Blogs: Y1 2017-18

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Tuesday 17th July 2018
The children had a special treat this afternoon from Toni's Ices, who came for the Early Years and Year 1 annual ice cream afternoon. The children were all able to spend £1 on either a cone or an ice lolly and it was great to have some nice warm weather again this year - as well as some shady clouds!
Some of us got a little messy...
Tuesday 17th July 2018
In maths today, Year 1 had a great time role playing shop scenarios, by using coins (and some notes) to buy items from different 'shops'. 
The children had to count out their money, using what they know about the coin values and their counting skills. The 'shopkeepers' then had to count the money to make sure it was correct, before the children could take away their items to use. We then discussed in groups how much money the shops had made, and whether this correlated with the amount of money they should have made by adding together the price tags. 
It was a really fun and interesting lesson and the children had a great time learning about money in a practical scenario. 
Monday 16th July 2018
In Year 1 today, we were very lucky to have a special visit from Mrs T's daughter Iman. 
Iman taught us all about creating paper flowers, using lots of colourful tissue paper and some wire. We really enjoyed having a go ourselves, with a lot more successes than failures and it was really pleasing to see the resilience that the children (and adults!) showed when they didn't get it right first time. There was lots of talk about practise attempts and how they would try again taking more care on their next attempt, which epitomises the resilience we strive for at Shirley School. 
Well done, Year 1, for being so creative!
Take a look at some of our lovely flowers below. 
Thursday 12th July 2018
This week in Year 1, we have been helping out the Reception children's transition to Year 1 by participating in some classroom - and teacher - swaps. This has allowed the reception children to spend some time in Year 1 classrooms, with some of the staff that they may be with next year.
It has also allowed the Year 1 children the opportunity to engage in lots of different and fun craft activities. We have made lollipops, rainbow fish and ship portholes, using a variety of different tools and materials! The children have enjoyed the chance to spend some time with some of their old teachers and have worked hard in creating some lovely work.
Take a look at some of the work below! 
Wednesday 4th July 2018
What a wonderful Sports Day we have had in Key Stage 1 today! The weather was brilliant, much like the children, and everyone worked super hard for their teams. 
We have been practising a lot over the last few weeks and it was excellent to see the children showing off their skills in the carousel activities, with lots of competitiveness on show. In Year 1, we are always talking about how its great to be competitive but also the importance of good sportsmanship and it was wonderful to see the Year 1 classes exemplifying this. 
We are really proud of the effort that all of the children gave and I know they all wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of the parents who came by to cheer them on!
Take a look at some of the photos from the day below!
Wednesday 20th June 2018
1JC really enjoyed their Forest Learning day today, making good use of the time to use their new 'story stones'. The children created books from card and paper before using the 'story stones' to write some fantastic (and funny!) short stories. They also added some colourful pictures and front cover illustrations as well!
In the afternoon, we went out onto the field to enjoy the lovely weather we have been having. The children were able to create some Andy Goldsworthy style natural sculptures (a firm favourite activity!). Some of the children chose to complete observational drawings of the school grounds or particular plants, with lots of excellent attention to detail on show. As a class we also created our '1JC Natural Art Attack' using double-sided sticky tape and natural materials. Make sure to have a good look at the art we created outside the 1JC area (above the mini-garden). 
There will be a new Forest Learning sign-up sheet outside 1JC tomorrow morning for the last few weeks of term. This is the children's final year of Forest Learning, so we would love to be able to go out for each of the last few sessions. If you can help out, please sign up on the door as soon as you know, so we can plan ahead! 
Tuesday 19th June 2018
At Shirley School this week, we are participating in Economy Week. In Year 1, we will be looking at; the difference between 'want' and 'need'; why we need money; and what we can do to earn it. 
Yesterday, we spent some time playing the desert island game to show the difference between something that we need and something that we want. The children had to pick some things that they would need if they got stranded on a desert island, including the basic necessities (clean water, food, shelter) and the things we need to ensure we maintain our healthy well-being (friends, family). We also looked at what we would want if we were stranded there for a whole year!
Today we have been playing a 'fictional costs' game. The children have been flipping over one red card and one blue card before combining the total cost of both cards. We also spent some time subtracting this total cost from a 'pot' of money to show how much they would have left. 
Have a look at some of the children playing the game in the pictures below!
Wednesday 13th/Thursday 14th June 2018
Over the last couple of days, the children have had a great time undertaking some activities for Healthy Eating Week 2018. 
They have enjoyed them all, no more so than their 'Supertato' activity, which I'm sure the children will be thrilled to tell you all about. 
What should have been a simple lesson about ensuring we eat a healthy, balanced diet, turned into a wonderfully creative rescue mission. We received a message from the office addressed to the children and we decided to stop our lesson and read it. We learned that the Evil Pea had escaped from the freezer and was terrorising all of the other vegetables. The children managed to save Mr. Carrot and Mrs. Broccoli, but needed to create some Supertatos to save the distressed Dr. Cucumber. 
