Blogs: Y1 2016-17

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Monday 17th July
In Year 1 this term we have been following the topic 'Our World', throughout which we have been looking at our environment, natural resources and even creating bird feeders. 
Today for the exit point of this topic, we have been looking at using recyclable materials to create art. To do this, we brought in some recyclable materials from home and looked at ways that some artists use these materials to create natural art. Use these materials we focused our art work on natural things we can/have seen in our world. 
The children really enjoyed creating and designing their sculptures and pictures, including a butterfly, houses, pets and waves in the sea! Have a look at the pictures below and ask your children all about their projects! Well done, Year 1!!
Thursday 29th June 2017
Today in 1SH, we also made our own bird feeders. We took some of them home and put some of them on the school field so that we can see what birds enjoy eating the seed from them. We're really excited to see the birds eating the food!
Wednesday 28th June
Today in 1JC we have been reading our 'bird feeder' instructions from our English books. Using our instructions, we have created our own bird feeders.
These are our instructions!
You will need: scissors, string, plastic bottle and seeds. 
  1. Get a clean plastic bottle. 
  2. Cut a hole big enough for a bird in the middle of the bottle. 
  3. Cut a piece of string that is a little longer than the length of your arm. Tie the string to the top of the bottle. 
  4. Pour some seeds into the bottle. Make sure the seeds are below the bottom of the hole. 
  5. Hang your bird feeder on a low hanging branch. 
Thank you for reading our instructions, we hope you enjoy making your bird feeder!
Come and see our wonderful miniature garden outside 1JC. We have some vegetables growing and some beautiful flowers. The children are looking after it, making sure it has enough water! 
Healthy Eating Day Thursday 15th June
We had a fun day learning about where our food comes from, how we can eat a balanced diet and we did lots of cooking. In 1SH we made fruit salad and in 1JC we read a story about 'Supertato'. Supertato wrote us a letter asking for our help to save the vegetables from 'Evil Pea'! We made our own superpotatoes and they helped us with our vegetable saving mission.
Wednesday 14th June
Forest Learning
The children had a fantastic time outside in the sunshine this morning. We had a special visit from storyteller Glenys Newton. Glenys has been kind enough to join the school for Forest Learning this week, spending time with Reception on Monday and Tuesday, and 1JC today. 
We had a group story at the fire circle, whilst we had our snack and some water. Then we worked in little groups to create our own stories. We used puppets, natural materials and a small pom-pom made into a chick. We enjoyed it very much, the children had a lovely time. 
We hope to see Glenys again sometime! 
Tuesday 6th June 2017
Economy week
Across Shirley School this week, we have been focusing on Economy week. 
On Monday, in Year 1, we discussed the difference between 'wanting' and 'needing' something, before debating some of the things that we think we need. The children came up with some excellent ideas, including; fresh air to breathe; water to drink; food to eat; and shelter. They also expressed some of the things they might want, such as; holidays; bikes; and a pet dragon!
Today, we decided to perform an experiment to see which form of liquid would clean a coin the best. We used four different liquids and we tried to use four coins of similar dirtiness to help keep our experiment fair. We then placed the coins in the liquids and wrote down our predictions as to what would happen. Then we checked the results to see which coins was shinier.
Which liquid do you think performed the best? 
Ask your children to see if you were right...
Friday 26th May
1JC presented their innovated 'Going on a bear hunt' topic to the school and parents alike in their class assembly this afternoon.
We showed all of the key parts of innovating a story and the children portrayed this brilliantly in the form of the 'bear hunt' story! We had a fantastic time and the children were excellent, with the audience thoroughly pleased! 
Please ask your children all about it, I'm sure they would love to tell you more!
Tuesday 23rd May 2017
This afternoon, 1SH had a lovely afternoon completing natural artwork outside
in the style of artist/ sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. We looked at some of the patterns
and shapes that he has used and replicated these in our own work. We discussed how
leaving our natural artwork outside will affect it. Take a look at the pictures of our
lovely work! 
Monday 22nd May 2017
Today we've written our own recounts about our weekends. What exciting weekends we have had! Children have attended the school fayre and gone to lots of different places such as the zoo.
Wednesday 26th April 2017
1JC Forest Learning
1JC really enjoyed their forest learning time out in the nature area today. We did lots of fun activities and were fortunate enough to stay out all morning, before the rain and hail arrived! 
Throughout the morning we spent some time pond watching, looking for tadpoles and newts. We also played 'Crocodile Water' in which we used team work to ensure we didn't end up as crocodile food! Some of us created crafts using sticks to make fans and wands, while others made lovely mud stews and cakes. 
In the afternoon we created pictures of the nature area using pastels for our forest learning book. We also began creating flying insects using toilet roll tubes and a stick house to decorate our classroom!
Monday 24th April 2017
Wow! What a fantastic day Year 1 have had at the Duxford war museum. First, 1SH spent the  morning looking at American war planes, in this exhibition we saw how many planes were in th sky at one time and talked about how hard air traffic control have to work to avoid any accidents . We also looked at what life would've been like on the home front. On our walk back to lunch, we watched some planes land and taking off- we were surprised by the amount of noise that they made and their speed. In the afternoon, we got to go onto the Concorde plane.. our favourite part of the day! We then completed lots of interactive games which showed us how different parts of a plane work.
Wednesday 21st March 2017
IPC Entry point
In Year 1 this week we have begun looking at our new topic - 'Time Travellers'!
We were able to look at a replica newspaper from 1969, which reported the moon landing and watched footage of this. Then we thought about what we would need if we were travelling to the moon and decided to decorate our own space helmets. Finally we staged our own rocket trip to the moon, blasting off with our space helmets on!
Check out some of the children's helmets below and take a peek at our 'glowing' blast off!

