then took them to the telegraph office for them to be typed out as code before sending them along a cable to be collected. We realised that this also took a really long time! The queues at the telegraph office are really long! We then found out about Alexander Graham Bell. Thank goodness he invented the telephone - this is a much easier way to communication. We created freeze frames to show the key moments in his life.
Thursday 21st January
Today in maths we practised using numberlines and partitioning to add numbers. We were using our number bond knowledge to jump to the next multiple of 10 and used lots of different equipment to help us such as beadstrings and numberlines. It was a challenging lesson but we were all resilient!
Tuesday 19th January
Year 2 were absolutely brilliant at the multiskills festival at NCA today! We took part in lots of different sports activities such as throwing, kicking and jumping. We were all worn out by the end of the day which means we must have put in so much energy!
Thursday 14th January 2016
This afternoon in Year 2 we had our entry point for our new IPC topic - People of the Past. We had completed some homework ready to share with the class which was research about a famous person. From this, we pretended to be our famous people and attended a famous people party! We were lucky to have Florence Nightingale, Christopher Columbus, Van Gogh and Queen Elizabeth I come to our party! However, the fun didn't stop there; we also tried lots of different foods! We firstly enjoyed an Elizabethan banquet (meat pies, cheese, bread and wine (blackcurrent squash really!). Next, we ate some of the foods Christopher Columbus would have eaten aboard his ship such as rice, beans and raisins. Finally, we tried some freeze-dried expedition food. Miss Kurc and Miss Munnelly couldn't get hold of seal or penguin which is what Captain Scott would have eaten in the Arctic!
What an exciting afternoon we had in Year 2 and we're looking forward to using our enquriy skills to find out even more!

Wednesday 6th January 2016

This afternoon, Year 2  did a science experiment; to find out if an egg shell will change if it is in different liquids or drinks.

First, we made predictions to what we thought might happen to the eggshell in the different liquids.

After that, we poured the different liquids into the cups, we had; coke, orange juice, lemon juice and water. We had to make sure we put the same amount of liquid in to make it a fair test.

Then, we broke the eggshells up into quarters, making sure they were all the same size.

Later on, we placed the eggshells into the cups all at the same time!

Finally, we will place them at the back of the classroom for 1 week before we look at them and see if anything has changed.
27th November 2015
Year 2 Shirley Cafe
Today we held our exit point cafe for our topic 'We are what we eat', which was a great success! We had made banana bread, fruit kebabs and carrot cake to serve at the cafe and our generous kitchen staff donated some lovely pear and chocolate cake! We want to thank all of the parents who came along to support this event and we hope you enjoyed seeing the range of work which the children have produced during this topic!
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Friday 6th November
What an exciting week we've had! On Tuesday, all of Year 2 visited Pizza Express in Cambridge as part of our topic - we are what we eat. During our trip, both classes made their own pizza, 2EM got a kitchen tour and 2LK flattened and stretched the dough into the pizza base shape. We now know that dough is made from flour, yeast, water, salt and sugar.
Now we're going to start getting ready for our exciting cafe to celebrate the end of our topic! We will let you know the details nearer the time. For now - start following our Twitter account @shirleycafe
Thursday 15th October
We have been working on improving our writing this week. First, we read some of the teacher's writing, we decided on two WWWs and one EBI, and then we used a green pen to mark the work like real teachers do! We used this to improve the writing.
Wednesday 14th October
In maths this week we have been learning about 3D shapes. On Monday we went on a shape hunt around the school and today we used a range of materials to make 3D shapes such as cubes, cuboids and even hexagonal prisms! In English we have been planning our stories for the Luke Temple writing competition. We have lots of ideas including pirates, poisonous jelly fish and unusual sea creatures! We have also been using our cooperation skills by helping each other to improve our plans.
Thursday 8th October
This week in our geography lessons we have been learning about where different fruits and vegetables come from using food packaging and atlases! Interestingly, the ginger came from China and the pineapple came all the way from Ghana. This is because these foods need warmer temperatures to grow!
Friday 25th September
Today, was a special day in school- it was ENVIRONMENT DAY! We have had great fun, we learnt about wind energy! We learnt the names of different equipment that can measure wind speed. Then made our own windmills which we are going to put outside to see how windy our school is!
Friday 25th September
We've just had Environment Day! After the assembly, which was all about renewable energy, we learnt all about solar energy. We now know that the sun gives us light, heat and even electricity. Solar power is a good source of energy because it will never run out!
Friday 18th September
We have had such a busy 2 weeks back at school! We have had our entry point to our new topic; We are what we eat, in English we have written our own versions of the story- The lighthouse keepers lunch, and in Maths we have been learning how to add and subtract numbers!
Friday 4th September
We have all had a fantastic first day back at school! It was so lovely to meet all the new children and to introduce them to their new classrooms!
Miss Kurc and Miss Munnelly