We had a great afternoon! 
Check out some of our cool Supertatos below!
Tuesday 12th June 2018
To continue with out National Healthy Eating Week, Year 1 had a special visit from Farmer Ken - of Fen Road Farm - this afternoon. The children spent some time listening to how a farm is run and Farmer Ken spoke about how his farm is organic, which is good for the environment and the food! He then discussed how the farm creates the hay that they use for feeding their animals. 
The children then had the opportunity to ask all about the farm, using questions they had mapped out earlier in the day! It was a really interesting session and the children were very grateful to Farmer Ken for coming in to see them. 
Monday 11th June 2018
At Shirley School this week, we are celebration National Healthy Eating Week!
In Year 1 today, we have discussed why food is so important to us. We thought about what food gives us and how it makes us feel when we do/do not have it. Our first thoughts were about how our body reacts to not getting enough food and we all decided that being 'hangry' is indeed a thing! We then looked at how we feel when we do get enough food and we drew pictures to demonstrate the change in our mood. Take a look at some of our drawings below!
Thursday 7th June 2018
It has been great to return to the sunny weather after half term and we have been enjoying Forest Schools.  
We enjoyed our first week by learning about Honey Bees. We looked observed and smelt real honey combs! We used charcoal to draw them and looked in detail at their formation and shape. We watched a video to learn about how honey bees live. We also made life cycles wheels of a bees development. 
We only have a few weeks left in Year 1 so please volunteer to help us so that we can make the most of our last sessions and go to the nature area.
Thursday 17th May 2018
This afternoon, Year 1 made the most of the sunny weather by taking some time to read some books as a year group. 
Our books focused on plants and the environment, looking at the different things the plants need to survive and the names of all the different parts. It was great to have some time to relax and learn more about some of the different plants in our local environment!
Wednesday 16th May 2018
In Year 1 this term, our topic is all about 'Our World'. 
This week, the children have enjoyed learning about Andy Goldsworthy and his natural art work, using natural resources found in different places. We decided to make our own natural art on the school grounds, creating some beautiful sculptures using the different resources we could find. 
We are now using our budding art skills to create 'hand trees'. We are drawing around our hands to create a tree like picture, before we use crayons to do some bark rubbing for the trunk and branches of the tree. Finally, we will be collaging to create the leaves of the tree, using tissue paper and green paper. 
Take a look at some of the outstanding pieces of art that were created this week by Year 1.  
Wednesday 16th May 2018
1JC won the attendance trophy and Punctuality Panda for their attendance last week. Great job being on time and ready to learn, 1JC. Keep up the hard work!
Wednesday 9th May 2018
Despite not being able to go out to the nature area today, 1JC still made the most of the lovely weather for their Forest Learning day. 
We took our pencils and paper and went out to do some observational drawings on the school field, taking into consideration the proportions of the objects to their surroundings and a fixed point-of-view (drawing only what they could see). The children really enjoyed this part of the free flowing activity. They then had the opportunity to paint over some of their pictures after lunch. 
In the afternoon, the children spent some time planting sunflower seeds in the 1JC 'mini-garden' and we're really looking forward to seeing how these plants progress over the next few Forest Learning days. Make sure to keep an eye out for them in the 1JC area! 
Tuesday 8th May 2018 - 1JC
In IPC this term, we are looking at 'Our World'. 
Today, we went out into our school environment and found:
  • flowers
  • glass objects
  • bugs
  • wooden objects
  • red cars;
  • and more!
We had a scavenger hunt tick list and we enjoyed it a lot!
Have a look at some of the pictures below to see some of us in action!
Tuesday 1st May 2018
DUXFORD Imperial War Museum!
The children had a fantastic day out at the Duxford Imperial War Museum today. We made good time, arriving just as the museum opened and then spent the day moving about the different hangers. 
We spent some time looking at the history of flight and how we have gotten to the planes we know today. The children were fascinated by the different types of planes and really enjoyed going onto the Concorde. 
We also spent some time drawing some of the planes and writing some sentences about them. Please have a look below to see some of the planes we saw on our trip. 
Thursday 26th April 2018
As part of our 'inventions' topic, we have been looking at the history of flight, all the way back to the invention of the hot air balloon. 
We ordered a timeline of the different important milestones in the history of flight and then we decided to write some short sentences about why we though particular milestones were the most important. 
Have a look at some of the children's writing below. 
Wednesday 25th April 2018
Despite not being able to enjoy the lovely morning, 1JC really enjoyed their Forest Learning day today. We spent the day focusing on birds and were lucky enough to have a bird nest brought in by one of the children. 
Have a look at the pictures below to see some of the things we got up to!
Thursday 19th April 2018
Welcome back and what a lovely few days we have had so far! 
In year 1 today, we spent some of the afternoon practising our throwing. We practised using good technique for underarm throwing and catching, before being challenged to see who could throw overarm the furthest! Its a lot of fun and the children enjoyed being out in the sunshine for a little while. 
Please ensure that you're child has suitable outdoor P.E. clothing for the summer term, such as: t-shirt, shorts and trainers. 