Thursday 9th March 2017

IPC Super Human Topic Exit Point

Throughout the topic we have been thinking about using our senses and today we had the opportunity to use lots of our senses during our cooking lesson, including using our sense of taste when we ate our delicious creations.

We began our lesson by learning about the Eatwell plate and which food groups our ingredients belong to. We then spent some time talking about how we need to keep our bodies healthy by making sure we consider hygiene aspects during cooking activities. We talked about careful handwashing, tying hair back and storing our ingredients correctly. We learned about the different cooking skills that we would need to use and we watched a demonstration.

We all had a turn to practise our claw technique when we sliced the cucumber and we all had a turn to grate the cheese. We decided what we wanted in our sandwiches and made these with only a little help from our Year 6 helpers.

Thursday 9th March 2017
Year 1 completed their exit point for their SUPERHUMANS topic. We made sandwiches focusing on practising our cooking skills. First, we discussed the need to make sure that our hands and our working environment was clean so that nobody would get ill. We also covered up any cuts with blue plasters. We learnt how to grate cheese  safely, how to spread butter and how to cut a cucumber. The best part was eating our sandwiches after we had carefully made them! We all enjoyed eating them.
Thursday 2nd March 2017
Today it is World Book day and this year's theme is Potter (Harry Potter/ Beatrix Potter) and we have all dressed up. In 1SH, we have looked at Beatrix Potter characters such as Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. We have created our own characters on a stamp, like the Beatrix Potter stamps. Take a look at the pictures of our stamps.
Thursday 23rd February 2017
Today, 1SH did not do Forest learning outside due to Storm Doris being very windy! We have learnt about why we couldn't go outside for Forest schools today and learnt to read weather forecasts. We also looked at an atlas and what countries make up the United Kingdom. We also looked at different countries on a world map.We completed drawings of different weather after reading the sentences and identifying which weather we had to draw.
We have also practised tracing our lower case letters.
Thursday 26th January 2017
Year 1 had a great time at the NCA multisports event today. It was great to see all the children working together in teams, encouraging and supporting each other. We had the opportunity to practise lots of different skills. The young leaders from NCA were really positive and were an inspiration to lots of our young pupils.
Sunday 22nd January 2017
What an exciting week in Year 1! We started our new topic SUPERHUMANS by completing a BODY MOT entry point. We tasted and smelt different foods. We practised washing our hands properly and we enjoyed singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes. 
In Maths, we have been focusing on solving missing number problems involving addition and subtraction. See some of our lovely work below.
Thursday 12th January 2017
A chilly start to Forest schools this year for 1SH! However, we had a lovely time in the forest. We played cafes, dinosaur/ bear hunters in the forest this morning. We even found a worm outside to look after for a short time. In the classroom, we made a spot the bear game using junk modeling materials. We also completed lots of other activities  such as  painting and story writing.
Sunday 4th December 2016
This week, it was a very cold week for forest schools in 1SH. We went outside for a short period of time however and we really enjoyed seeing the nature area covered in frost. The pond was still a bit frozen when we were outside. On Friday, we wrote recounts of Forest schools. Our forest school experiences provide lots of things to write about!
Thursday 17th November 2016
This week, it is Anti-bullying week. We have been completing lots of work on what bullying behaviour is and looking at different scenarios and deciding whether we think that they are bullying behaviour or not. We are creating a poster and a video on what bullying behaviour is.
Thursday 13th October 2016
Wow! What a lovely start to Forest learning in 1SH this week. We had a great time in the Nature area, recapping on the agreements for Forest schools and exploring the forest and the changes that have occurred over the Summer. We started to create our own potions and dig for gold! Thank you to our parent helper and we hope that more parent helpers can join us in future weeks.
Wednesday 12th October 2016
This week in Maths, we have been using our number bonds to 10 and 20. We have also practised finding one less, using cubes and writing the numerals on a whiteboard.
In English, we have been writing the end of our own three little pigs stories. During busy learning, we have completed activities related to this, here we are completing the three little pigs buildings bingo- matching the words to the correct pictures.
Wednesday 28th September 2016
This week, we have continued to look at the story of the Three Little pigs. Lots of our busy learning activities have been based around this theme. In Maths, we have ordered numbers on pigs using a numberline or a hundred square to help us. We have also completed materials addition sheets.
Friday 16th September 2016
What an exciting week in Year 1! We have completed our entry point for our BUILDINGS topic. We looked at different buildings from around the world such as the Eiffel Tower and we made our own versions! We used building blocks/ cubes/ stickobricks to create them. Take a look below!
Wednesday 7th September 2016
Welcome to the new year 1s! We've had a lovely start to the school year. This week, we have learnt lots of new things.
In Maths- we have practised our counting.
In English- we have written sentences about our holiday.
This afternoon, we have created some birds in Art. We enjoyed giving our birds names. Look at the pictures below to see some of them!