Friday 9th March 2018
The children showed off their subtraction skills today in maths.
They counted out their rocket fuel and then squished the amount that the rocket needed, before writing how many they had left. They had a lot of fun with the squishing part!
Great learning today, Year 1!
Friday 23rd February 2018
The children in 1JC did a wonderful job presenting their 'Five Little Senses' journey to the school and parents in their class assembly today! Thank you to all of the parents that could make it in to see them, the children were so proud that such a big crowd came to support them! 
The children talked all about the poem and how we came up with adjectives, linked in to our IPC 'Super Humans' topic. Some of the children then shared an innovated line from their poem, demonstrating the creativity in their writing!
Well done, 1JC!
Tuesday 20th February 2018
Welcome to the 'Time Travelers'!
In Year 1 this term, we will be starting our new topic 'Time Travellers'. For our entry point to this topic we have been transported back to different eras, including; ancient Egypt, World War II and the Moon landing. 
The children had a lot of fun learning about the ancient Egyptians and building paper pyramids. We then moved onto looking at the types of foods that were rationed in World War II and building paper aeroplanes. Finally we coloured in our very own space helmets, making them as colourful as we could! 
The children were also wowed by the old newspaper clippings Mrs Taylor shared with both classes, including some from different times of the 20th century! 
Monday 19th February 2018
In English this week, we have begun our new topic - 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. We will be retelling and story mapping the original story before innovating it to create our own 'Whatever Next' narratives! 
Watch this space for updates on how we are getting on! 
Tuesday 6th February 2018
This afternoon in Year 1, we had our exit point for our 'Super Humans' topic. 
We created healthy flapjacks using: milk, banana, oats, cinnamon and raisins. The children helped to make the mixture in groups; mashing, stirring, pouring and sprinkling the ingredients into the bowls. We then baked the mixture in the oven to create our delicious, healthy snacks.
Take a look at some of the children having a go at baking!
Tuesday 6th February 2018
Throughout Shirley School today, we have been following Internet Safety Day as part of our Safety week theme. 
In Year 1, we looked at creating our 'digital footprints' using pictures of apps that we like to use at home, to begin to show our likes and dislikes when we use the internet. Following on from this, we focused on using the internet safely whilst using tablets or computers and what to do, or who to ask, if we need help or see something that we are not sure about. To help us make the right decision in these situations, we learnt a new song from Smartie the Penguin. 
Ask your children all about our new song and what to do, if we need help using the internet. 
Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Today in our Super Humans topic, we have been learning all about how we hear things. We explored the memories our brain makes when storing information about sound by listening to a part of a well known lullaby. The children were quick to understand that our brain stores sounds as memories in the same way we can recall pictures in our heads!
We then learnt more about the inner ear and all of the different parts, thinking about the ear drum and the bones that help to pass the messages to our brains. 
Finally we played listening bingo, where we hear different sounds and crossed them off our boards! Have a look at the pictures below. Can your children use their memories to share some of the sounds they heard?
Friday 19th January 2018
It's science day!! 
Today in Year 1, we focused our science day learning around our topic, Super Humans.
Unfortunately, our experiment using bread didn't work out as well as we would like, so instead we looked at how germs are spread and the importance of washing our hands. We conducted an experiment using glitter, and looked at how easily the glitter (germs) spread to our other hand when we held them together and how the glitter managed to get onto the tables and carpet. We discussed how we could help inform the school about how important hand washing is and we decided to create posters for corridors. Have a look at some of the children's brilliant work below. 
We then moved our focus onto healthy eating. In our classes, we talked about what makes a balanced diet and how what we eat will affect our energy levels. The children used this information to create healthy lunchboxes, choosing between healthy and more unhealthy food items. 
We've had a fantastic day and we look forward to sharing what we have done, at home!
Wednesday 17th January 2018
We have had a fantastic time at the North Cambridge Academy Multi-sports morning, run by the young Sports Leaders. The children really enjoyed the activities being run and had a healthy start to their day.
Ask your children all about it and have a look at some of the pictures below!
Friday 12th January 2018
We had lots of fun today exploring different fruits as part of our 'Handa's Surprise' English topic. The children came up with some excellent adjectives to describe the fruit and we look forward to seeing some of these used in their innovated stories later on in the topic! 
The fruits we got to explore were: 
  • Mango
  • Blueberries
  • Kiwi
  • Lime 
  • Passion fruit
The children really enjoyed squeezing the fruit to use their sense of touch before smelling it and having a taste! 
Wednesday 10th January 2018
Today Year 1 set up an experiment using slices of bread to show how unwashed hands can affect the spread of germs. 
The children passed one slice around without washing their hands. We then rubbed one slice on a table and touched one with freshly washed hands. Finally we put one in the bag as a control. 
The children hope to see how the bread deteriorates over the next week and which bread will show the most mould. We look forward to seeing how the experiment has gone during out Science day next Friday!

Thursday 4th January 2018

Happy New Year and welcome back to Year 1!


We have had an exciting first day back this term, introducing our new topic ‘Super Humans’. In this topic we will be learning about our different senses and how to stay healthy.


For our entry point into this topic, we explored the use of four of our five senses, as the children have explained below.

“We used our hearing in the playground. I heard birds and planes and the wind was very noisy!”

“We used our sight to see the different colours in the playground. And we looked at the pictures of food to help us write our (healthy) shopping lists.”

“We used our touch to feel squishy, gooey spaghetti. We used our touch to feel soft wet bouncy water balls. We touched the gloves with baked beans in.”

“We used our smell to smell the play dough. I liked the chocolate flavoured one.”


Take a look at the pictures and video to see all of the activities we explored today and ask your children all about it!

28th November 2017
The children had lots of fun developing their understanding of halves. We started with shapes, marking the half way line, and then we cut out and folded the shapes to see if both sides were the same. Later in our next lesson we worked on halving numbers.
28th November 2017
Being outdoors is inspiring our writing! Forest School allows the children to imagine the fantastic and write stories about what ever they like. They love to sit in the log circle and dream of Princes and Princesses.  
28th November 2017
We have been enjoying our Forest Learning. In out last session we made hand prints and added a leaf frame. Making the most of the last autumn leaves! Then the flour we used turned into a writing medium and we enjoyed forming our names.
Monday 30th October 2017
This week in English the children will be looking at Firework poems in the build up to Bonfire night on Sunday. In today's lesson we looked at the poem 'Fireworks' by Jennifer Jenkins and had a go at reading and acting out the poem in groups. 
Have a listen to the children reading the poem in the video below!
Friday 22nd September 2017
During Forest Schools we have been learning about Autumn and the changes in the seasons. (Knowing the months of the year and the seasons is great for maths too!) As part of this we have had lots of fun making Leaf Monsters. Take a look below and see our scary creatures!
Wednesday 13th September
RLJ children were very excited to have a visit from Mrs Joyce this afternoon. She brought in a 15 day-old Evalyn and the children enjoyed sharing news with her after their summer holidays!
Tuesday 12th September
As the introduction to our new IPC topic, we have had a great time looking at buildings and then creating our own. See if you can identify the types of buildings we made from the pictures above. 
We have been asking the children to think of questions about buildings that they would like to know more about. Can your children share any questions with you, or can you take a walk in your local environment and look in more detail at the types of houses around you.
Many thanks for all of the junk modelling provided!! We continue to use junk modelling throughout the year, so please feel free to bring in any clean recyclable materials.